How to Score Arizona’s Most Admired Companies

Arizona's Most Admired companies

Interested in applying for the Arizona’s Most Admired Companies Award? MAC is one of Arizona’s most comprehensive and prestigious award programs. The MAC program is nomination based and evaluates Arizona company excellence in innovation, customer opinion, corporate and social responsibility, workplace culture, and leadership.

Companies are scored on a scale of 1 (unfavorable) to 5 (favorable) in each of the five categories, for a score out of a possible 25 points.

Here’s a deeper look at what constitutes a 5 out of 5 score in each category.

1. Leadership Excellence

The scoring committee will be looking for companies who demonstrate excellence in leadership regularly and visibly within the Arizona community. For example, they want to hear about all facets of leadership. From building trust, to visionary and strategic leadership, to tactical and ethical leadership, to mentoring programs, and everything in between. Additionally, it’s important to highlight how your company’s leadership affects your community and the organization itself.

2. Workplace Culture

The Arizona’s Most Admired Companies committee loves recognizing companies with incredible workplace cultures. For example, let them know how you celebrate employees, create a safe space for women and minority groups in the workplace. Even more so, tell the judges how you promote wellness and get employees excited to work.

Write about about your career development opportunities, benefits and perks. Furthermore, please don’t just list your standard policy because the scoring committee wants to know what makes you unique. It’s also a great idea to supplement this section with feedback from credible employee surveys, i.e., “95% of your employees voted your company a best place to work”. Also, they want to see that your employees feel supported, welcome and enthusiastic at work.

3. Corporate and Social Responsibility

Great companies give back and care about the community. The scoring committee looks for your reputation in corporate giving, volunteerism, philanthropic and environmental efforts. Companies may receive a 5 in this category for having a corporate giving and volunteer goal. For instance, A company that prioritizes corporate and social responsibility may provide lots of volunteer opportunities for employees. Furthermore, they might give incentives, recognition and paid time off to volunteer because it’s important.

4. Customer Opinion

The scoring committee cares about the experience you provide for your customers. Strong companies in this category will have a solid product brand and external service awards. In addition, a great way to demonstrate your customer’s opinions is through customer feedback and testimonials.

5.  Innovation

In this section, the scoring committee wants to hear about your company’s new, fresh ideas. Furthermore, tell them about any new programs, products, processes, services, policies or policies that make your company unique in your industry. Additionally, the more examples you include, the better!

Have questions about the Arizona’s Most Admired Companies scoring process? Email BestCompaniesAZ Founder at We can’t wait to read your application!


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