4 Companies That Hire People With Disabilities in Arizona

companies that hire people with disabilities
As of November 2020, 33.6% of people with disabilities were in the workforce compared to 75.9% of people without disabilities. Some contributing factors in this employment gap can be related to a lack of supportive employers.

In response to this lack of accessible employment, many companies have made it their social responsibility to change the workforce. This is achieved through various methods, ranging from flexible job benefits to unique workplace accommodations.

For Arizona, the need for an accessible workplace is no different. Thankfully, job seekers with disabilities in Arizona can find a wealth of opportunities at Arizona’s numerous progressive employers.

Keep reading to learn how the top companies that hire people with disabilities in Arizona have made a difference for their employees.

Companies That Hire People With Disabilities in Arizona


The first organization on our list of the best companies that hire people with disabilities in Arizona is GoDaddy. As one of the top web services platforms, GoDaddy is passionate about providing a great and accessible online experience.

As an employer, GoDaddy shows the same level of care by creating a welcoming workplace. Employees at GoDaddy receive comprehensive health benefits through medical, dental, vision, disability programs. Plus, employees at GoDaddy receive generous time-off benefits so they can rest and recharge away from work.

Awards & Recognition

GoDaddy’s dedication to creating a welcoming workplace was recognized when the company was named one of the Most Admired Companies of 2020. The company was also recognized by Forbes for its inclusivity when named as one of the best employers for diversity in 2020.


With an employee-focused hiring approach, KUBRA is known as one of the top companies that hire people with disabilities in Arizona. Employees at KUBRA are offered up to three weeks of paid vacation, personal days and more.

Time-off isn’t the only way KUBRA supports its employees with disabilities. Employees at KUBRA can find the support they need through the company’s disability and employee assistance programs.

Awards & Recognition

The passion that KUBRA shows for its employees was recognized when the company was certified as a Great Place to Work in 2020. The diversity and inclusion efforts of KUBRA’s leadership was also recognized when named one of the best workplaces for inclusion in 2020.

Northern Trust

Northern Trust is a leading global financial institution. As an employer, Northern Trust is known for its dedication to work-life balance, diversity in the workplace, employee growth and more.

The leaders at Northern Trust work hard to provide employees with disabilities the accommodations they need to succeed in their roles.

Northern Trust’s Disability Business Resource Council began a campaign titled “International Day for Persons with Disabilities.” The goal of this campaign is to increase disability awareness at every Northern Trust office. This is achieved through various events such as information sessions on how a disability can impact someone’s day-to-day activities.

Awards & Recognition

Northern Trust’s disability awareness efforts made the company known as one of the top companies that hire people with disabilities in Arizona. In 2020, Northern Trust was named one of the top disability-friendly companies by DIVERSEability Magazine. Additionally, the company scored a 100% in AAPD’s Disability Equality Index for the second year in a row in 2020.

Voya Financial

The leaders at Voya Financial are passionate about supporting and celebrating employees with disabilities.

In October of 2020, Voya Financial partnered with Disability:IN to celebrate National Disability Employment Awareness Month. As a result, the two organizations hosted a virtual concert that featured several artists with disabilities. This program is also aligned with the company’s Voya Cares program, which aims to make a positive difference for people with disabilities.

Awards & Recognition

In 2020, Voya Financial received a perfect score on the AADP’s Disability Equality Index. In addition, Voya Financial’s disability inclusion efforts were recognized with a 2020 Marketplace Innovator Award. The company received this award for its campaign that focused on kindness and anti-bullying.

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