Arizona's Best Healthcare Employers

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Best Employers in Healthcare

The healthcare industry is thriving in Phoenix, making it a great place for job seekers to find their next career. Emerging in 2009, the healthcare and biomedical industry has quickly made Arizona a¬†premier treatment¬†destination. With innovative urban design and amenities, Phoenix’s healthcare industry has also helped create healthier Arizonan communities.

As Phoenix’s healthcare industry continues to expand, the need for talented job seekers is on the rise. Over the next decade, the industry expects a 36%, or 99,400 healthcare jobs in AZ, employment growth rate. This rapid growth rate of healthcare jobs in AZ is due to numerous factors, including the unique industry environment.

The Copper State provides a unique intersection between healthcare and innovative technology. Healthcare trends, such as value-based care, have influenced technological growth in healthcare IT and patient data analytics. One example of how this collaborative environment has advanced industry growth can be seen in patient cybersecurity. By combining value-based care and a focus on data, Arizona has inspired the evolution of patient cybersecurity solutions across the valley.

Opportunities for Diverse Skillsets

The collaboration between technology and healthcare in Arizona also impacts job opportunities. Traditional healthcare roles evolve as technology becomes more integrated into everyday responsibilities. Plus, technology-based healthcare roles in Arizona can provide a job seeker with valuable and transferable job skills. Overall, the diversity of healthcare jobs in Arizona allow job seekers to pursue numerous career paths in the industry.

The types of opportunities a job seeker may find in Arizona’s healthcare industry depend on the company that is hiring. A pharmaceutical company is likely to hire for roles that align with the services they currently offer. However, a healthcare company looking to expand may hire talent to broaden the types of services they offer.

Job seekers who already have experience in the healthcare industry can explore various healthcare jobs in Arizona. Let’s say you are a job seeker with healthcare administration experience that comes from working in the industry. When looking to expand your career, you can consider numerous healthcare administration roles in Arizona, such as Chief Clinical Officer, Nursing Home Administrator and more.

Career growth in Arizona’s healthcare industry is not limited to job seekers within the industry. In fact, there are plenty of ways a job seeker can transition their existing skillset into the healthcare industry. A job seeker with experience in HR can consider entry-level healthcare positions that focus on HR. Some industries that provide transferable skills for healthcare roles include other science industries such as biotechnology. Job seekers can also use their interests to guide them in finding the ideal entry-level healthcare jobs in Arizona. An interest in software development can guide you to healthcare careers like Software Engineering for a healthcare product company.

By and large, the healthcare industry in Arizona offers many ways for job seekers to shape their career paths. Plus, Arizona job seekers can work for some of the nation’s top healthcare companies located right in the valley. Are you ready to discover your next career in Arizona’s thriving healthcare industry? Visit¬†BestCompaniesAZ¬†to learn more about the¬†top healthcare employers¬†and discover what roles they’re hiring for.

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