Arizona's Most Admired Companies

The most comprehensive and prestigious award program in Arizona.

This award recognizes excellence in workplace culture, leadership, social responsibility and customer opinion. BestCompaniesAZ partners with AZ Business Magazine for this annual award and event.

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Categories Evaluated

Employers are asked to complete a nomination form that requires company demographic information and five open-ended questions related to:

  1. Leadership Excellence. This includes all aspects of leadership (trust-building, visionary, strategic, tactical, ethical, mentoring/developing, emotional intelligence, flexibility) and includes senior leaders as well as other leaders in the organization. It Includes the credibility and impact of leadership in the community as well as within the organization. (2500 characters or less)
  2. Workplace Culture. This involves programs designed to foster high engagement and an atmosphere of trust. Collaboration, diversity, career development, employer branding and employee focus are areas to highlight. Weight will be given to applications that can support the effectiveness of their programs through credible employee surveys or other systems designed to assess workplace culture and engagement. (2500 characters or less.)
  3. Corporate & Social Responsibility. Assessed in this category is the degree to which the organization creates and supports philanthropic and environmental programs, both formal and informal. (2500 characters or less.)
  4. Customer Opinion. Applications should include quantitative and qualitative data on customer experience. Weight will be given to applications that include credible customer survey data and/or third-party service awards. Testimonials should ideally enhance survey data, rather than replace it. (2500 characters or less.)
  5. Innovation. In this section we are looking for fresh new ideas (something new, original or improved) that create value for your company. Specifically, what innovative idea(s), or new program, product, process, service, policy, perquisite, etc. makes your company unique. If innovation examples are noted above in any of the category sections, please reference the innovation in this section. All innovative ideas will be collected and reviewed for an additional spotlight award and publication in a “best practice” summary report prepared by BestCompaniesAZ. (2500 characters or less.)
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