18 Best Nonprofit Interview Questions From Arizona’s Best Nonprofits

Learn from top nonprofit employers in Arizona what the best nonprofit interview questions are and why. BestCompaniesAZ shares 18 interview questions.

Hiring the perfect candidate to join your team can be a daunting task. As in any industry, it can be tough to determine how an applicant will fit in with your company’s culture. At nonprofit organizations, the mission is everything you stand for. Thus, it is important that an applicant’s values are in line with the values of your organization.

As a nonprofit job candidate, one should be able to answer personal and professional questions. If you‚Äôre looking to add someone new to your nonprofit’s team, these questions are for you. Here‚Äôs a look at the 18 best nonprofit interview questions from Arizona‚Äôs best nonprofits.

Values, Goals, and Mission:

1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Asking a candidate about their future plans gives insight into their vision for the future and their ties to the organization. Does the candidate see this position as a job or a career?

2. What key values do you implement in your personal life?

At Habitat for Humanity, interview questions like this allow the candidate to share their values. It is important to know if a candidate’s values align with the organization.

3. How can you help the organization achieve its goals?

Every organization has a set of goals that they strive to achieve. So, ask the candidate about how their skills and experience can help achieve these goals.

4. How would you increase coworker morale?

The current financial situation of many individuals has forced nonprofits to their limits. High morale and a can-do attitude are more important than ever. Ask the candidate about their joy-keeping techniques during busy times.

5. Why do you want to work for a nonprofit organization?

This Make-A-Wish interview question is one of the best nonprofit interview questions to ask a candidate. Nonprofit organizations are value-based and mission-driven. Often, employees work at nonprofit organizations because they love what the organization stands for. Listen to the job candidates answer to this question and ask yourself, does this candidate‚Äôs ‚Äúwhy‚ÄĚ line up with our ‚Äúwhy‚ÄĚ?

6. Describe your passion for our mission.

Nonprofit organizations are driven by their mission. Thus, applicants should be passionate about the nonprofit’s values and mission. Ultimately, passionate employees are engaged employees.


7. Tell us about your background. How does it relate to this position?

Experience in a specific field sets a candidate ahead of those without experience. Thus, this is one of the best nonprofit interview questions. For example, Make-A-Wish candidates are asked to share about their background to provide examples of experience to the organization.

8. What are some accomplishments you have achieved that you can apply to this position?

Ask the candidate about their past successes to learn about the challenges they have overcome. Does the applicant have experience in implementing successful programs? This nonprofit interview question is asked by companies such as the Better Business Bureau because it provides insight into the candidate’s past experiences.

9. What skills or abilities could you contribute to this position?

Experienced, prepared candidates should be able to answer this question with ease. Candidates that are confident with their skillset are confident employees.

10. How have you balanced safety and service during the COVID-19 pandemic?

The global pandemic affected most nonprofits in one way or another. Asking this question gives insight into how the candidate handles stress and how adaptable they are.

11. What do you know about nonprofit organizations? Can you give an example of a nonprofit that you believe is thriving?

Employees must be educated on their nonprofit and its activities. The answer to this question gives insight into the candidate’s knowledge of nonprofits.

12. Give an example of a professional failure you have experienced. How did you learn from it?

Everyone fails at some point or another. A well-rounded candidate can answer this question with dignity and provide an example where they learned from a mistake. For this reason, Goodwill executives describe this question as one of the best nonprofit interview questions.

Leadership and Management:

13. Why do you want to lead this organization?

When hiring for a leadership position, ask the candidate why they want to lead. For example, does their response seem self-preserving or service-based? Nonprofit employers should look for servant leaders that are committed to empowering others.

14. How would you encourage a discouraged team?

Challenges are inevitable. At some point, your team will feel discouraged by the obstacles they face. The response to this question shows the candidate’s conflict resolution and critical thinking skills.

15. Offer your assessment of our organization.

This is a question that requires critical thinking. The answer will give insight into the candidate’s knowledge of your nonprofit. Are there praises or changes they recommend? How does the candidate address program flaws and successes?

16. Give an example of a time when you lead or managed a team.

At nonprofits like Habitat for Humanity, employees work in tight-knit teams. Leaders must have experience in managing a diverse group of people and assets.

17. Give an example of a time you succeeded in a hybrid or remote environment.

Nonprofits across the country had to adapt to hybrid/remote workspaces. The candidate’s answer to this question will show their leadership skills in times of crisis. It will also give insight into their experience managing people when not in person.

18. Is there anything you would like us to know about you?

This is one of the best nonprofit interview questions to end the interview. Open the conversation up to allow the candidate to share about anything they feel to be important. Who knows, you could learn pertinent information that you would have missed otherwise!

Use These Nonprofit Interview Questions To Find Top Candidates

Make sure to break from these questions occasionally to allow for natural conversation that will help you get to know candidates. Altogether, you are sure to find the perfect candidate when you use these 18 best nonprofit interview questions from Arizona’s best nonprofits!

For more information on Arizona’s best companies and nonprofits, visit us at bestcompaniesaz.com

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