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Best Companies for Career Growth

So you are ready to take the next step in your career- congratulations! Regardless of your level of experience, climbing up the corporate ladder is often a major source of motivation. That is why it is important to ensure that your employer not only offers room for career growth, but strongly encourages it as well. The first step to identifying a company that you can growth with is simple: make sure they are a good fit. In other words, study their mission and values to determine if that company’s culture is right for you. For if all goes according to plan, you will be with that company for the long haul!

Another important step to take is to change your mindset. Many employees, regardless of experience level, feel that they need to score higher up positions if they are to grow their career. Do not fall victim to this trap! Most award winning companies promote from within, so it is important to keep an open mind and be willing to take a lateral step, up or down, to move up the ranks. In fact, a majority of managerial and executive employees started off in entry level sales or customer service positions in order to gain a unique view of all levels of the company. This is what makes them stand out when applying for supervisory or leadership roles!

With that being said, we have done your homework for you and rounded up the best companies for career growth in Arizona. Not only do these companies offer specialized training programs, mentorship, and a culture that fosters growth, but they also care about their employees’ ambitions. Keep scrolling to see who made our list!


Best Companies For Career Growth


American Express

When you join American Express, you’ll have access to world-class leadership and learning experiences, an opportunity to create a unique career journey shaped by your talent and curiosity, and the ability to engage with leaders and coworkers who will help you excel in all you do. All this, combined with comprehensive benefits and a culture of inclusion, makes American Express a unique place to join, stay and grow your career.

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Charles Schwab

At Schwab, your professional goals for tomorrow are based on the investment you make in your career today. Schwab offers valuable programs and support to help you succeed. To help you continue to grow and advance your career, Schwab encourages you to pursue business-related education and training and reimburses expenses for qualifying programs based on approval and funding in your organization. Schwab provides an informal mentoring program to help you get access to on-the-job training and support. You own and manage your career at Schwab with support from your manager and colleagues. By investing in your development, informal mentoring helps you grow in your career.

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Growth is a core value of Clearlink. It’s at the heart of their promise to their brand partners, and it’s an essential part of Clearlink’s culture. This is why they invest heavily in helping their employees expand their skills, knowledge, and networks. Whether it’s increasing knowledge through their employee development courses or building meaningful friendships through their inclusion team’s events, they want your time spent at Clearlink to be filled with ways to learn and progress.

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Farmers isn’t just about selling insurance! In fact, they recently expanded their operation in Arizona- resulting in employment for many Arizonans in high-value jobs. These positions expand over a variety of departments including: claims adjusting, underwriting, marketing, and more.

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Freedom Financial

“Getting better” is one of Freedom Financial’s four core competencies. At Freedom, great ideas are recognized and rewarded, so the sky’s the limit when it comes to your career with them! With lots of team bonding activities like baseball games, food trucks, and more, you will learn from coworkers at all levels!

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Adjusting is hard – GoDaddy gets it. With them, you’ll be welcomed by a network of employees dedicated to helping you be successful through onboarding, learning, and social engagement events. You’ll learn the ropes quickly, establish an inclusive and encouraging workplace environment your coworkers, and learn how you can make the most of your experience with GoDaddy.

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Infusionsoft places value on constant growth- especially when it comes to knowledge! They have a forever-curious, learn-it-all mindset, and value learning over knowledge. Furthermore, they use data and experimentation to innovate and constantly improve. Because they value their team model, this thirst for knowledge helps everyone in the company grow their skills.

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Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic offers tremendous learning opportunities for their employees seeking further education. In addition to internships for those just entering the workforce, they also offer training programs for Healthcare Administration, Engineering, and Nursing. These programs are truly top level with Mayo being recognized as best hospital in the nation for three years straight!

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McCarthy Building Companies

Regardless of where you are in your career, McCarthy has specifically designed their Management and Leadership Development training programs to equip you with the essential leadership and business acumen skills you’re looking for to amp up your career. Their personal approach for experienced professionals includes a blend of technical and leadership training, executive coaching, mentoring and more to help you achieve your goals.

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Northern Trust

At Northern Trust, changing jobs internally is part of the company culture. In order to avoid getting stuck in a rut, they encourage their employees to change teams, departments, and business units! This allows their employees to continue to grow, learn and advance in a meaningful way throughout their career.

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Paycheck’s best-in-class training and development team will provide you with ongoing learning opportunities to give you the building blocks to grow your career at Paychex. Couple that with our optional tuition reimbursement program and you’re sure to go to the head of the class.  Here in Arizona we are hiring for a variety of careers from our Multi Product Service Supervisor to our Payroll Rapid Response Specialist giving you plenty of opportunities to expand and meet your career path goals.

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Revature’s unique training program allows them to hire, develop, and deploy top talent, well versed in leading-edge and next-gen technologies. Through continuous and intensive training focused on simulated, real-world issues, Revature associates are able to quickly integrate into your existing technology teams.

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Ring has created the neighborhood watch for the digital age and continues to keep homes around the world safe. They offer a laid-back work environment, full of camaraderie, where you have the freedom and flexibility to drive your career. Moreover, they offer a wide range of professional development opportunities, trainings, resources, and tools to help drive your career growth. Whether you’re super tech savvy or love developing and coaching team members, there are plenty of opportunities to grow at Ring!  

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Rocket Media

Rocket Media was recently named one of the Best Places To Work by the Phoenix Business Journal in their micro category! While they might be categorized as a micro company, Rocket Media is doing big things in their industry. The company has been designed to foster growth by providing all team members with opportunities to take on new responsibilities, rise to challenges and expand their skills. As the company name implies, Rocket Media is an amazing company to help launch and grow your career.

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Spear Education

Spear Education has developed a Leadership Pathway that leads from the individual contributor level to leadership at the highest levels of the organization. The Spear Pathway consists of: Leadership Development Workshops, Coaching Concepts on LinkedIn Learning, and twice monthly coaching sessions with Executive Leadership. Furthermore, they also train in qualities such as embracing strategy, setting clear goals, empowering others to make decisions, and driving one’s own development. This results in a really engaging and positive culture for all team members!

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State Farm

After selecting employees for a career opportunity, State Farm provides a thorough 3-4 month training! Within this period, employees can expect to receive State Farm Product Training, Business Management and Team Leadership Training, and first-hand experience with an agent in the field. Through this process, State Farm ensures each employee has what it takes to thrive as an agent.

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USAA is a dynamic organization with ever-changing needs! They provide several options for starting a new career where and will provide you training “from the ground up.” These positions are in Claims Adjusting, Mortgage Servicing and Customer Service and Technology. Each of these careers has exciting career progression opportunities and includes paid training!  

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Valor Global

Valor Global’s workforce consists of individuals who are passionate about learning, helping others, and want to be a part of team striving for excellence. They only hire self-motivated people who have same values as theirs and who are aspiring to grow in their personal and professional life. Valor Global supports career growth in their employees through their lean methodology, which provides a continuous improvement environment, where their people can thrive and grow by learning, coaching and mentoring.

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Employees at Voya Financial work together to make a secure financial future possible — one person, one family and one institution at a time. The company has created a culture that embraces diversity, collaboration and continuous improvement, and it is committed to fostering an inclusive, accessible environment, where all employees and customers feel valued, respected and supported. Voya Financial is dedicated to building a workforce that reflects the diversity of our customers and communities in which we live in and serve, and creating an environment where every employee has the opportunity to reach her/his potential.

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The Yelp Sales Development Program (YSDP) provides a clear path for professional growth. Their transparent development program outlines what you need to be doing every day, month and quarter to reach the next level. Increased compensation, title and responsibilities will keep your career moving in the right direction.

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