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As a veteran to the recruitment marketing / advertising industry, I was so thrilled to see what BestCompaniesAZ (BCAZ) offers to their clients. BCAZ is clearly a gem for recruiting top talent across all job categories in Arizona. The team at BCAZ makes my team and I feel as if we are their only client, and I know we are not. From individual job promotion to amazing hiring event to PR for a national employer, BCAZ pulled everything off seamlessly with phenomenal results regarding online applications and attendees to our socially-distant onsite events throughout AZ. In a time and an industry where ROI is the only measurement of success, BCAZ truly brings advertising performance to recruitment in Arizona.

Director, Client Strategy representing a Fortune 500 Employer

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BestCompaniesAZ specializes in helping corporate clients and community partners develop, strengthen and market their unique employer brands on a regional and national level.

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BestCompaniesAZ is a top driver of traffic to our career website and has generated the 6th highest number of viewers beating many national and local branding platforms such as Glassdoor, Indeed, Yahoo, Recruit Military, Phoenix Business Journal, ZipRecruiter, local media channels, chambers.

Financial Client, Talent Acquisition Director
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Employer Branding

Elevate your regional brand with 3rd party endorsement

Rank at the top of Google searches – on the first page (or first spot) for dozens of key search terms.

Bring your Arizona culture to life with a regional company profile and showcase your culture with employee testimonials and company videos.

Amplify your DEI and Veteran programs and employee resource groups to attract diverse talent.

BCAZ Employer Branding Solutions:

As an Arizona technology company, we love tapping into the power of the BestCompaniesAZ’s regional web platform which consistently ranks in the #1 average position for the term ‘tech companies in Arizona’ and #1 average position for the term ‘best places to work in phoenix. Great visibility…great 3rd party endorsement for our company.

Local Tech firm, Employer Branding Head

In my time serving as BestCompaniesAZ’s Digital Content Creator, I was constantly blown away by both the quality and performance of their content. Their site was consistently one of the top-performers generating on average 35,000 Organic Visits and ranking on page one of Google for thousands of keywords! Beyond the data, the BCAZ site served as a true resource for professionals in the Arizona community and connected thousands of qualified candidates with the top companies in the community.

Nikitha Lokareddy, Digital Marketing Team
Talent Sourcing

Increase the quality of candidates

Stand out from all other hiring companies – BestCompaniesAZ ONLY showcases award-winning companies.

Attract higher-quality talent and fill the pipeline faster to hit monthly hiring goals.

Get quick access to regional community partners and centralize your regional hiring goals with BCAZ.

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Our partnership with BestCompaniesAZ has elevated our brand amongst hundreds of competitors in the Metro Phoenix area and their connections to the area have afforded us exposure that we would not have been aware of with their partnership. We are excited to share that 30 offers were extended to candidates last year from BestCompaniesAZ efforts. 53% were hired and 56% remain employed. These are great stats!

Talent Acquisition Director, Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

The HR Application Tracking system Workday received over 33,000 job submissions (applications) in 2020 which come from over 4,000 URL sources. BestCompaniesAZ (alone) is listed in the top 7 nationally (performing at same level of Diversity Jobs and outperforming Glassdoor).

Talent Acquisition Director. Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

Applicants were tracked from 8 affiliated partnerships that were leads generated by the marketing and PR efforts of BestCompaniesAZ throughout 2020 including ABC15, Career Connectors, Professional Networks, Career Fairs and Universities.

Talent Acquisition Director, Fortune 500 Financial Services Company
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PR, Publicity, and Awards

Gain access to BCAZ media partners and share your thought leadership!

Get featured in earned Arizona Media showcasing your hiring, culture and thought leadership.

Qualify for upcoming regional awards focused on culture, leadership, social responsibility, and community.

Position your company and leadership as a sponsor and speaker for many BCAZ hosted podcasts, awards and career events.

PR, Media & Award Solutions

BestCompaniesAZ generates more Arizona PR and Media opportunities focused on our growth and thought leadership than our own internal staff and PR agency, saving us marketing, PR and HR budget dollars under one affordable package.

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