Your military career is valued and appreciated here.

These companies understand you. They are committed to helping you find fulfillment after your military career is complete. In addition to good pay and awesome job perks, they offer respect, opportunity, balance, fun, and pride – you don’t want to settle for less. Why should you? Your next dream job.

Charles Schwab

Financial Services | Phoenix | 3,300 Employees


Financial Services | Phoenix | 4,500 Employees


Technology | Scottsdale | 3,400 Employees

Dignity Health

Healthcare | Phoenix | 9,000+ Employees


Technology | Scottsdale | 1,000 Employees


Services/Technology | Phoenix


Financial Services | Scottsdale | 2,900 Employees

American Express

Financial Services/Technology | Phoenix

Habitat for Humanity Central AZ

habitat for humanity central arizona
Non-Profit | Peoria | 80 Employees


Services/Technology | Westgate | Scottsdale | Mesa

Freedom Financial

Financial Services | Tempe | 2,000 Employees

Mobile Mini

Services/Solutions | Phoenix | 2,000 Employees


Veteran Job Resources: 5 Tips to Help You Land Your Next Career

We know transitioning to a civilian job can be tough for our military service men and women. Employers want to hire veterans, as demonstrated by the continued decline in the veteran unemployment rate – the lowest it has been in over a decade. But it still can be challenging to find a workplace that utilizes your diverse skills and values your military service. Read More

Military Career Transition: Thriving in Your Next Job

With a concerted emphasis by many employers to hire veterans, the unemployment rate for veterans has dropped to its lowest rate in over a decade. But many still find the military career transition to a fulfilling private sector career to be a challenge. Read More

A Veteran Job Search Made Easier by USAA

I grew up knowing about USAA and was a member well before I could even drive, thanks to my dad who is also a veteran. I knew when moving to a city that had a USAA office that this was the only company that I wanted to work for. From day one, the process was unbelievably smooth and easier than any administrative process the military ever put me through. USAA’s hiring process made me feel appreciated right away when interviewers took a genuine interest in my military background and thanked me for my service. Read More

Career Transition Tips for Veterans

The job hunt can be challenging for veterans making a career transition. BestCompaniesAZ caught up with Mark Day HR Services Representative, Performance Support Team at State Farm who has made the transition from military to civilian work. Mark hopes his story helps others who are transitioning out soon or have done so recently. Read More

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