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Best Companies in Scottsdale

With a new normal of remote work taking the world by storm, it is no longer a given that employees must be physically present in a workplace. However, you’ll find that companies with a reputation for attentiveness to their employees’ needs and concerns will have an easier time getting employees back into the office. After all, the best companies know the value of their employees and their contributions.

Some of these employee-oriented companies sit right in the heart of the sunny state of Arizona. That’s right — Scottsdale is home to some of the best companies to work for.

Best Companies in Scottsdale

As you go about your job search, you may be wondering about the best companies to work for in Scottsdale. The task of figuring that out doesn’t need to be a chore; the following handy list of the best companies in Scottsdale will give you a leg up on the competition.


companies in scottsdale

With over 26 years of advancing technology, Axon is dedicated to a bold and powerful mission to Protect Life and Obsolete the Bullet. Axon is the global leader of connected public safety technologies. They stand for protecting life, protecting truth, transparency, and accountability. Rick Smith founded Axon (formerly TASER International) following the deaths of two high school friends who were gunned down in an act of road rage. This tragedy sparked a passion in Rick to seek new technologies that would enable people to protect themselves without deploying lethal force. Axon’s connected body-worn camera technology and evidence-management cloud are designed to help police officers work efficiently, actively, and transparently. Axon’s mission from the start has been to make the bullet obsolete, reduce social conflict and ensure criminal justice systems are fair and effective. Following recent events, they have added one more: *Eradicate racism and excessive force in the justice system.* Axon is currently hiring for all positions across all 17 countries, including the offices in Scottsdale, Seattle, London, Amsterdam, Sydney, Ho Chi Minh City, and Tampere.

Spear Education

companies in scottsdale

The largest dental education and technology company in the world, Spear Education is dedicated to clinical excellence. That’s why Spear provides continuing education, practice growth consulting, and patient education tools for dentists who want their practices to be the best they can be. Within the organization, Spear Education encourages honest communication and inclusion in the belief that organizational transparency and mutual respect for all can help inspire everyone who works for them to be passionate — and that employees will, in turn, channel that passionate energy into their work.


companies in scottsdale

If you are interested in bringing your best, most authentic self to work every day, then SaaS company Workiva may just be the one for you. As Workiva radically transforms the way work happens across organizations (with clients all over the world in 180+ countries!), employees enjoy benefits like remote work if needed, discount programs for rental cars and mobile plans, and pet-friendly offices. And, if you’re keen on starting (or growing) your family, Workiva provides 12 weeks of paid parental leave for both full- and part-time employees, whether they’ve given birth to or adopted a child.


logo vanguard

Vanguard aims to change the way the world invests, making investment success accessible to everyone and turning Americans’ retirement dreams into reality. In keeping with this goal, Vanguard works with care, clarity, and courage, powered by the determination that every asset, decision, and client counts. Being a part of Vanguard means building relationships with clients that help them build stronger financial futures. For employees, this includes helping reduce student loan debt. In addition, at Vanguard, every voice counts, and all these different perspectives help employees and clients thrive in a more inclusive world.

Voya Financial

companies in scottsdale

Voya Financial aims to be “America’s Retirement Company”®, helping Americans plan, invest, and protect their retirement savings. With more than 14 million individual and institutional customers, Voya Financial is committed to transparency, conducting its business in socially, environmentally, economically, and ethically responsible ways. Voya Financial offers employees mentoring, management development courses, and tuition reimbursement. Voya Financial also believes that its employees’ diversity makes the company stronger and provides access to several resource groups that help everyone embrace such a company culture and feel welcome.

Company Nurse

Accidents happen, and as Company Nurse acknowledges, there’s “nothing fun” about completing incident reports, filing claims, responding to information requests, or practically anything else about the workers’ comp process. The services provided by Company Nurse aim to make it all easier for companies in good times and more stressful times. Company Nurse employees say “there’s no better place” to do the good work they do. With flexible hours, 100% health insurance, work-from-home opportunities, family events, and more, Company Nurse has compassion for everyone, especially those who work for them!

Jigsaw Health

Jigsaw Health, known as “the Magnesium People,” is a nutritional supplement company that believes “life is way too short to feel crappy.” That philosophy extends to employees’ quality of life. A family-owned company, Jigsaw Health seeks candidates on the human level, not just according to their professional value. What’s more, Jigsaw Health truly sees itself as being a member of the community. For its efforts to enhance the reputation of local small businesses, Jigsaw received a 2019 Best of Scottsdale award.

MFRG-ICON Construction

companies in scottsdale

MFRG-ICON Construction has offices in Scottsdale, AZ, San Diego, and City of Industry, California, that focus on executing fast-track construction in occupied renovation projects. Acknowledging that its employees are the lifeblood of its business, MFRG-ICON Construction invests in them with a cooperative and inclusive work environment, along with growth opportunities. These investments in employee well-being pay off, as the MFRG-ICON Construction is one of the best companies to work for in Scottsdale, with a reputation for on-time, on-budget project completions of the highest quality.

Make-A-Wish Arizona

companies in scottsdale

The Make-A-Wish Foundation is famous for its work in granting the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses, bringing them strength, hope, and joy in the toughest time of their lives. Each year, more than 540 children in Arizona are diagnosed with medical conditions that make them eligible for a wish, and Make-A-Wish Arizona needs help reaching them all. For a job in the nonprofit field that is indisputably rewarding, helping make the impossible possible, join Make-A-Wish to be part of something bigger than yourself.

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