Where to Go If You Were Affected By Post-COVID Remote Worker Layoffs

In the post-COVID era, remote worker layoffs have become all too common. This blog explores 11 companies now hiring that you can turn to for job opportunities.

The landscape of work is changing in more ways than one. Once such change is a push to return to in-office work. According to SHMR, ‚ÄúCEOs at many organizations issue mandates for employees to return to work in the office or be fired.‚ÄĚ This comes at the same time as many companies are laying off remote workers. This onslaught of layoffs of remote employees may come as a surprise for workers who have been working remotely for several years.¬†

In this article, we will delve into remote worker layoffs and share 10 top companies to work for if you were affected by post-COVID layoffs.

Remote Worker Layoffs in 2024

Unfortunately, mass layoffs are rampant in today’s job market, especially for fully remote workers. In 2024, companies such as UPS, PayPal, and eBay are letting employees go by the thousands, affecting thousands of Americans in the workforce today and representing the changing job landscape in a post-COVID world.

Remote work was a staple for many businesses during the global pandemic and it dramatically shifted the way companies operate. In-office employees may have become fully remote employees or followed a hybrid schedule for a while. Since then, many employees have returned to in-person work; however, a significant number have remained fully remote.

While the layoffs mentioned may include both in-office and remote workers, a new analysis from Live Data Technologies found that full-time remote workers are 35% more likely to be laid off than their in-office or hybrid white-collar counterparts. 

This statistic is staggering for those in remote roles. If you have been affected by the post-COVID remote worker layoffs, BestCompaniesAZ has some good news for you. There are remote, hybrid, and in-office opportunities available at some of the best companies in Arizona!

Read on to learn more about each of these companies with open roles in Arizona. 

Where to Apply If You Were Hit by Post-COVID Remote Worker Layoffs

The post-COVID era has brought on many challenges for the workforce, including remote worker layoffs. 

Here are some top employers in Arizona to consider applying to:


Axon is a pioneer in interconnected public safety solutions and provides a network of devices, applications, and individuals, all dedicated to enhancing the efficiency and safety of public safety personnel. Committed to safeguarding lives, Axon is always looking for new, innovative talent to help them reach their goal of protecting life.

Check out open roles at Axon.

Desert Financial Credit Union 

Desert Financial Credit Union is committed to bolstering its regional economy and workforce, offering financial services to over 360,000 members. Founded more than 80 years ago, this employer has expanded to become the largest locally-based credit union in Arizona.

View job opportunities at Desert Financial Credit Union. 

Donor Network of Arizona

Donor Network of Arizona (DNA), a non-profit entity, maximizes the value of life by facilitating organ and tissue donation. The organization provides avenues for personal and professional development while advancing a mission to transform lives throughout Arizona. Employment at DNA transcends mere involvement in organ, eye, and tissue donation and transplantation. The organization operates within the realm of altruism, enabling acts of selflessness that preserve and restore life.

See job openings at Donor Network of Arizona.


Since its establishment in 1992 as a provider of outsourced printing and mailing services, KUBRA has transformed its focus to digital and software solutions. Presently, it offers the most comprehensive and integrated suite of cloud-based customer experience management solutions on the market. As an operating subsidiary of the Hearst Corporation, KUBRA delivers value-driven performance to over 365 clients and their customers throughout North America.

See jobs available at KUBRA.

Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona 

Motivated by the belief that everyone deserves a place to call home, Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona unites individuals to construct houses, foster communities, and instill hope. Since 1985, with the help of generous donors and volunteers, Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona has been privileged to build more than 1,220 homes, affect more than 4,000 repairs, and improve a place called home for more than 5,500 Arizona families.

Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona is seeking skilled individuals who are eager to contribute to our acclaimed culture and effect positive change by participating in the construction of affordable housing, revitalization of neighborhoods, and enhancement of communities across the Greater Phoenix area.

See open positions at Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona.


HonorHealth stands as one of Arizona’s largest nonprofit healthcare systems, catering to a populace of five million individuals within the Phoenix metropolitan area. The expansive network includes six acute-care hospitals, over 100 primary, specialty, and urgent care practices, a cancer care network, outpatient surgery centers, clinical research, a behavioral health hospital, medical education programs, a foundation, an accountable care organization, community services and more.¬†

 HonorHealth offers a variety of professions for one to begin or advance their career skills in the healthcare setting. If returning to school is a goal, HonorHealth supports you by offering a generous $5,250 in annual tuition assistance to our part-time and full-time team members. 

Visit HonorHealthJobs.com to learn more and apply online to available positions.

Northern Trust 

Northern Trust, a frontrunner in pioneering wealth management, asset servicing, and investment solutions globally, takes pride in steering the most accomplished individuals, families, and institutions, adhering faithfully to its timeless values of service, expertise, and integrity. Established in 1889 and consistently ranked as a Fortune 500 Company, it has forged a legacy of empowering clients to pursue its objectives with assurance.

Apply to work at Northern Trust.  

Rocket Companies 

Rocket Companies is a Detroit-headquartered group of business that offer streamlined, rapid, and reliable digital solutions for some of life‚Äôs biggest transactions. The name originates from its pioneering venture, now recognized as Rocket Mortgage¬ģ, established in 1985. Presently, as a publicly traded company, it operates across diverse sectors, spanning mortgages, fintech, real estate,¬† and beyond. The company‚Äôs distinctive approach to viewing the world and its dedication to fostering an inclusive workplace, where every perspective is valued, sets us apart.

View career opportunities at Rocket Companies.

WillScot Mobile Mini

WillScot Mobile Mini is the unquestioned frontrunner in delivering inventive flexible workspace and portable storage solutions, catering to a vast array of clients spanning all sectors from over 240 locations throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Its team of over 4,000 individuals forms the cornerstone of its operations. Apart from offering top-tier compensation and benefits, WillScot Mobile Mini offers avenues for growth and advancement while actively investing in local communities. The company continuously endeavors to enrich its teams with exceptional talent and is steadfast in its commitment to fostering an inclusive and equitable work environment.

Check out job openings at WillScot Mobile Mini.


Workiva was founded to revolutionize the management and reporting of business data, encompassing diverse collaborators, data sources, documents, and spreadsheets. Presently, the platform is embraced globally, enabling users to effortlessly synchronize data across their systems and applications, facilitating transparent and reliable connected reporting and compliance.

See opportunities at Workiva today. 

Combat the Effects of Remote Worker Layoffs with BCAZ

BestCompaniesAZ is the go-to resource for job seekers in Arizona. We partner with top companies in the state to share opportunities with our website users and prepare them to ace their job interviews. 

If you’ve been impacted by the post-COVID remote worker layoffs, find your new job with BestCompaniesAZ today. 


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