5 Benefits Of Working In Healthcare Administration

working in healthcare administration
Helping people live their best, healthiest lives by working in the healthcare industry is a rewarding career choice for many. The healthcare industry is projected to grow by 2.4 million jobs between 2019 and 2029. This represents a projected industry growth rate of 15%, which is significantly faster than the average for all occupations.

Working in healthcare administration is a strong career choice that involves planning, coordinating, and directing medical services for various healthcare organizations. This career path boasts a wealth of benefits, making the answer to the question, “Is healthcare administration a good career choice?” a resounding yes.

Here is a look at some of the many reasons why healthcare administration is a great career pursuit.

Benefits of Working In Healthcare Administration

High Income Potential and Competitive Benefits

Healthcare administration roles generally come with high salaries and competitive benefits. In 2019, the median annual salary for medical and health services managers was $100,980. This income potential is impressive, especially given that candidates can enter the field with a bachelor’s degree.

Additionally, healthcare administrators can expect competitive benefits such as health, dental, life, and vision insurance, and paid time off. Banner Health, one of the top healthcare employers in Arizona, offers tuition assistance and wellness programs to its staff. These types of quality benefits are one of the many reasons why healthcare administration is a strong career choice.

Meaningful Work

The work healthcare administrators do on a daily basis ensures that healthcare providers can do their jobs. It’s essential to keep the organizations running smoothly and directly impacts the quality of care patients receive. For example, healthcare administrators meet with representatives of different departments to help improve services for patients and workers.

The healthcare administration profession also ranked 8th on CNN Money’s Best Jobs In America List, receiving a grade “A” in both personal satisfaction and benefit to society categories. Dignity Health, one of Arizona’s top companies, says healing is its calling, and human kindness is its calling card. This intentional approach to healthcare permeates all of the organization’s staff, leading to meaningful workdays and constant purpose.

Growth Opportunities

Working in healthcare administration comes with a variety of growth opportunities. The field of medical and health services managers is projected to grow by 32% between 2019 and 2029. Additionally, the field’s opportunities for advancements and salary increases are above average. These facts alone shed light on the answer to the question, “Is healthcare administration a good career choice?”

Getting a master’s degree in public health, business administration, or health administration can also open more doors for advancement in the field. Dignity Health offers seminars, a custom learning institute, and performance reviews to invest in its employees and fuel their growth.

Diverse Career Paths

There is no one-size-fits-all path in the field of healthcare administration. The field has opportunities for people with a variety of different interests. Healthcare administrators can specialize in finance, human resources, information systems, supply chain management, and many other specialties.

Healthcare administrators can also hold executive leadership positions such as CEO of a hospital. No matter a candidate’s specific interest, working in healthcare administration offers a path. For example, Banner Health offers opportunities in insurance, emergency care, acute care, post-acute care, telehealth, and more.

Multiple Work Environment Options

Why choose healthcare administration? Healthcare administrators work in a variety of healthcare environments. Hospitals offer a fast-paced environment that’s open seven days a week. Public health departments also need healthcare administration professionals to oversee initiatives. Administrators also have the opportunity to work in nursing homes, healthcare clinics, and insurance companies.

Working in healthcare administration offers work environments for every personality. CVS Health, a healthcare innovation company with a retail connection, offers unique career paths for Arizona job seekers interested in healthcare. Banner Health and Dignity Health also offer opportunities in hospitals and other environments.

Expand Your Career At The Top Healthcare Companies

There are so many opportunities to expand your career at top healthcare companies in Arizona. Explore BestCompaniesAZ’s vast resources for job seekers, including details on Arizona’s top healthcare employers and listings for open jobs at these companies. If you continue to wonder, come back to this article and reach out to BestCompaniesAZ today. Your healthcare administration career could be just a click away.

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