Best Companies for Career Growth
Published January 2019. Updated June 2020.

So, you are ready to take the next step in your career—congratulations! Regardless of your level of experience, climbing up the corporate ladder is often a major source of motivation.

That is why it is important to ensure that your employer not only offers room for career growth but also strongly encourages it.

The first step to identifying a company that you can grow with is simple: make sure they are a good fit. In other words, study their mission and values to determine if that company’s culture is right for you. If all goes according to plan, you will be with that company for the long haul!

Another important step to take is to change your mindset. Many employees, regardless of experience level, feel that they need to score higher up positions if they are to grow their careers. Do not fall victim to this trap! Most award-winning companies promote from within, so it is important to keep an open mind and be willing to take a lateral step, up or down, to move up the ranks.

In fact, a majority of managerial and executive employees started in entry-level sales or customer service positions to gain a unique view of all levels of the company. This is what makes them stand out when applying for supervisory or leadership roles!

With that being said, we have done your homework for you and rounded up the best companies for career growth in Arizona. Not only do these companies offer specialized training programs, mentorship, and a culture that fosters growth, but they also care about their employees’ ambitions. Keep scrolling to see who made our list:

Best Companies For Career Growth


One of the most important parts of career growth is facing challenges, taking risks and learning from them. At ADP, you can challenge yourself and take the risks you need for change in a positive environment.

ADP offers a one-of-a-kind culture that nurtures the growth of their employees. A team’s strength at ADP is thanks to what each team member has to offer. Naturally, then, ADP fosters that strength with a down-to-earth culture where diverse perspectives are welcome.

To encourage employee growth and engagement, ADP has nine Business Resource Groups: Adelante, Elevate, Inspire, Win, Cultivate, Pride, Generations, Thrive, and Military Strong & Allies. Members of these BRGs are given the opportunities to influence business, develop their careers, and volunteer for great causes.

American Express

When you join American Express, you’ll have access to world-class leadership and learning experiences, an opportunity to create a unique career journey shaped by your talent and curiosity, and the ability to engage with leaders and coworkers who will help you excel in all you do.

All this, combined with comprehensive benefits and a culture of inclusion, makes American Express a unique place to join, stay, and grow your career.

Have you ever had a great idea—but no resources to bring it to life? At American Express, employees are provided with unique opportunities to expand their careers through the company’s Talent Community.

Not only are current employees encouraged to join, but American Express also invites students to join their Student Talent Community to start growing professionally.

American Express cares for professional development by helping employees thrive in work and daily living. Employees have core health benefits, wellness & prevention policies, and can even receive tuition assistance.


Recognized as one of Arizona’s Most Admired Companies in 2019, Axon is a shining example of what the best companies for career growth can do. Axon is a globally recognized public safety technology company dedicated to making the world a better and safer place.

The team at Axon can work hard towards their vision, thanks to Axon’s support.

By implementing a mentorship-focused Employee Resource Group (ERG), Axon gives their employees a place where they feel welcome and can thrive. Employees are encouraged to attend professional development events that catch their interest with the Axon expenses.

Leadership is also strongly encouraged by the team at Axon. Through the Leadership Development Program, new graduates are selected to rotate through different company functions, lead projects, and join leadership led learning sessions.

Graduates of this program are then equipped with a broad set of skills and are more than ready to take on numerous roles in the company.

Desert Financial

Sometimes, the professional development you need may seem out of reach due to a lack of time or finances. As one of the best companies for career growth, Desert Financial tackles this issue by providing employees integrated growth perks.

Desert Financial recognizes the value employees bring to the table. So, that value is returned in full with growth perks such as paid training and educational assistance benefits. With a strong belief in lifelong learning, Desert Financial doesn’t hesitate to support employees who want to pursue an education.

Another way that leadership at Desert Financial supports the growth of their employees is through employee recognition. Through their Years of Service Program, Desert Financial celebrates employee anniversaries. Each quarter, a celebratory luncheon is held, and employees receive personalized yearbooks that feature their tenure and company commitment.

This isn’t the only event that Desert Financial holds for its employees. Each year, the company closes all locations to gather all employees under one roof for an Annual Employee Conference. This conference’s focus is to give employees a free space to connect, learn, and inspire one another.

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