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Best Technology Jobs in Arizona

Often referred to as the Silicon Desert, Arizona is known as a hotspot for technology innovation. The tech industry’s growth remains steady as more employers and job seekers alike make the move to the Valley. With plenty of IT and tech jobs in Arizona, job seekers can explore countless careers in tech.

Steady Industry Growth

As of 2020, Arizona’s tech industry has grown to over 9,000 technology companies with no signs of slowing down. Several factors entice tech companies to move to the Valley. First up is the cost of living and doing business. Compared to other technology hotspots like California, Arizona’s cost of living is lower. As a result, tech companies that move to Arizona benefit from a lower cost of doing business. Lower cost of living also attracts job seekers to the Valley, causing a consistent growth in tech talent.

Unsurprisingly, the growth of Arizona’s technology industry has impacted the state’s job market and economy. As tech companies in Arizona expand, the need for top talent arises. According to the Arizona Technology Council, there were over 200,000 tech and IT jobs in Arizona in 2020. The city with one of the highest number of job postings was Phoenix, with 66,450 IT and tech jobs listed from 2019 to 2020.

Innovating Other Industries

Arizona’s technology industry works hand in hand with various other industries across the Copper State. Two areas where Arizona’s technology has made an impact are the financial and healthcare industries.

The influence of technology in the finance industry can be seen in the integration of financial technology or FinTech. The growth of FinTech in Arizona has allowed the banking and finance industry to expand how they do business with customers. The innovation of FinTech in Arizona is partially due to the state’s FinTech Sandbox, which allows businesses to test upcoming technology.

In healthcare, industry needs and trends play a part in influencing how healthcare technology is developed. An area within Arizona’s healthcare industry that illustrates the collaboration between tech and healthcare is patient data. Specifically, the industry has begun shifting its focus on cybersecurity measures around patient data.

Diverse Career Paths

How does the evolution of technology in several industries affect Arizona’s job market? With more technology integration occurring across Arizona’s industries, more types of tech jobs in Arizona can be found. This diversity of technology career paths in Arizona is beneficial to job seekers because it provides unique professional development opportunities.

Let’s use the previous example of FinTech in Arizona. With the industry’s focus on implementing FinTech, Arizona sees growth in technology-based finance roles. The same can be said for the state’s healthcare industry. To address the need for patient cybersecurity measures in healthcare, candidates with a healthcare and technology background are necessary.

Technology career growth is not limited to job seekers who already work in the industry. Job seekers can take the skills they’ve gained in one industry and apply them when they transition into the tech industry. A job seeker with customer service experience could apply those skills to roles like technical community support representative.

Arizona’s technology industry allows job seekers to grow their career in an innovative environment. Additionally, Arizona is home to some of the top technology companies and employers in the nation. Ready to learn more about Arizona’s amazing technology job opportunities? Visit BestCompaniesAZ to see what roles the state’s top tech employers are hiring for. You can also utilize BestCompaniesAZ’s job seeker resources to help you excel at your upcoming IT and tech interview.

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