Arizona's Best Non-Profit Employers

Are you planning to take the next step in your career by working for one of the Arizona nonprofit organizations? You’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of opportunities available. Arizona is home to thousands of nonprofits that could benefit from your skills and passion. The other good news is that an Arizona nonprofit job welcomes a diverse range of skill sets, enabling anybody with the heart for service to apply. If you haven’t decided yet where you want to work, this page features some of the best nonprofit companies in Arizona where you can begin your search.

A Rewarding Industry That Keeps on Growing

Arizona nonprofit organizations are a major contributor to the state’s economic growth and are also considered one of its largest employers. The presence of thousands of nonprofits has created hundreds of thousands of work opportunities, with one out of every 16 jobs employed by them.

The economic impact of Arizona nonprofits is felt directly through increased revenue from taxes and the sale of goods and services and indirectly through the increased demand for suppliers. More than that, considering how many nonprofits are in Arizona, the state has also earned a reputation for being an attractive place to live, work, and conduct business.

The positive effect of nonprofits on Arizona’s employment situation continues to this day, with more companies opening and further expanding. Even as the pandemic affected many for-profit and nonprofit organizations, donors have been quick and eager to offer the necessary funding to keep the industry afloat and thriving. That said, those looking to enter the nonprofit realm or to take their careers to the next level from within the sector will find that the timing seems to always be right.

Opportunities for Diverse Skill Sets

Given that the nonprofit sector touches on many different industries, jobseekers from various backgrounds will find plenty of work opportunities. Some of the organizations that make up the Arizona nonprofit community are those involved in the following:

  • arts, culture, and humanities
  • education
  • human services
  • hospitals and other health-related agencies
  • mutual benefit
  • religion
  • environment and animal welfare
  • public and social benefit
  • international affairs

Whether you are looking for your first job, seeking to take your career a notch further, or wanting to shift to another industry, nonprofits in Arizona are open. For instance, a job seeker with a nursing background might want to apply to a nonprofit hospital as a nurse or explore healthcare-related administrative positions in a public information and welfare center. You can also consider getting into health education or join a religious organization as part of its health services distribution team.

When it comes to salaries, nonprofits in Arizona are at par with the other states and sectors, logging an average of $48,500 per year (approx. $23 per hour) versus the $55,200 average nationwide as of April 2021. The average salary to include all other industries in the state is $57,000 per year (approx. $27 per hour).

But apart from the great pay and the wide range of areas where you can apply your skills, it is the satisfaction from being part of an organization that aims to help make the world a better place that makes working for an Arizona nonprofit extra rewarding.

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