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100 Best Arizona Companies: The Best Places to Work in Healthcare

Healthcare created more jobs than any other sector last year, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Also, healthcare spending is expected to increase to encompass a fifth of the economy by 2025.

Since healthcare is such a growing field, ample opportunities exist for medical, technical and administrative professionals to build strong careers. A few standout organizations among the 100 Best Arizona Companies are going the extra mile to be the best places to work in healthcare. Some of them have been in Arizona for more than a century while others are on the cutting edge of what’s new. Check them out: Dignity Health in Arizona, Laser Spine Institute, Mayo Clinic, Orchard Medical Consulting, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Pinnacle Transplant Technologies, Sonora Quest Laboratories, Stryker’s Sustainability Solutions, TGen, Ventana Medical Systems.

The Best Places To Work In Healthcare

Dignity Health in Arizona

Best Places to Work in HealthcareAfter more than a century of experience, Dignity Health has learned that modern medicine is more effective when it’s delivered with compassion. “Hello humankindness starts with the proven idea that human connection leads to better health.” 

Humankindness is powerful medicine.

At Dignity Health, humankindness extends to every member of the team. Through a holistic approach, Dignity lets people know that they truly matter. The name Dignity Health was chosen because the value of dignity remains woven into the fabric of the culture. The mission, vision and values all stemmed from the recognition of the inherent dignity of each person. Dignity Health employees throughout the organization tell the story of how real the concept of humankindness is and how it creates their ideal sense of purpose in work.

A supportive, collegial environment combines with a commitment to facility infrastructure, the latest technology and effective communication. Most of all, employees discover the spirit, idealism and family-friendly environment that comes with a mission driven, not-for-profit healthcare organization.

Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Best Places to Work in HealthcarePhoenix Children’s Hospital is committed to their employees and the relentless pursuit of their mission to provide hope, healing, and the best healthcare for children and their families. Because of this, the Hospital has a very loyal staff. Phoenix Children’s has a notable amount of nurses, doctors and clinical/non-clinical staff who have worked with the Hospital since its beginning – more than 30 years ago. The Hospital continues to see growth in employment and notable improvement in its employee satisfaction survey, ranking at the 90th percentile this past year. Additionally, the Hospital has invested in its leaders with several skills-based development programs which have improved their leadership skills.

Phoenix Children’s implemented a new and exciting wellness program called Vitality. Whether employees would like to lose weight, become more active, improve their diet or simply maintain a healthy lifestyle, this personalized program rewards employees for making healthy choices. With Vitality, everyone has an opportunity to engage in healthy activities. They can also earn Vitality Points for each completed activity and raise their Vitality Status with an Apple Watch, Garmin or smartphone of the employee’s choice. During Hospital Week, the program offers a special event for employees each day, including Arizona Diamondbacks game tickets, peer recognition, a “Phoenix Children’s Pride” contest, a raffle and a “Celebrate You” outdoor picnic where senior leaders serve a picnic lunch to all employees.

Pinnacle Transplant Technologies

Best Places to Work in HealthcareFounded in 2010, Pinnacle Transplant Technologies (PTT) is a processing and distribution facility providing safe quality allograft tissue to medical professionals for transplant. As a company recognized for rapid growth, PTT provides opportunities for associates to grow at a similar fast pace.

According to CEO Russ Yelton, PTT’s success starts with its culture. The company culture promotes innovation, a uniquely enjoyable environment, and a commitment to advancing the company and industry. Mutual respect is key, for staff as well as donors and their families, since the company is entrusted with taking the greatest gift someone can give and use it to help others. “We have incredible reverence for our donors and their families,” he said. “We make it our mission to positively impact as many lives as we can with their wonderful gifts.”

Yelton adds that the company believes strongly in investing in its associates, and PTT gives associates the tools to be successful.

Rounding out the associate experience is frequent communication with the leadership team. Thus, everyone stays informed about company directions, including leaders seeking input so everyone’s voice is heard. Also important to note: exceptionally well-subsidized medical benefits, and a 401k match that vests immediately.

Stryker Sustainability Solutions

best places to work in healthcareStryker’s commitment to diversity and inclusion drives both company performance and the careers of employees. The constant requirement to innovate on behalf of diverse customers who face unique needs provides great opportunity for creative individuals. Employees have a chance to bring in alternative perspectives and ideas and see dynamic results.

At Stryker, people can develop careers based on their strengths and potential. That includes the possibility to move geographically, functionally, laterally and vertically – all while working toward a greater cause. Employees also remain empowered to create their ideal working environment. Each year, champions make positive changes and implement actions which create a “best places to work in healthcare” environment.

Transparency and communication are built in to the business. Since Stryker is an organization focused on understanding how each role impacts the greater story of the company, employees are engaged in each milestone so they know how they contributed to the final result. Fun perks make every day a little more exciting. For example, a social events committee plans Food Truck Fridays and other unique events. In addition, the committee plans annual fitness challenges and community service events. All of these qualities lend to Stryker’s positioning as one of the best places to work in healthcare.


Best Places to Work in HealthcareThe Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) biomedical research institute. TGen focuses on helping patients with neurological disorders, infectious diseases and many types of cancer. The institute remains on the cutting edge of translational research where investigators unravel the genetic components of common and complex diseases and move new laboratory discoveries as quickly as possible to help patients today.

TGen is populated with world-class researchers and support staff who are highly motivated to work toward improving humanity by solving the genetic-based causes of disease and medical conditions. A sense of urgency, and joy, permeate the halls of TGen toward this noble calling. The caliber of people at TGen starts with Dr. Jeffrey Trent, President and Research Director, a world-class geneticist and innovator who guides TGen with finesse and a highly cultivated sense of humor. Others gladly follow in his footsteps.

An award-winning wellness program, recognized by the Wellness Council of Arizona, results in healthier and happier employees who benefit through this program not only to improve their work, but also enhance their home lives. The lower insurance premiums are yet another perk. Few businesses can boast Halloween parties like TGen’s, which include valuable prizes for dress, performances and pumpkin carvings. TGen’s Culture Committee also sponsors events year-round that are ways to team-build, and are also fun.

Interviewers treat candidates to a great experience, too. Star Trek or Star Wars? There’s no right answer. The variety of questions, and number of groups, confronted by prospective employees keep them on their toes. It also provides insights for both the interviewee and their potential employers and workmates at TGen. Refreshingly, candidates always know where they stand in the process. That’s what makes them one of the best places to work in healthcare.

Congratulations to the Best Places to Work in Healthcare from the 100 Best Arizona Companies list for 2017. It’s a great time to work in this industry, whether you’re in direct patient care, research or supporting their efforts in other areas to help make these organizations successful!