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best remote companies to work for

With the increasingly advanced digital age and the pandemic-driven shift in the definition of productivity, operating outside of the typical office environment has become advantageous for workers in most positions.

Remote work ⁠— or telecommuting⁠ — allows for employees to swipe their time cards into work from wherever they please. In effect, they are able to create their own schedules while fulfilling personal needs. This allows for optimal work-life balance and increases employee satisfaction.

With so many benefits to telecommuting, more businesses are allowing their workers to clock in from wherever they please. In fact, over 90% of employees in the U.S. that jumped into telecommuting during the pandemic say they prefer to stay remote even after the health crisis wanes. Around 40% also said they would consider finding another job if their company won’t offer this option.

Simply put, remote-based jobs are not going anywhere soon, and it will do a company well to keep this active if they want to attract and retain talent. We are happy to highlight businesses that have addressed the unique challenges that come with working remotely to ensure employee work-life balance and well-being. Check out our list of the best remote companies to work for below.

Best Companies To Work For Remotely

The following best remote companies to work for have given their staff the opportunity to telecommute part-time or full-time:

Let’s feature some of these companies that offer remote jobs. 

These best companies for remote work are recognized for their continued efforts to create an inclusive environment for telecommuters. In addition, these efforts include support groups, special recognition initiatives, continuous learning, and many others! Read about these programs in some of the best remote companies to work for.

Axonbest remote companies to work for

Axon is headquartered in Arizona but is proud to be offering over 300 jobs across 49 locations all over the U.S. and the world. The company values diverse perspectives from its teams, customers, and communities and is committed to fostering a work environment that is inclusive and respectful of culture.

Its mission to Protect Life is well-reflected in its employees, who enjoy a wide range of wellness benefits and work flexibility regardless of location. Learning and development is also a huge deal at Axon. Both in-person and remote staff have access to tailored training and leadership development programs to help them succeed in their roles and grow in the company.

Freedom Financial

best remote companies to work for

FFN ranked No. 1 among extra-large employers on the Phoenix Business Journal’s annual list of Best Places to Work for 2021. This marks the 11th year in which the company has earned a spot on the list. Arizona Business Magazine named FFN one of Arizona’s Most Admired Companies for 2021. In California, the San Francisco Business Times included FFN in its lists of Top 100 Bay Area Corporate Philanthropists and Largest Fintech Companies in the Greater Bay Area. Built In San Francisco cited FFN as one of its top “Companies with the Best Benefits” in the Bay Area for 2021.

FFN hired over 1,000 new employees nationwide in 2021. In addition to its offices in San Mateo, California, and Tempe, Arizona, FFN expanded into the Dallas-Fort Worth market. The company continues to expand, looking to immediately hire more than 200 new employees for sales, engineering, data science, strategy and product development positions.


best remote companies to work for

GoDaddy understands that the success of the company lies in the success of its employees. This is why its company culture is focused on encouraging and celebrating the success of each partner, living by values such as Be Extraordinary, Own Outcomes, Join Forces, Work Fearlessly, and Live Passionately.

Under these principles, GoDaddy created an inclusive work environment for its team of in-house and remote workers. All employees receive the same access to health and wellness benefits, as well as access to an extensive network of resource groups for support.


best remote companies to work for

With the unique challenges that telecommuting brings, new solutions must be created to service remote workers. The financial services company Robinhood embraced the challenges entirely to establish a primarily remote workforce that leverages technology to create a supportive, inclusive, and flexible environment.

Remote workers not only get premium medical, dental, and vision insurance, they also receive a health and wellness stipend among other benefits that promote work-life balance. At the core of Robinhood’s mission to attract top talent are flexibility and trust, understanding that people work best where they are most comfortable and productive.

Rocket Media

best remote companies to work for

Rocket Media makes it to our list of the best companies for remote work because a huge chunk of its employees are working from all over the U.S. The company empowers its local and telecommuting staff by paying special attention to culture and work-life balance, placing a premium on taking care of oneself in order to be effective at work. Full-time staff get to enjoy health, vision, and dental benefits, as well as flexible schedules and vacation time.


best remote companies to work for

Inclusion, diversity, empowerment, and employee happiness sit at the core of Workiva. From day one, employees immediately receive benefits such as comprehensive insurance, stock grants, paid time off, up to 12 weeks of parental leave, health and wellness support, flexible work hours, and more.  The very latest in technology, along with flexible hours, enables employees to do their jobs the best they can, from wherever they work best.   Workiva has people working from all over the globe, which is why it belongs on our list of the best companies to work for remotely.

As technology continues to advance and business needs pivot, remote work will become even more commonplace for traditional employees. Stay up-to-date on creative coworking spaces, telecommuting cafes, and telecommuting tips and tricks with BestCompaniesAZ. In addition, learn more about the best companies for remote work and more!

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