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Best Companies for Women

Interested in knowing which companies have the best workplace benefits for women? Check out BestCompaniesAZ’s list of the best companies for women!

What makes a company a great place to work for women? To find out, we looked at companies across different industries with programs and policies that promote gender diversity and foster an inclusive workplace for women.

Our search included companies that have implemented initiatives such as gender-neutral parental leave, flexible work arrangements, childcare assistance, and more. Our goal is to identify the best companies for women and highlight their efforts in creating an equitable workplace.

What Makes a Company Ideal For Women?

When evaluating companies for this list, we looked at several key criteria. This includes policies related to pay equity and gender diversity, as well as programs that make the workplace more inclusive for women.

We also considered factors such as training opportunities, career development opportunities, and mentorship programs that provide support for female employees. Additionally, we took into account the overall working culture and values of the company, such as an open work environment and opportunities for collaboration.

Overall, these are companies that have a commitment to creating an equitable workplace that is empowering and supportive of its female employees. This list includes top employers in a wide range of industries and can serve as a guide for job seekers looking to find the best companies for women.

We hope this list serves as an inspiration for other companies to improve their policies and programs for female employees, creating more equitable workplaces everywhere.

The Best Companies For Women

We found organizations that are leaders in the industry, providing employees with competitive salaries, generous benefits packages, and opportunities for advancement. Here are some examples:


This leader in connected public safety technologies is committed to supporting women employees and advancing their careers. Axon proudly has several women included in executive leadership roles. The company also maintains the Affinity Group, Women at Axon, which improves the sense of belonging, company engagement, and career progression for female-identifying employees.

Check out their current open positions

Desert Financial Credit Union

Desert Financial Credit Union has proven to be a great place for women to work, and it is no surprise that they consistently earn placement in AZ Business Angel’s list of top companies. One of the key reasons for this recognition is their commitment to helping employees balance work and family life, which is evident in the benefits they offer. One of these benefits is 12 weeks of paid paternal leave, which provides new parents with the time and financial security they need to be fully present for the birth or adoption of a child. This not only supports new fathers, but it also helps to create a more equal and supportive workplace. Another great benefit to paid paternal leave, Desert Financial Credit Union offers children’s extracurricular reimbursement, which helps families offset the cost of sports, music, and other activities. This benefit supports the growth and development of children and allows families to focus on their children’s interests without worrying about the financial burden. Furthermore, up to four weeks of paid eldercare per year is offered, providing employees with the time they need to care for elderly family members. This benefit recognizes that caring for elderly family members can be just as important as caring for children and is a testament to the Desert Financials’ commitment to creating a supportive work environment.

Check out their current open positions.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona is a company that’s used to giving back. They welcome all cultures, genders, races, and people from across all backgrounds. Their dedication to inclusivity is shown in the new program, Habitat Women Build. This program brings women from across communities together to build affordable housing. Women Build promotes solidarity, empowerment, and pride in the community.

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KUBRA is an industry-leading provider of customer experience management solutions to some of the largest utility, government, and insurance entities in North America. It’s also an incredibly inclusive company that fosters growth of women in the workplace. They offer competitive salaries, a mentorship program, career advancement opportunities and child/adult care reimbursement of up to $1,000 per month! In fact, KUBRA is a proud recipient of the 2021 list of best workplaces for women in Canada

Check out their current open positions.


This fintech company is a leader in the industry when it comes to diversity and support for women, earning it awards as a Best Place to Work in the Bay Area three years in a row, and one of the Top Companies to Work for in Arizona two years in a row. This stellar company has received awards for being a best company for Diversity, Women, Culture, and Veterans. Upgrade values and promotes a healthy balance between work and family life. The company maintains several inclusive Employee Resource Groups, including a Women in FinTech ERG group that supports the growth and development of women in our company.

Check out their current open positions.

Voya Financial

Voya is a financial services company that has been praised for its gender-equality initiatives. In addition to offering competitive benefits, the company also has a women’s council (employee resource group) focused on career development that fosters a more inclusive culture. Voya’s commitment to gender diversity and inclusion has earned its recognition as one of the Best Places to Work for Women, including Bloomberg’s Gender Equality Index for 2022.

Check out their current open positions.

WillScot Mobile Mini

WillScot Mobile Mini delivers an employee experience that creates opportunities and ensures dignity for every employee. This includes initiatives specifically designed to helps women grow and succeed. Women of WillScot Mobile Mini, or “WOW,” is an employee-led group established to unite and elevate the voices of those who identify as women. WOW educates employees company-wide about the culture, workplace experiences, and unique perspectives of women through events and community service.

WillScot Mobile Mini recently launched a Women’s Mentoring Program, focused on helping women gain additional skills and experience to advance their careers and personal growth.

This company places women in executive-level positions across different teams and business areas, demonstrating a firm commitment to supporting female leaders.

Check out their current open positions.


Workiva is a global technology company that recognizes its people are at the core of everything they do. Its Women Business Employee Resource Group strives to empower women to thrive through mentorships and growth opportunities. Benefits such as comprehensive healthcare, 12 weeks of paid parental leave, adoption or surrogacy assistance, mental wellbeing resources, and a flexible work environment ensure employees are cared for no matter what life brings. Supporting a diverse, equitable workplace where everyone belongs is a core value and part of the foundation of the culture.

These are just a few examples of companies that are leading the way in gender diversity and creating a safe space for women and all genders. By offering competitive salaries and benefits packages, generous parental leave policies, and family-friendly work arrangements, these organizations are proving that they are dedicated to creating an inclusive workplace. 

Looking for the right company to work for? Visit BestCompaniesAZ to search for the best companies for women in Arizona. You’ll find employers that are committed to creating a positive and supportive workplace and providing employees with opportunities for career growth and development. You can also check out our list of Best Companies for Women in 2022.

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