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Examples of Family Friendly Work Policies at Real Companies

For many job seekers, the most attractive positions are ones that promise an ideal work-life balance. Without balance, the work-related stress that employees experience impacts their physical and mental health.

Work-life balance programs in the office allow employees flexibility to tackle both work and personal responsibilities.

For 78% of the workforce, a job’s work-life balance policy must consider their role as parents. According to The Washington Post, economic forces such as the cost of child care have resulted in working Americans avoiding more children or parenthood altogether.

Thankfully, employers can improve their workplace with family-friendly work programs.

Keep reading to learn more about family-friendly programs, their importance, and real-life examples of companies with family-friendly policies.

The Impact of Family-Friendly Work Policies

What Does Family-Friendly Mean?

The University of Kansas defines a family-friendly workplace or employer as the following:

A family-friendly workplace or employer is one whose policies make it possible for employees to more easily balance family and work, and to fulfill both their family and work obligations.

A prime example of a family-friendly program is an office daycare.

While on-site daycare is a growing workplace trend, there are only a handful of companies that offer daycare at work. One drawback of offering this benefit for smaller companies is the cost.

Common examples of policies that family-friendly companies of any size utilize include:

  • Telecommuting, or remote work, allows an employee to work off-site. Some employees can choose certain days they work remotely or choose a completely remote position.
  • Flexible time off, which can apply to sick time or PTO. This policy allows working parents to leave work for an afternoon or an entire day to care for their child.
  • Paid child care. For companies that can’t afford on-site child care, there are other ways they can invest in this type of support. Some child care policies include employee resources such as program referrals or reserved spots at child care facilities. Other companies may even pay for child care costs for their employees.

Why Family-Friendly Programs Matter

There are various short and long-term benefits that companies with family-friendly policies experience. Studies show that companies in the U.S. and the U.K. who switched certain policies, such as flexible schedules or job sharing policies, saw higher productivity in the workplace.

Along with an increase in productivity, companies also see a higher retention rate of quality employees. After all, working parents who feel comfortable in their job are less likely to look for a new one.

Another area that these policies impact a company is recruiting. Creating a family-friendly employer brand can help you widen your talent pool.

As of 2019, 91.3% of families with children had at least one working parent. So, the chances are that an employer is likely to encounter the working parent demographic when hiring.

To appeal to this demographic, employers must create an authentic family-friendly work environment through the right policies.

Determining the best policies for your company can seem challenging at first. How will I know if a certain policy is the best choice for my employees?

The best approach to creating and implementing successful policies is through careful consideration. Don’t be afraid to ask your employees for feedback on how you can better support them.

In addition to examining your own work culture, take a look at what your competitors are doing. By looking at real companies with family-friendly work policies, you can learn how your company can improve.

To guide you in creating a family-friendly workplace, consider the following examples of successful companies with family-friend work policies.

Companies With Family-Friendly Work Policies


The first on our list of companies with family-friendly work policies is USAA. As a financial services organization, USAA is dedicated to serving its members: the U.S. military’s men and women.

To ensure the company’s success, USAA has numerous employee support initiatives, including a rigorous parental leave policy.

While many companies provide the standard maternity leave for new mothers, many companies don’t offer the same benefit to fathers. In 2017, USAA decided to change that and began offering birth parents, non-birth parents, and adoptive parents 12 weeks of paid time off. This time off allows the working parents at USAA to spend quality time with their children without worrying about saving up enough vacation time.

USAA also provides a daycare service for employees that not only oversees but educates children. Its facilities specialize in the care of infants, toddlers, and preschool/kindergarten prep.


As one of the world’s largest domain registrar, GoDaddy is known for the special care it gives its customers. That same careful attention is also given to GoDaddy’s working parents through the company’s family-friendly policies.

All new parents at GoDaddy are offered 12 weeks paid parental leave while birthing mothers receive an additional six weeks recovery time. Employees at GoDaddy also benefit from off-site subsidized child care and paid sick leave for parents caring for a child.

Nursing mothers are provided with special benefits such as lactation rooms in their offices at GoDaddy. The company also uses Milk Stork, a program that mails milk home for nursing mothers who must travel.


Known for its innovative cloud-software, Salesforce has pushed the boundaries of its industry for over 20 years. The company has also changed what it means to be a great employer; in 2020, Fortune ranked Salesforce the sixth-best company to work for.

Salesforce is home to a respectful and open-minded company culture, where each employee is treated with care, which extends to the perks that Salesforce offers its employees.

Working parents at Salesforce benefit from telecommuting options, subsidized child care, and on-site medical care services. Additionally, the company offers employees up to 28 days for paid time off.

Edward Jones

family friendly work policies

Edward Jones was ranked by working parents as one of the top companies that support families in the workplace.

Leadership at Edward Jones is passionate about providing employees with rewarding and fair career opportunities and benefits.

The company is proud to support its employees with benefits such as flexible work schedules and its parental leave policy.

Edward Jones’ parental leave policy provides employees with 16 weeks of paid leave, which is available to new mothers, fathers, caregivers, and adoptive parents.

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