Why Working in Financial Services Can Set You Up for Success in 2023

Why is working in finance the way to go in 2023? This article details the advantages of a career in finance and lists which companies are hiring.

Is pursuing a career in finance a good move in 2023? Absolutely. With the rise of technology and digital advancements, working in finance is highly sought after and offers job security, growth opportunities, and a bright future. Even with predictions of a recession happening in the next year, working in finance offers stability and immense potential for those working in the industry.

When answering why you should work in finance, it’s important to note that there are plenty of different paths one can take working in this industry. The job market is expansive, with a range of opportunities, such as working as an accountant, financial analyst, banker, or wealth manager. Working in finance can involve working with clients, investments, taxes, and many other tasks that require a financial expert.

The job market for finance is growing. In the next decade, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that business and finance occupations will grow by 7% from 2021 to 2031. This growth is projected to result in about 715,100 new jobs. The job market for finance is expected to remain stable despite recessions and economic downturns, making working in finance a smart choice.

Why Working in Finance is the Way To Go

In 2023, working in finance is a great way to jumpstart your career and secure job security. The salaries for working in finance are competitive and often high, with the median annual wage for this career group logging at $76,570 (as of May 2021). This is much higher than the $45,760 median annual wage for all occupations in the U.S.

Here are several reasons why you should consider entering or growing in the field of finance:

  • Job security: Jobs in finance are among the best when it comes to stability and security. Finance jobs remain stable even during downturns because they are required to keep businesses running. Working in this field can provide you with a predictable future.
  • Growth opportunities: Working in finance provides great room for growth and advancement. There are always opportunities for promotions and salary increases as you develop your skills and expertise.
  • Flexibility: Working in finance allows for working remotely or working with flexible hours, depending on the firm. This can provide you with more freedom when working and help to make it easier to balance your career, family, and other commitments.
  • Innovation: New technology and advancements in finance are creating more innovative approaches to working in this field. This can make working in finance even more interesting and rewarding.

If you’re looking for a career that is secure and offers growth potential, working in the field of finance is an excellent choice for 2023. It provides job security, competitive salaries, and numerous opportunities for development.

BestCompaniesAZ can help you get started with working in finance, as we have partnered with leading firms in the industry to provide top-notch career opportunities. Check out these companies’ active job openings at some of the best employers in Arizona to see if there’s an open role that’s the perfect fit for you.

Want To Work in Finance? Start With These Best Companies in AZ

Here are four of the best companies in Arizona in the field of finance:

Desert Financial Credit Union

Desert Financial is a full-service, member-owned credit union that offers financial services and products to members in Arizona. It employs people of all backgrounds to serve its members and communities. With a focus on outstanding customer service, Desert Financial works to provide members with the best possible services and products. It is the company’s goal to improve the local economy and create more jobs while still providing excellent financial services for its over 360,000 members.

Browse finance job openings at Desert Financial Credit Union.

Equity Methods

For the past decade, Equity Methods has been Arizona’s leading consulting firm when it comes to helping some of the world’s largest companies model, value, and account for equity compensation instruments and other complex securities. 

If you have a background in finance, economics, accounting, or another quantitative field, Equity Methods offers high-impact consulting careers with a diverse array of services that solve crucial issues within corporate accounting and human resources functions.

Browse finance job openings at Equity Methods.


Upgrade is a fintech unicorn working hard to create an affordable and responsible financial marketplace. Upgrade’s mission is to help customers move in the right direction with responsible financial products that put more money in the customers’ pockets. The company strives to give users power and control over their finances. Upgrade provides great opportunities for those who have experience in financial services, who specialize in areas such as engineering or product management, or have a passion for great customer service and operations. 

Upgrade has consecutively won the award for “Best Place to Work in the Bay Area” three times and captured the title of one of “Top Companies to Work for in Arizona” two times. Furthermore, they have received several other awards for Diversity, Women, Veterans, Culture, Compensation, Engineering, and Overall Outlook.

Browse job openings at Upgrade.

Voya Financial

Voya Financial is serving the needs of 14.3 million individual, workplace, and institutional clients, Voya is a leading health, wealth, and investment company that provides products, solutions, and technologies that help Americans become well-planned, well-invested, and well-protected. Certified as a “Great Place to Work” by the Great Place to Work® Institute, Voya is purpose-driven and is equally committed to conducting business in a way that is socially, environmentally, economically, and ethically responsible. 

Browse job openings at Voya Financial

These are just some of the best finance companies in Arizona to consider working for if you are looking to start a career in finance. With their excellent working environments and opportunities for growth, working for one of these finance companies in 2023 offers great job security and the potential to move up the career ladder.

BestCompaniesAZ can help you find the perfect fit for your career in finance. Check out our list of top employers, including those listed above, and you can be sure to find a career path that works best for you.


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