10 Ways to Become Productive in a Job Search

become productive in a job search

What is one way you can become super productive in a job search?  

To help you with tips to improve your productivity as you find a new role, we asked business professionals and HR specialists this question for their best suggestions. From keeping LinkedIn updated to writing a job search plan, there are several tips that may help you maximize your time and effort as you look for a new job. 

Here are 10 ways to optimize your job search:

  • Write a Job Search Plan
  • Reach Out to Your Network
  • Connect With Recruiters
  • Create Cover Letter Templates
  • Set Hard Deadlines
  • Skip the Cover Letter
  • Eliminate Distractions
  • Apply to Remote Positions
  • Craft a Master Resume
  • Keep Your LinkedIn Updated

Write a Job Search Plan 

I recommend mapping out a multi-pronged strategy and approach your job search like it is your job (for now!). Writing out a plan and sticking to that plan on a daily basis will keep you organized and focused. A few examples of what should be included in your plan are: including a variety of ways to locate open roles, such as listing out various web-based job boards to check daily, setting up auto-notification emails so you’re the first to hear of new openings, and signing up for notifications directly on the websites of companies you’re very interested in. 

Heather Marcom, Freedom Financial Group

Reach Out to Your Network

The most important piece of advice I can give is to take advantage of the connections you have. Over the years, you’ve worked to build these relationships, and there is nothing wrong with asking for help. That’s what connections are for. People often shy away from this, but my advice is to always be networking. If you are in a current role, networking could help level up your skills or change perspectives, and then you have people ready for you in the event you start a job search. Powerful connections can be busy, so it is really important and also memorable to go the extra mile to form a relationship. Ask for a virtual meeting, offer to take someone to a quick lunch. When searching for a job, maximizing your network will help more than anything.

Elizabeth Hart, Axon

Connect With Recruiters 

One way to stay productive in your job search is by connecting with recruiters. Their main task is to fill job openings, so by introducing yourself along with your professional goals, recruiters will be more likely to refer you for an interview or to another opportunity they deem fit. Whether it be the recruiter who posted a job listing or the recruiter you found through the company’s LinkedIn, introducing yourself to him or her will go a long way.

Adrian James, Markitors

Create Cover Letter Templates

Before you start applying, create cover letter templates that are well structured and that you feel would provide enough relevant and interesting information about yourself. Try to make it so that with each job you apply for, you would basically use the same cover letter while making just a few quick changes on each one, such as the name of the company and the name of the role for which you’re applying. This should speed up your application process and increase the daily rate of applications you submit significantly.

Ben Teicher, Healthy Directions

Set Hard Deadlines 

In order to get the desired results, it’s pertinent for you to have specific deadlines to help keep you focused, determined, and motivated. Make sure that you set deadlines that are realistic for you to meet and are not just another cause for stress. Try to be practical in assessing your time, and efforts and you will certainly get your results.

Justin Nabity, Physicians Thrive

Skip the Cover Letter

You don’t always need to send a cover letter when you’re applying for jobs. Depending on the position, you may want to take the time to craft a cover letter in which you can fully explain your background and your reasons for applying for the position. On the other hand, employers are not always too concerned with cover letters as long as the resume looks good. Skipping this step definitely can speed up the job application process.

Chris Caouette, Gorilla Bow

Eliminate Distractions

Set aside dedicated time each day and turn off all distractions. Between the news, social media, messaging apps, and a myriad of other ways, it seems that there is an endless deluge of distractions just waiting to keep us from actually getting things done. That’s why you must neutralize this to the minimum when you sit down to job search. 

Enter stage: Cold Turkey and Pomodoro Technique. Cold Turkey is a highly developed content blocker that lets you custom-build a plan to stay away from distractions. You can go as far as blocking the whole Internet for however long you want. To resist your temptation, you can block the timer so that you can’t unlock it until it expires. Next, reinforce Cold Turkey with a Pomodoro app. My favorite is Focus To-Do. It’s a productivity timer where the default is set to 25 minutes total with five-minute breaks. Et voila! You just created an iron-clad machine for eliminating distractions to focus on your job search fully.

Luis Rolon, Resume Now

Apply to Remote Positions

Today many companies offer positions that are 100% remote, even in roles that have traditionally been onsite. This opens up a wide range of possibilities for job seekers, as the geographic location is no longer a barrier. Another huge benefit of considering remote roles is that you can easily apply to several per day, increasing your chances of getting an interview quickly. There are many high-quality job boards that are dedicated to remote work, so remember to check these in addition to the standard online job engines.

Chloe Brittain, Opal Transcription Services

Craft a Master Resume 

We all know how tedious it is to tailor your resume to each and every job you apply for. But the more vacancies you respond to, the higher your chances of success. That’s why it’s good practice to craft an extensive master resume and include all the skills, certifications, and work experiences you have. While you won’t ever send it out, you’ll use your master resume to create a brand-new customized application based on it. All you’ll have to do is go through the job posting and see what the company wants (look for keywords and go back to your master resume and just keep the things (e.g., skills, certifications) the job is looking for. In the end, you’ll grow ultra-productive in your job search. 

Magda Klimkiewicz, Zety

Keep Your LinkedIn Updated

Take the time to ensure that your LinkedIn profile is up to date, accurate, and thorough. LinkedIn is an excellent tool for job seekers, and you can bet that recruiters will look at your profile as they screen candidates. Moreover, let your network know that you are searching for a job! You’ll find that asking for help will get you lots of introductions and recommendations.

Wesley Jacobs, Apollo Medical Travel

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