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Our core philosophy on how to build a great company? Hire exceptional people that fit well with the culture!

Workplace Culture

We encourage honest communication, inclusion and engagement at every level of the organization.

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Spear provides transparency on everything that happens across the fast-growing company with regular Town Hall meetings, engagement and satisfaction surveys and weekly one-on-one meetings between employees and their direct managers. The company’s culture is focused on recognizing and rewarding team members who demonstrate their commitment to company values, with nominations announced during Town Hall meetings. Spear also hosts regular wellness activities and holiday celebrations, like competitive Halloween costume and ugly sweater contests, that bring employees together.

Who fits well at Spear?

People who are passionate 
Passion inspires others and makes everyone better.

People who are adaptable
What we’re trying to achieve is transformational. Things will change.

People who respect each other
Respect is the foundation for creating an enjoyable experience at work. No jerks allowed.

People who speak up
We hire really smart and thoughtful people so everyone’s voice is important to our success.

People who are high performers
Doing new and innovative things requires “A” players giving “A” performances.

People who will question anything that isn’t consistent with our guiding principles
Again, no jerks allowed.

People who take responsibility for a great culture
We believe that creating a great culture comes from each and every member of the team.

Diversity & Inclusion

Spear Education deeply values diversity and what it brings to our communities and our organization. Everyone is welcomed here, regardless of how you look, your physical abilities, where you come from, when you were born, what you believe in, how you identify, who you love, how you think, or whether or not you have served. We seek to create a culture where each person feels heard, supported, and engaged in a positive, empathetic way. We are allies in, and advocates for, our shared humanity.

Spear Collective

Here at Spear, we support diversity and inclusion with our Spear Collective:

  • Spear Cares  is our employee-led community outreach Collective that inspires, mobilizes, and connects Spear employees with charitable organizations that enhance the lives of others and make a positive difference in the world.
  • The Alliance for Cultural Diversity promotes racial diversity and inclusion within the organization, provides peer support, and makes a meaningful impact in our community and the business.
  • LGBTQ+ & Allies provides support, education, and community outreach opportunities for members of the LGBTQ+ community and their allies
  • Remote Employees Collective

LGBTQ+ Mission Statement

At Spear, the LGBTQ+ & Allies group promotes a positive, diverse, and inclusive work environment, and welcomes membership and contributions from all Spear employees. We provide opportunities and a safe space for Spear employees who are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and/or Queer for education, networking, and workplace collaboration. The group supports Spear’s business goals by driving awareness of the Spear brand within the LGBTQ+ community. We are allies in, and advocates for, our shared humanity.

Alliance for Cultural Diversity Mission Statement

At Spear, the Alliance for Cultural Diversity promotes a positive, diverse, and inclusive work environment, and welcomes membership and contributions from all Spear employees. We seek to leverage the diverse backgrounds and experiences of our employees to generate creativity and innovation, promote cultural awareness within the organization and to be Spear ambassadors in all communities. We are allies in, and advocates for, our shared humanity.

Employee Testimonials

“As a gay employee, I can’t say enough good things about working at Spear! I have brought my partner to company events and even introduced him to the CEO. I’m a member of two separate diversity affinity groups at the company and I really feel that Spear values diversity in its employees and encourages us to bring our whole selves to work.”

“The company truly cares about its employees. I have worked for many large and medium-sized companies. None of them compare to Spear when it comes to the culture here and what the company does to show they care and support their employees.”

“Spear understands that the caliber of their employees relates directly to their level of happiness. They cultivate excitement about the direction of the company and communicate the opportunities within their market to every employee in every department. Regardless of what type of employee you are, you feel like you are contributing to something great.”

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Leadership Excellence

We strive to transform all our employees into a team of talented, engaged individuals who balance care for the people with care for the business.

  • Internal promotions: 10% of our employee population was promoted in 2019.
  • Leadership Pathway: Customized training and coaching at every level of the organization through: Leadership Development Workshops, LinkedIn Learning; and 2 coaching sessions per month with Human Resources and Executive Leadership
  • Professional Development: Each and every employee has a development plan built into their weekly one to one to foster professional growth

Spear Education Career Benefits

The strength of our team comes from what each one of us has to offer. You’ll be welcomed and celebrated for the person you are. Our down to-earth culture values diverse perspectives, providing a place where careers can flourish in an agile, creative and collaborative workplace.

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