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Founded in 2002, BestCompaniesAZ pioneered the intersection of recruiting, human resources, marketing and public relations — today known as Employer Branding or “PR for HR.” BestCompaniesAZ has evolved into an exclusive, niche PR, marketing and employer branding firm that specializes in building and promoting strong employer brands. BestCompaniesAZ is best known for establishing large-scale workplace awards programs and events, including the Best Places to Work in the Valley, Arizona’s Most Admired Companies, Top Companies to Work for in Arizona and several large-scale events designed to support Arizona veterans and spouses and diversity and inclusion.

BestCompaniesAZ specializes in helping corporate clients and community partners develop, strengthen and market their unique employer brands on a regional and national level. With decades of combined leadership experience in organizational culture development, strategic human resources management, employer branding, public relations and talent marketing, BestCompaniesAZ has developed a reputation as the expert for gaining increased exposure in our state.

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Tech & IT Support Interview Questions and Answers

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