USAA’s Popular Diversity Business Group, ‘Elevate’ Soars High in Phoenix

Launched initially in 2015 in San Antonio, Texas, USAA’s home office, Elevate expanded to Phoenix in 2016.  Since then, Elevate’s enterprise membership has reached over 3,300 employees with over 400 members in the Phoenix campus. Elevate also has a presence in all other USAA offices.

‘Elevate’ Soars High in Phoenix

What makes a leader great? It’s all the little things that combine to form the larger picture. And USAA knows a thing or two about being great. Among the many accolades and honors it has been awarded for creating great workplaces this year, it received another recently that recognizes the outstanding work it does year round in Arizona. USAA was named as one of the Top Companies to Work for in Arizona, sponsored by, ranked No. 2 in the Large Employer category, and they were recognized for their “Exemplary Diversity Practices” out of the 100 winner companies.

In talking to USAA about its Diversity and Inclusion programs earlier in the year, we gained some insights into their culture and support of participation in Employee Resource Groups, which they’ve aptly named Diversity Business Groups. Having recently launched a new group, we found it insightful to learn more about how these groups engage employees and encourage participation.  

Launched just under two years ago, Elevate is a relatively new Diversity Business Group designed to create opportunities for education and awareness for gender diversity issues in the workplace. Elevate’s Phoenix Chapter has an active membership led by a board of 20 members, with meetings and events planned by a steering committee.

Monthly meetings provide networking opportunities as well as a safe place to discuss and navigate complex situations pertaining to gender diversity that arise during the regular course of business. Employees are able to converse freely with individuals from all departments and levels of USAA, exchange ideas with people of different backgrounds, while expanding their knowledge and skills through programs that help build leadership skills while delivering educational and inspirational information.

Serving as role models through community outreach is an important part of Elevate’s mission and extends its reach beyond the workplace. It also helps participants gain leadership skills and visibility by planning and leading activities. This summer Elevate hosted a Career Skills Workshop and Mentoring Event for Girl Scouts, held at the Phoenix Campus. Scouts were treated to office tours, discussions with managers, and shadowed executives to learn about the range of financial careers that USAA offers. They were introduced to opportunities in the Financial Services industry, and could see how USAA serves military members and their families by helping them attain their financial goals. They gained career tips and were taught how to create and manage budgets.

Membership in Elevate is open to all USAA employees. It’s surprising to some, but Elevate’s membership is comprised of both men and women, all of whom share an interest in creating workplaces rich in gender diversity and opportunities for women to embrace empowerment at all levels of the organization.

Latasha Causey, Director, Regional Operations, Regional Site Management and co-founder of Elevate explains, “Diversity and inclusion are essential components of our business strategy that help us remain competitive and improve our ability to serve our service members and their families.”

USAA seeks to attract, develop and retain a diverse pool of talented individuals, and offers a wide range of career opportunities. If you are interested in joining a vibrant, diverse workforce where all employees count and contribute, you can learn more here.  

100 Best Arizona Companies: The Best Places to Work in Healthcare

Healthcare created more jobs than any other sector last year, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Also, healthcare spending is expected to increase to encompass a fifth of the economy by 2025.

Since healthcare is such a growing field, ample opportunities exist for medical, technical and administrative professionals to build strong careers. A few standout organizations among the 100 Best Arizona Companies are going the extra mile to be the best places to work in healthcare. Some of them have been in Arizona for more than a century while others are on the cutting edge of what’s new. Check them out: Dignity Health in Arizona, Laser Spine Institute, Mayo Clinic, Orchard Medical Consulting, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Pinnacle Transplant Technologies, Sonora Quest Laboratories, Stryker’s Sustainability Solutions, TGen, Ventana Medical Systems.

The Best Places To Work In Healthcare

Dignity Health in Arizona

Best Places to Work in HealthcareAfter more than a century of experience, Dignity Health has learned that modern medicine is more effective when it’s delivered with compassion. “Hello humankindness starts with the proven idea that human connection leads to better health.” 

Humankindness is powerful medicine.

At Dignity Health, humankindness extends to every member of the team. Through a holistic approach, Dignity lets people know that they truly matter. The name Dignity Health was chosen because the value of dignity remains woven into the fabric of the culture. The mission, vision and values all stemmed from the recognition of the inherent dignity of each person. Dignity Health employees throughout the organization tell the story of how real the concept of humankindness is and how it creates their ideal sense of purpose in work.

A supportive, collegial environment combines with a commitment to facility infrastructure, the latest technology and effective communication. Most of all, employees discover the spirit, idealism and family-friendly environment that comes with a mission driven, not-for-profit healthcare organization.

Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Best Places to Work in HealthcarePhoenix Children’s Hospital is committed to their employees and the relentless pursuit of their mission to provide hope, healing, and the best healthcare for children and their families. Because of this, the Hospital has a very loyal staff. Phoenix Children’s has a notable amount of nurses, doctors and clinical/non-clinical staff who have worked with the Hospital since its beginning – more than 30 years ago. The Hospital continues to see growth in employment and notable improvement in its employee satisfaction survey, ranking at the 90th percentile this past year. Additionally, the Hospital has invested in its leaders with several skills-based development programs which have improved their leadership skills.

Phoenix Children’s implemented a new and exciting wellness program called Vitality. Whether employees would like to lose weight, become more active, improve their diet or simply maintain a healthy lifestyle, this personalized program rewards employees for making healthy choices. With Vitality, everyone has an opportunity to engage in healthy activities. They can also earn Vitality Points for each completed activity and raise their Vitality Status with an Apple Watch, Garmin or smartphone of the employee’s choice. During Hospital Week, the program offers a special event for employees each day, including Arizona Diamondbacks game tickets, peer recognition, a “Phoenix Children’s Pride” contest, a raffle and a “Celebrate You” outdoor picnic where senior leaders serve a picnic lunch to all employees.

Pinnacle Transplant Technologies

Best Places to Work in HealthcareFounded in 2010, Pinnacle Transplant Technologies (PTT) is a processing and distribution facility providing safe quality allograft tissue to medical professionals for transplant. As a company recognized for rapid growth, PTT provides opportunities for associates to grow at a similar fast pace.

According to CEO Russ Yelton, PTT’s success starts with its culture. The company culture promotes innovation, a uniquely enjoyable environment, and a commitment to advancing the company and industry. Mutual respect is key, for staff as well as donors and their families, since the company is entrusted with taking the greatest gift someone can give and use it to help others. “We have incredible reverence for our donors and their families,” he said. “We make it our mission to positively impact as many lives as we can with their wonderful gifts.”

Yelton adds that the company believes strongly in investing in its associates, and PTT gives associates the tools to be successful.

Rounding out the associate experience is frequent communication with the leadership team. Thus, everyone stays informed about company directions, including leaders seeking input so everyone’s voice is heard. Also important to note: exceptionally well-subsidized medical benefits, and a 401k match that vests immediately.

Stryker Sustainability Solutions

best places to work in healthcareStryker’s commitment to diversity and inclusion drives both company performance and the careers of employees. The constant requirement to innovate on behalf of diverse customers who face unique needs provides great opportunity for creative individuals. Employees have a chance to bring in alternative perspectives and ideas and see dynamic results.

At Stryker, people can develop careers based on their strengths and potential. That includes the possibility to move geographically, functionally, laterally and vertically – all while working toward a greater cause. Employees also remain empowered to create their ideal working environment. Each year, champions make positive changes and implement actions which create a “best places to work in healthcare” environment.

Transparency and communication are built in to the business. Since Stryker is an organization focused on understanding how each role impacts the greater story of the company, employees are engaged in each milestone so they know how they contributed to the final result. Fun perks make every day a little more exciting. For example, a social events committee plans Food Truck Fridays and other unique events. In addition, the committee plans annual fitness challenges and community service events. All of these qualities lend to Stryker’s positioning as one of the best places to work in healthcare.


Best Places to Work in HealthcareThe Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) biomedical research institute. TGen focuses on helping patients with neurological disorders, infectious diseases and many types of cancer. The institute remains on the cutting edge of translational research where investigators unravel the genetic components of common and complex diseases and move new laboratory discoveries as quickly as possible to help patients today.

TGen is populated with world-class researchers and support staff who are highly motivated to work toward improving humanity by solving the genetic-based causes of disease and medical conditions. A sense of urgency, and joy, permeate the halls of TGen toward this noble calling. The caliber of people at TGen starts with Dr. Jeffrey Trent, President and Research Director, a world-class geneticist and innovator who guides TGen with finesse and a highly cultivated sense of humor. Others gladly follow in his footsteps.

An award-winning wellness program, recognized by the Wellness Council of Arizona, results in healthier and happier employees who benefit through this program not only to improve their work, but also enhance their home lives. The lower insurance premiums are yet another perk. Few businesses can boast Halloween parties like TGen’s, which include valuable prizes for dress, performances and pumpkin carvings. TGen’s Culture Committee also sponsors events year-round that are ways to team-build, and are also fun.

Interviewers treat candidates to a great experience, too. Star Trek or Star Wars? There’s no right answer. The variety of questions, and number of groups, confronted by prospective employees keep them on their toes. It also provides insights for both the interviewee and their potential employers and workmates at TGen. Refreshingly, candidates always know where they stand in the process. That’s what makes them one of the best places to work in healthcare.

Congratulations to the Best Places to Work in Healthcare from the 100 Best Arizona Companies list for 2017. It’s a great time to work in this industry, whether you’re in direct patient care, research or supporting their efforts in other areas to help make these organizations successful!










Most Influential Women in Arizona: Denise Gredler, BestCompaniesAZ

BestCompaniesAZ Founder & CEO Named One of Most Influential Women in Arizona

Congratulations to our own Denise Gredler, CEO and founder of BestCompaniesAZ, for being honored as one of this year’s Most Influential Women by AZ Business Magazine. She joins a group of accomplished women in our state, profiled in AZ Business’s August issue, and also featured online throughout the coming weeks. We excerpted the following from Denise’s recent spotlight by Editor Michael Gossie.

Most Influential Women in Arizona: Denise Gredler, BestCompaniesAZ

Posted July 21, 2017 by Michael Gossie

“Gredler is a thought leader in employer branding, workplace culture and community improvement, best known for helping to create large-scale workplace awards programs, including Arizona’s Most Admired Companies and Top Companies to Work for in Arizona.

“Best decision: ‘After reaching a vice president role leading the first Arizona company to achieve Fortune’s 100 Best Companies status, I gave up the corporate life to start BestCompaniesAZ to better our community through designing employer award programs and connecting employers and job seekers. As I reflect on the past 15 years, it’s humbling to see the impact we’ve had on hundreds of employers, thousands of employees and countless members of our community who experience the benefits of a great place to work culture.’”

The Most Influential Women in Arizona will be honored at a reception from 5:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m. on August 23 at Chateau Luxe. For tickets or sponsorship information, click here or call (602) 277-6045.  

A few additional words from the BCAZ team –

Now celebrating its 15th anniversary, BestCompaniesAZ works with a roster of national clients on new ways to enhance their employer brand and continue to attract as well as retain talented employees.

Charitable giving and community partnerships rank exceptionally high on Denise’s list of priorities. As a result, BestCompaniesAZ’s annual Military Career Event has contributed to helping thousands of veterans and their family members find new careers in Arizona.  

Denise is a passionate supporter of The National Celiac Foundation and encourages team members to become involved with causes as well as organizations that are important to them. BestCompaniesAZ has launched a year-long initiative to recognize charities supported by our clients, in addition to making an effort to spread the word about organizations that are successfully helping others.

In the BestCompaniesAZ team’s own words:

“Denise’s tireless efforts have improved the lives and opportunities for countless employees, veterans, jobseekers and community partners. She has identified the most amazing organizations, our clients, with whom we are lucky enough to work each day. They constantly inspire us and also continually raise the bar in achieving workplace excellence. Denise has created an indelible footprint these past 15 years in shaping Arizona workplaces. Being recognized for her influence is an honor that couldn’t go to a more knowledgeable, deserving or compassionate person! Congratulations!!” – Lee, Jocelyn, Stephanie and Lindsay

6 Team Building Activities To Inspire Your Culture

Team building events provide a solid way to energize your team and inject some fun into any conference, event or meeting. If you’re looking to create memories and strengthen relationships between you and your awesome team members, then keep reading to gain ideas. Below, we have six fun, engaging team building activities to help your employees enjoy their time together and inspire your company culture.

Team Building Activities To Inspire Your Culture

Team Strategizing

We all know Phoenix is the Valley of the Sun, which means the weather can make it difficult to do a team obstacle course or play a team sport outdoors. Phoenix has some amazing indoor activities, however, that involve strategizing and problem-solving with others in order to really get your team in a bonded spirit.

Check out Escape the Room Arizona, in which you and your team will be given in an hour and various clues to figure out how to escape a certain room and scenario. If you want to take indoor strategizing to the next level, look into solving a crime with CI: The Crime Investigators | Phoenix, which specifically sets up forensic investigation in an entertaining group format, so you and your team must work together to navigate your way through a series of crime scenes. Both of these are phenomenal, exciting team building activities, and they’re sure to keep you on your toes.

Philanthropy or Charity

Giving back to others while simultaneously working with your team members? It’s a win-win. A philanthropic team building event proves extremely rewarding. These team building activities are a good way to give back to charity, the local community, and other worthwhile causes. Look into volunteering to walk dogs together at a pet shelter or the pound, or sorting toiletries and nonperishable food items at local food banks and shelters.

Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona allows Arizona’s best companies to build homes, communities, and hope. Volunteering elevates your company’s employer brand and strengthens your teams. Partnering with Habitat gives corporations an opportunity to give back to the local community. Employees also enjoy a volunteer project with satisfying, tangible results.

For a list of more specific charitable team events to check out in Phoenix, peruse this list. You and your team could spend an afternoon at Feed My Starving Children in Mesa or at St. Mary’s Food Bank, for instance, to facilitate a positive experience all around.

Get Ritzy

Why not have some Gatsby-esque fun with your team? It’s both fun and glamorous! For a fancier spin on the crime scene investigation, look into doing a Murder Mystery Dinner. Want to experience a live version of the game Clue with your team? These dinners are “interactive,” as each table works as a team to collect clues, question suspects and solve the mystery. All the while, actors keep everyone entertained. Look into Arizona-specific Murder Mystery Dinners here.

Get a Laugh

Laughing and joking with coworkers is a great way to inspire togetherness that translates into positivity in the workplace. Improv? More like TeamProv! Working together on improv comedy can force you to step out of your comfort zone, appreciate what others bring to the table, participate fully, and share a fair amount of laughs. Booking a TeamProv night for your team will help you all hone in on a number of valuable skills. It’ll promote focusing, trusting, proactively listening, supporting one another, making one another look good and being present. It’s truly one of the best (and silliest) ways to get your team bonding on.


Even if you’re not artistically gifted, getting your team together for some quality artwork can be fun and beneficial. Look into doing a traditional “wine and paint” night, where you’ll all be challenged to paint the same picture while enjoying a glass of wine. It’s a great way for your team to connect and enjoy themselves while fostering a healthy competitive spirit.

Gone Camping

Lastly, if you don’t want to spend money or worry about pre-registering for a specific event, revert to your summer camp days. You’ll enjoy some flexible team building activities you can do anywhere, with a few inexpensive materials. Design your own scavenger hunt, human knot, or any other number of games or challenges that are versatile and inexpensive. End the evening with a s’mores campfire! Learn more here.

We hope our ideas inspire you and your team to have some fun, make lasting memories, and focus on bonding and togetherness that will also translate to your office well. What other team building activities would you add?

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Best Companies For Business Majors

If you earned a degree in business, ranging anywhere from marketing to economics, then we may have some promising job opportunities for you to consider! Keep reading to learn about some of the Best Companies in Arizona who are hiring for positions with a diverse range of business majors in mind. Some of the best companies for business majors are currently accepting applications — so get your resume ready!

Best Companies For Business Majors

Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab, international bank and brokerage firm, has multiple offices in the greater Phoenix metro area. Schwab employs financial service professionals, for instance, willing to work with customer and client services, requiring simply a BA or BS (no certifications or licenses necessary). Or, you may be better equipped to take on the role of a financial consultant, willing to work in sales and business development, and just as with the previous position, the job description only requires a BA or BS. If you earned a degree in business, finance, economics, or even marketing, check out these listings to see if you and your degree prove fit for either position.


USAA is a unique financial services organization, specializing their work and outreach in the American military community. Frequently, USAA seeks roles ranging from a financial advisor to a business rules analyst. Peruse these listings for specific information about each position and the requirements. Both are centered around providing relevant financial assistance to clientele. Would you like to conduct research and analysis on existing business systems and applications? This may open a promising door for you! Many of their open positions require a bachelor’s degree, so check out these opportunities to see how you can put that business degree to work at USAA.


Vanguard is one of the world’s largest investment management companies, and luckily, they continuously seek employee positions that business majors would likely fill well. Vanguard’s financial advisor associate and human resources specialist positions, for instance, are both targeted toward business students. The roles require financial, management, people, as well as problem-solving skills; all skills you likely developed in business school through a combination of classes, internships and experiences. Browse these Vanguard listings to see if there’s a place for you as well as your business degree.

Direct Energy

Direct Energy is one of America’s largest energy and energy-related service providers. They frequently seek to fill roles such as a sales supervisor and a customer retention representative. These positions are great for business majors — because they’re not too specific in requiring financial or marketing knowledge, for instance. Through these roles, Direct Energy is looking for excellent communicators with people as well as persuasive skills. As a business major, these are your bread and butter! Check out the Direct Energy listings if you want to hone your business skills through a rewarding career.


As one of the best companies for business majors, GoDaddy routinely offers several positions that welcome business majors. GoDaddy is an Internet domain registrar and web hosting company, typically advertising for technical work. If you think you’d make a great management and leadership learning program manager, or a workforce management specialist, then it may be a great time to apply at GoDaddy. These kinds of positions are intended for employees who will thrive in corporate settings. Are you willing to work with people, and do you have passion for leadership and team-building? Jobs at GoDaddy prove very suitable fits for business majors, assuming you accumulated these skills during your time in school. Check out GoDaddy’s job openings to work in a great environment and also thrive in the presence of like-minded people.

Hopefully these listings help you and your business background search for a job! To learn more about the best companies for business majors, then visit BestCompaniesAZ on our social channels: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram!

Sales & Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

Congratulations on landing an interview while on the job hunt! To help you prepare, browse the sales & marketing interview questions below to get an idea of what your potential employer may ask, as well as learn how to answer any questions that are thrown your way.

Sales and marketing candidates can utilize these to rock the interview and land a great role. Good luck!

Sales & Marketing Interview Questions And Answers

What motivates you?

Even though good motivation is key in any career, your interviewers will want to know how passionate you are about selling a product or closing a deal. While answers will of course vary from person to person, you should convey enthusiasm for the sales/marketing career path and a desire for the product to succeed. Discuss your personal style within sales/marketing and comment on how this drives your work. Share an example of a time when you saw an opportunity and went the extra mile to sell or market something exceptionally.

How do you handle rejection?

To succeed in both sales and marketing, you have to be able to persevere in the face of rejection, whether you experience a rejected pitch or deal with a hostile client. By asking this, your interviewer wants you to demonstrate your strength, and a strong answer is one that’s honest. (Nobody likes rejection–you don’t have to sugarcoat.) But show that you are not easily knocked down and are willing to pull through for the company and clients. State that you don’t enjoy rejection, but you have learned not to take it personally, and that you work hard to learn from it to continuously improve your techniques.

Have you consistently met your goals?

The interviewer wants to know about your work history. Ideally, you want to demonstrate that you have experience both meeting and exceeding goals. Be prepared to talk about your most noteworthy successes. It behooves you to study and refresh yourself before your interview so you can put forth concrete statistics and numbers. Quantifying your success to the interviewer is not only appealing, but also shows them you are organized and serious.

What is your knowledge of our company? Why do you want to work here?

Regardless of the field, you should always research the company you’re interviewing at pre-interview. This question is fairly generic and one that several different fields keep handy for interviews. As it pertains to sales/marketing, your interviewer wants to see how well you understand their specific company’s approach to selling and marketing. Focus on aspects of the company’s sales record that stand out to you, or why you like their services or products and the ways in which they’re marketed. Additionally, you can add why your personal skillset, expertise, and history make you a good fit with the company’s strategies to sales/marketing.

Which is more important: strong visibility of a product or closing the deal?

This question hits both sides of the sales and marketing coin within a company. Regardless of which field you’re interviewing for, you know they go hand in hand. It’s important not to dismiss your sister field as less important. Try to convey that you understand and appreciate the balance, and want to also contribute in a positive way. If you’re in sales, emphasize the idea that you want to bring the marketer’s hard work to the forefront. If you’re in marketing, highlight the idea that you don’t want salespeople to struggle selling an inferior or poorly-marketed product.

Best of luck in your interview! Once you prep answers to these commonly asked sales & marketing interview questions, you should find yourself adequately prepared.

Looking for a sales/marketing role at an award-winning workplace? Check out the Best Companies in Arizona and their job openings.

Best Company Leaders in Arizona Who Inspire

In the words of iconic Austrian-born management consultant Peter Drucker, “Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results not attributes.”

The leadership procured by the C-Suites in each of these companies helps make them so successful — and keeps employees happy. Keep reading to find out how some of the best company leaders in Arizona embody positive leadership traits that translate into an overall “domino effect” of positive results.

Best Company Leaders In Arizona Who Inspire


best company leadersBlake Irving, Pepperdine MBA-educated CEO of GoDaddy, has clear and driven plans for the future of the tech company. Irving himself discusses his initial joining of GoDaddy. He says: “I believed that if GoDaddy made it incredibly easy for folks with ideas to take the next steps in turning those ideas into reality, we would be lowering the barriers to business formation and in some sense democratizing entrepreneurialism.”

Since then, he has hired a wealth of people, localized markets, and doubled the company’s revenue. Irving brought passion and vision to GoDaddy, and built a positive company culture through leading by example. Irving worked to remove any divide between senior leadership and the boots-on-the-ground who service customers, write code and keep the wheels turning.

“My philosophy for leading? Get out in front, set the pace and live the culture you want everyone else to live. I often say lead from the front — but do it in the mosh pit, not on the stage.”

On August 22, GoDaddy announced Blake Irving’s retirement from the role of CEO, effective December 31, 2017.  Scott Wagner, GoDaddy’s president and chief operating officer, will assume the CEO role upon Blake’s departure. Irving will continue to serve on GoDaddy’s Board of Directors through June 2018.


best company leadersHeadquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, Vixxo is a growing tech-enabled facilities and asset management company that works with the world’s most recognizable brands. CEO Jim Reavey merged two industry leaders – FM Facility Maintenance and First Service Networks – to create what Vixxo is today. His goal was to create a brand and culture from the bottom-up, with a unique approach to the marketplace.

Reavey has had great success growing Vixxo from $20 million in revenue in 2013 to over $700 million in 2016. He dedicates Vixxo’s impressive growth to a vision focused on leading the next generation of facilities management and the drive of their diverse and talented team.

Jim is extremely proud of the company’s growth as well as its accomplishments.

“Vixxo represents a new direction for the company, one founded on predictive and preventive maintenance and data-driven solutions.”

Spear Education

best company leaders

The combination of innovation, professionalism, growth and culture makes Spear Education a unique company that stands out as they help dentists and their teams in the pursuit of “great dentistry.” Spear Education strives to provide the finest continuing education experience and product offerings that directly address the clinical and business challenges that many dentists face today.

Their aim is to ensure clients have the best resources available as they develop their practices and also accelerate their educational and professional development. Best of all — they have excellent leadership in place to propel Spear Education toward these goals. CEO Kaleim Manji is eager to see dentists master the knowledge and techniques of advanced dentistry, plus patient-centric treatment plans. He also remains committed to helping others; he currently serves on the board of the Scottsdale chapter of Young Presidents Organization (YPO), as well as the Make-a-Wish Arizona board and the Open Wide Foundation. A company leader who gives back is one reason Mr. Manji is one of the best company leaders in Arizona.

Goodmans Interior Structures

best company leadersAdam Goodman, president of Goodmans Interior Structures, likes it family style. He’s the third generation to head the family business. Following in the footsteps of previous family members who led the company, Adam has assumed leadership roles to help Goodmans adapt to changing markets and anticipate opportunities for growth. Goodman remains active within the Phoenix community, too. He maintains leadership roles at multiple notable organizations in the Valley, such as the Jewish Community Association, Conscious Capitalism and the Phoenix Symphony.

Additionally, Goodmans Interior Structures has heeded several positive recognitions under Adam’s leadership. For instance, Goodmans won the overall Impact Business of the Year Award from the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce in 2012. In 2013, Goodmans also won the Better Business Bureau’s International Torch Award for Ethics.

If you want to learn more about the best companies in Arizona and their incredible CEOs to match, then check out this helpful and thorough list. What other best company leaders would you add to this list?

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The Best Workplaces For Working Parents

If you want to have a career and a family, you shouldn’t have to split your priorities between the two. If you’re working at one of the best workplaces for working parents in Arizona, there might be some pretty sweet benefits that you can take advantage of. Check out the list below to see how some of these workplaces provide parental benefits for their employees, and how these extras contribute to a balanced personal and professional life. 

You may have two full-time jobs: parenting and your career. That’s why it would be beneficial to work at one of the best workplaces for working parents. So, take a look.

Best Workplaces For Working Parents

Charles Schwab

The Charles Schwab corporation is a notable American brokerage and banking company with more than 3,400 employees in Phoenix. Schwab provides a great parental leave package for their employees, as their benefits guide states “…six weeks of paid leave to eligible primary caregivers and one week to eligible secondary caregivers after the birth or adoption of a child. This leave is available to eligible employees regardless of gender.” Additionally, after five years, eligible employees can apply for a 28-day paid sabbatical, which can be used for relaxing or pursuing personal or professional development.

Schwab also provides Mom Rooms set up throughout their office. And a unique opportunity for Schwab’s working parents includes their employee resource group Schwab Parents Network. The purpose of SPAN is to provide support for Schwab parents. This includes networking, information, resources, and referrals. Key goals of this group are to: improve work/life balance, build a community of parents at Schwab and build partnerships with other Employee Resource Groups. Including the Schwab Parents Network as an ERG demonstrates Schwab’s commitment to uniting and supporting parenting professionals.


Unique investment firm Vanguard specializes in a variety of services. These range from low-cost mutual funds to related services for financial professionals, institutional investors, and individual investors. Vanguard not only provides standard paid parental leave, but they offer this leave to their employees in a unique, personal, and flexible way, as their benefits guide says “..recognizing that flexibility is key to a successful transition to parenthood, parents can each take the time off in increments that enable them to be home when they determine it is most needed.” Vanguard was also recently named as one of the 50 Best Places to Work for New Dads by Fatherly.


GoDaddy powers the world’s largest cloud platform dedicated to small, independent ventures. As a global, publicly traded company, they also treat their new parents with care. They offer 12 weeks of paid parental leave for all new parents. They also provide birthing mothers a bit more recovery time with an additional 6 weeks paid time off.  In addition, they offer offsite subsidized child care, paid sick leave to care for children, and lactation rooms in their offices for nursing mothers. If the nursing mother needs to travel after she returns to work, they provide the services of Milk Stork, a program that packages and mails the milk home when mom is on the go! The way they treat their new parents and their state of the art facilities are just two ways GoDaddy sets themselves apart as one of the best companies to work for in Arizona.


USAA is a unique financial services organization, specializing in serving military men and women. They go above and beyond traditional benefits with their recently expanded 12 weeks fully paid paternity leave. They also provide an entire day care service for their employees who have children. USAA calls this facility a “childhood development center,” due to the fact that the center both oversees and educates children. Designed for young children not quite enrolled in secondary-schooling, USAA’s childhood development center specializes in accommodating infants, toddlers, preschool, and kindergarten prep. This benefit is just one example of what makes USAA one of the best companies for working parents.

Peruse the full list of the best companies to work at in Arizona in order to learn more about employees with kids, and the inclusion as well as care they experience.  

USAA Ranks High on 2017 List of Top Companies to Work for in Arizona; Receives 2017 Diversity Award

Phoenix, July 10, 2017 – USAA announced today that it has earned a high ranking on the “2017 Top Companies to Work for in Arizona” list, for the fourth consecutive year, claiming the No. 2 spot within the category of large-sized companies (over 1000 employees).  USAA was also honored as recipient of the prestigious 2017 Diversity Spotlight Award which recognizes the Arizona company that has done the most to create an inclusive culture.

Top Companies to Work for in Arizona“USAA seeks to attract, develop and retain diverse talent at all levels”, said Gay Meyer, assistant vice president of human resource operations at the Phoenix Campus of USAA. “To promote a diverse workforce, USAA collaborates with a variety of organizations, institutions and colleges to source talent; provides rich career development programs and internal mobility opportunities; offers flexible work options and exceptional benefits; and maintains Affirmative Action programs”.

Meyer points out that diversity is defined broadly as the collective strength of unique characteristics, experiences, skills, backgrounds, perspectives and cultures. “Inclusion is the standard of behavior necessary to foster an environment that unlocks the creativity and diversity of thought so that employees can be as successful as possible,” she said.

“USAA has a long-standing tradition of workplace excellence, and BestCompaniesAZ is proud to see them so highly honored among peers for their dedication to excellence,” says Denise Gredler, founder & CEO, BestCompaniesAZ, and consulting partner for the program.  “We are impressed to see Arizona employers continue to raise the bar high with many of these winning companies attaining, on average, an impressive employee engagement score of 92 percent favorable, which is more than double the national average,” Gredler adds.

The 100 “Top Companies” winners were selected by the independent research firm Best Companies Group, and results are based on an extensive evaluation of employer practices and receiving high marks in satisfaction from employees surveyed at each participating company.

USAA is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer and gives consideration for employment to qualified applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, pregnancy, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, veteran status, or any other legally protected characteristic.

About USAA
USAA provides insurance, banking, investments, retirement products and advice to more than 11 million members. They are known for their legendary commitment to their members, and are consistently recognized for outstanding service, financial strength and employee well-being.

For more information about USAA, or to learn more about membership, visit Learn more about USAA in Phoenix, AZ here.

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Is Phoenix A Good Place To Find A Job?

So, you’re considering a career move — researching other companies, polishing the resume, drafting cover letters, revising your LinkedIn profile. But where should you look? One booming job market rests in the heart of the southwest — Phoenix, Arizona. You may be thinking: is Phoenix a good place to find a job? Keep reading for a thorough rundown of what Phoenix has to offer in the way of careers.

So, Is Phoenix A Good Place To Find A Job?

Phoenix’s population rests at around 1,615,017 (as of 2016). Its population density is 2,797.8 people per square mile, and the median age of the city is 32.2 years, with only 10.9 of the population being over 62. Thus, as Baby Boomers enter retirement at an increased rate, more jobs open up for younger generations.

According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis of the U.S. Department of Commerce, in 2012 (the latest year for which data is available), Phoenix had a GDP of just over $201 billion, a 4.5% increase over the prior year. Phoenix’s GDP finally exceeded the high it had achieved in 2008, prior to the recession.

The top 10 industries were, in descending order:

  • real estate ($31B)
  • financial services ($21.3B)
  • manufacturing ($16.8B)
  • health care ($15.7B)
  • retail ($14.9B)
  • wholesale($12.9B)
  • professional services ($12.8B)
  • construction ($10.4B)
  • waste management ($9.1B)
  • tourism ($6.8B)

Government, if it had been a private industry, would have also been ranked third on the list, generating $18.9 billion. Manufacturing now ranks third among Phoenix’s industries, and includes the production of computers as well as other electronic equipment, missiles, aircraft parts, chemicals, and processed foods.

There are also four Fortune 500 companies in Phoenix:

-Avnet (electronics corporation)

-Freeport-McMoRan (mining company)

-Petsmart (retailer)

-Republic Services (waste hauler)

The Phoenix unemployment rate is 4.2%, which proves better than the national average of 4.7%. Still asking yourself, “Is Phoenix a good place to find a job?” Well, keep reading to discover some jobs in Phoenix at award-winning and veteran committed Arizona companies — and then perhaps apply for a truly winning career.

Companies With Promising Career Paths In Phoenix: By Industry




Direct Energy


Remarkable Health

Financial Services

Charles Schwab



Homeowners Financial Group



Hyatt Regency Phoenix

Goodmans Interior Structures

Endurance International Group

Quarles & Brady


Habitat for Humanity of Central Arizona

Better Business Bureau serving Greater Arizona

Make-A-Wish Arizona


Dignity Health

So, is Phoenix a good place to find a job? Yes — and some of the most lucrative, rewarding careers may be a few clicks away on the BestCompaniesAZ list of top companies to work for! If you’re unfulfilled in your current career, then take a look at what some of the Best Companies in Arizona offer!

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