How to Work from Home Like a Boss: 7 Expert Tips [INFOGRAPHIC]

how to work from home successfully

Now more than ever, telecommuting is the new office workspace for remote workers!

Remote work has several benefits: zero commute time, flexible schedule, and increased productivity. In addition, studies suggest that employees that work remotely are more satisfied with their work-life balance—increasing employee retention.

All in all, telecommuting is a win-win for both the employee and employer!

However, for employees that have only ever worked in the office, this transition can be tricky.

Read our top tips on how to work from home successfully like a boss! Learn how to create the optimal workspace, organize your workday, eliminate distractions, and stay connected to coworkers.

7 Tips for Working from Home

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Create A Work Dedicated Workspace  

Set up your workday for success with an optimal workspace. While it may be tempting to lounge in your bed or set up camp in front of the television, you’ll be hard-pressed to get work done. Nevertheless, before you invest in an office treadmill desk, read our top tips on creating a dedicated workspace.

  • Work with what you have. You don’t need an at-home office to successfully work from home. Take advantage of the kitchen table, reading nook, or the guest room desktop to create the optimal workspace.
  • Prioritize comfort. Office ergonomics is a critical productivity factor. Ergonomics to keep in mind include computer screen height, chair position, and arm support.
  • Keep it organized. There’s nothing worse than a messy work station! Messy office space can cause preventable clutter and stress at home. Ultimately, this can wreck proper work-life balance. Set a comprehensive organization system to reduce clutter and improve overall productivity.

Dress For Work

While there may not be a dress code, it is in your best interest to dress for work when working from home. Studies show that the clothes that you wear vastly affect your mental and physical performance.

Research suggests that formal business attire increases abstract thinking and creativity. In addition, business attire evokes feelings of power. In other words, don’t ditch the tie too soon—it may inspire you to complete that overdue report!

Organize Your Workday

There are plenty of distractions at home that can deter productivity. In this case, it is important to set priorities for the day to abide by. Whether that is creating a list of task that you wish to complete or designating specific time blocks for activities, this step can help keep you on task.

In addition, a common remote work benefit is the ability to care for children. Working from home with a baby is just as easy as it sounds. This task takes a considerable amount of coordination; however, working from home with a baby can be done. Schedule your workday around naps, feeding times, and more to get the most out of your workday. Additionally, it may be advantageous to rely on family and friends to help care for the child.

Eliminate Your Distractions 

It may go without saying, but when addressing how to work from home successfully, this topic needs to be addressed.

Eliminate potential distractions at home! The work office is optimized for daily work activities; however, at home, it can be tempting to cross off a house chore on your to-do list. Resist the urge to perform house tasks or run midday tasks unless they are explicitly built into your work schedule.

Furthermore, inform family and friends of your work schedule. Set the expectation that you will be working—just as you would in the office—and shouldn’t be contacted without egregious reasons.

Leave the House

Get out of the house! Working from home can be lonely and isolating. However, a positive benefit of working from home is that you don’t actually have to work from home! Today, there is a plethora of creative coworking spaces and coffee shops for telecommuters that inspire creativity. Find your next workspace with these convenient remote work hotspots:

  • Coffee Shop
  • Library
  • Co-working Space
  • Book Store
  • Park
  • Local University
  • Museums
  • Hotel Lobby
  • Restaurant

Stay Connected with Coworkers

Of all tips for telecommuting, staying connected with coworkers is the most important. Working from home can be beneficial; however, it can leave an employee feeling disconnected.

Take into account these tips for communicating when organizing your next workday outside of the office. Schedule regular meetings with coworkers to stay up to date on current events and potential changes in projects and assignments. In addition, use instant messaging, email, and video and phone conferencing to stay in contact.

Decide a Definitive End Time

A difficult hurdle that remote workers must overcome is a practical work-life balance. When working from home, the professional and personal lives melt together seamlessly. In this case, when inspiration strikes, it may be tempting to work overtime from the comfort of your couch during your personal life.

Avoid this common mistake and set boundaries to distinguish your home and work life. This is easily done with a definitive end time! Set your schedule for the day and end on time. Furthermore, put away your work materials away out of site to decrease the likelihood of overtime work.

How to Work from Home Like a Boss 2


Overall, with the right tips for telecommuting, working from home can be an advantageous opportunity. There are a wealth of job hunting guides and interview guides to help you find the perfect socially conscious employer. Browse BestCompaniesAZ’s catalog of best places to work and resources to find a remote work employer!

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