Healthcare Management Interview Questions to Anticipate

healthcare management interview questions
Healthcare management is a booming industry. Employment in healthcare management is projected to grow by 32% between 2019 and 2029, a growth rate that’s significantly faster than the average for all occupations. Interested job seekers can enter the field with a Bachelor’s degree, and the median pay for health service managers sits at more than $100,000.

Job seekers looking for a rewarding job with diverse career paths may find a home in healthcare management. The following guide will help equip candidates to ace healthcare administration interview questions and land a job in this exciting profession.

Healthcare Management Interview Questions and Answers

Why do you want to work in the healthcare field?

Why do you want to work in the healthcare field is a classic interview question. Hiring managers are looking to understand a candidate’s motivation for working in the field with healthcare management interview questions like these. Successful healthcare managers have a passion for using their managerial and administrative skills to help people. Use this question as an opportunity to explain why you’d be a fit for a role in healthcare management. You can use examples of past work experiences, the unique skills you’ve gained or an overall passion for the industry.

Sample answer:

I’ve always had a strong interest in working in healthcare. When I was younger, I helped my parents take care of my aging grandmother. The experience was so fulfilling, and I loved knowing that my actions helped my grandmother feel better. I would love to combine this passion with my administrative skills in the field of healthcare management.

What do you see as the future of healthcare?

Hiring managers ask these types of healthcare administration interview questions to gauge a candidate’s industry knowledge and leadership potential. Healthcare is an innovative field, with discoveries and best practices being continuously developed. Strong candidates for the role will showcase a well-rounded understanding of the healthcare industry as a whole and cast a vision for the future.

Sample answer:

Experiences like TeleHealth and mobile apps are changing the way patients expect to interact with their healthcare providers. I expect this demand for more personalized healthcare experiences to grow in the future, with all industry teams fully embracing technology to help patients.

As a healthcare administrator, how would you communicate with other teams within the organization?

Being a successful healthcare administrator means being comfortable communicating with other departments and working cross-functionally. Healthcare management interview questions like this seek to discern whether the candidate can effectively communicate within a large organization. To impress the interviewer, candidates should share their communication approach and preferred mediums. It’s also beneficial to share an example scenario where you used your communication skills to collaborate with your peers.

Sample answer:

I believe all teams should know how information of varying importance levels is communicated. Each type of communication should have a designated channel. For example, general non-urgent updates can be sent out via email. But, weekly cross-functional meetings would allow me to streamline critical communications and access the people I might need in an emergency.

How do you handle a workload that has competing deadlines?

This is one of the healthcare administration interview questions that seek to understand whether a candidate can effectively manage projects. Candidates can give an impressive answer by providing an example of a time when they managed a high volume of projects. You can also share various time management skills that you possess. Not only does this illustrate your organizational ability, but it also shows that you can assess a problem and apply the proper solution.

Sample answer:

I plan out my weeks in advance. This allows me to identify competing deadlines early on and rearrange tasks based on priority. I once managed a year-long restructuring project that competed with many of my day-to-day deadlines. To make it work, I scheduled regular update meetings with my superiors to keep everything on track.

What sets you apart from other candidates for this healthcare admin role?

This question and similar healthcare management interview questions allow candidates to sell themselves. It’s the perfect time to pull out examples or information that’s not immediately obvious in an interview. Hiring managers are looking for confidence and a solid understanding of what it takes to succeed in the role. Thus, a successful answer to this question should tie in points from the role’s job description.

Sample answer:

My background includes experiences outside of healthcare that will give me a fresh perspective when looking at our organization’s processes. I know that this job is all about bringing people and processes together to move our organization forward. I believe I’m the best person to be able to do that.

Find Your Next Career In Healthcare Management

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