Remarkable Career Support: The Best Companies for Women in Finance

It’s a great time to be a woman in the financial services industry, as long as you choose your employer carefully. Why? Because women prove underrepresented in this industry. Women control a lot of the country’s wealth but not so many jobs in financial services. Thanks to top employers, that’s changing. The best companies for women in finance recognize that female employees provide the perspectives that will help their companies better serve their diverse clients, so they’re eager to recruit top quality women candidates.

These 10 Best Companies for Women in Finance, as part of our year-long look at the 100 Best Arizona Companies, are our recommendations for launching or growing a purposeful, exciting career, where you can truly make a difference: American Express, Charles Schwab, Edward Jones, Homeowners Financial Group, Longboard Asset Management, JP Morgan Chase, National Bank of Arizona, PayPal, USAA, and Vanguard. Get to know four of them below.

Best Companies For Women In Finance

Charles Schwab

best companies for women in financeAs a leader in financial services innovation, Charles Schwab is a premier employer for women with a mission to help others with their financial success. A culture of caring and inclusion supports women at a “big company with a small business feel.”

Schwab recognizes that as more women earn advanced degrees and higher salaries, it results in greater purchasing power and a different approach to their financial futures. Many women also find themselves as sole decision makers due to the passing of a spouse, often thrust unexpectedly into very unfamiliar situations with varying degrees of experience and knowledge. It’s why the company believes it’s critical that female employees get involved. This means greater opportunities for women to actively develop their careers and help reach out to those women who need assistance, support, and guidance. 

Supporting the female Schwabbies is Women’s Interactive Network at Schwab (WINS). WINS is an employee resource group dedicated to helping women employees advance their careers, demonstrate their leadership capabilities, and help other women become more financially literate.

WINS involves four primary goals or principles.

  • Recruiting more women into the financial services industry, starting with young students, by introducing them to Schwab’s mission, vision and culture
  • Empowering employees to take ownership of their career development. Through programs like Career Path Chats and Executive Chat, providing guidance and inspiration
  • Develop business opportunities to promote financial capability among women, including Financial Life Planning Month for Women
  • Building relationships to support women in the community, by partnering with nonprofits.

Schwab’s commitment to being one of the best companies for women in finance was recently recognized by Top Companies to Work for in Arizona, honoring Schwab for their Exemplary Women’s Initiatives.

Edward Jones

best companies for women in financeA commitment to match the makeup of their network of financial advisors to that of their clients is what drives Edward Jones’ dedication to hiring and empowering women. The firm is proud to help women succeed, and also offers the flexibility to create individual career paths.

New Financial Advisors are paired with an Early Success Coach, who spends one-on-one time helping build a foundation for success. Relationship building, maintaining balance, and client strategies are all areas for coaching.

On a continual basis, through WHOW (Women Helping Other Women) meetings, women learn business tactics and best practices from each other. WHOW meetings bring women from a region together to network as well as share business-building ideas. At these events, women learn from presentations and panel discussions with successful female Financial Advisors, home office associates and other business professionals. Women’s networking lunches connect female Financial Advisors from across the country who are at the same point in their careers. Coaching continues past early success, with veteran women financial advisors helping others learn more about how they built their practices.

Women represent 19% of our Edward Jones’ financial advisor base, relative to just 14% of financial advisors in the industry,” said Katherine Mauzy, Principal of Financial Advisor Talent Acquisition. “To increase that number, we are bridging the confidence gap by offering the right programs to build, encourage and provide unique networking opportunities both at Edward Jones and within the industry.”

JPMorgan Chase & Co

best companies for women in financeWith a long-term commitment to hiring, advancing, and supporting women within the company, JPMorgan Chase strives to give employees a work-life balance. 

Parental leave includes a generous 16 paid weeks for primary caregivers, and nonprimary caregivers are eligible for two weeks off. Adoptions are included. As the firm continues to focus on its parent population, a new program was developed to help employees who are returning from parental leave connect with employee “mentors” who can help them learn about the benefits and support available to working parents.

In addition, through the firm’s ReEntry program, individuals who have taken a voluntary career break for personal reasons, including to take care of family members, may apply when they wish to return to the workforce full time – even after a decade. The 14-week program offers a reintroduction to corporate life, allowing program fellows to update their skills and re-engage their careers.


best companies for women in financeVanguard’s unique culture drives the organization to be a great place to work for women, cultivating an environment of inclusion. Vanguard values and recognizes each individual for who they are as well as their unique contributions. This results in a highly engaged team of “crew members,” which is how the company refers to employees.

Both hiring and developing women are important at Vanguard. With a strong emphasis on learning throughout the company, as evidenced by becoming the top winner in Chief Learning Officer’s Learning Elite list for 2016, women gain needed skills to advance while expressing their own individual perspectives and abilities. Vanguard believes that these unique perspectives have the potential to strengthen decision making, ultimately advancing the best interests of clients.

One way Vanguard supports women is through the Women’s Initiative for Leadership Success (WILS). It’s a Crew Resource Group (CRG) that works to increase the representation of women in leadership positions company-wide by creating a culture that develops, supports, and also encourages women’s leadership abilities. WILS allows both female and male crew members to come together and focus on trust, respect, and fairness. CRGs help crew members across the organization form meaningful relationships through service, teamwork, and education. Thought-provoking learning experiences help women to connect to a robust professional network and a variety of ways to develop personally and professionally.

Cici Lew, HNW Client Manager, says Vanguard’s CRGs “create a network for when you’re exploring the next step in your career, to overviews, as well as advocacy. My leader was a strong advocate on my behalf when I recently applied for my current role.”

Are you a woman who wants to be in charge of your career as well as your finances?

Arizona’s Best Companies for Women in Finance can help you do both. So take a look at what they have to offer: American Express, Charles Schwab, Edward Jones, Homeowners Financial Group, Longboard Asset Management, JP Morgan Chase, National Bank of Arizona, PayPal, USAA, and Vanguard. You may just land at a top employer, making a difference and growing both professionally and personally!

100 winners and spotlight award recipients announced for the 2017’s ‘Top Companies to Work for in Arizona’ program

BestCompaniesAZ Clients Charles Schwab takes home the Women’s initiative spotlight award; USAA the Diversity initiative spotlight award

PHOENIX, AZ – July 10, 2017 – This year’s 5th annual Top Companies to Work for in Arizona award recipients were recognized at a ceremony recently held at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Resort, led by sponsors of the annual program — Republic Media, parent company to The Arizona Republic and; presenting sponsor Arizona Commerce Authority; consulting partner BestCompaniesAZ; and research partner Best Companies Group. The 100 honorees were recognized for their accomplishments in creating outstanding workplace cultures for their employees.

Top Companies to Work for in ArizonaThe 100 companies that made the list were selected based on an extensive evaluation of employer practices and high marks in satisfaction from employees surveyed at each participating company.  “Our goal with the ‘Top Companies’ program is to help develop Arizona as a leader in creating quality, successful employers, thus positively impacting our local economy and attracting the top talent all businesses need to succeed,” said Heather Kivatinos, recruitment sales manager at Republic Media.

“With this being the 5th anniversary of the “Top Companies” program, we are quite impressed to see these Arizona employers continue to hold the bar high for Arizona with an impressive employee engagement score of approximately 92 percent favorable, which is more than double the national average engagement score”, says Denise Gredler, founder & CEO, BestCompaniesAZ, and consulting partner for the program.

The top-ranking companies that took the No. 1 spot within their respective categories were:

  • S. Employees 25-99 – Equity Methods
  • S. Employees 100 to 999 – Fairmont Scottsdale Princess
  • S. Employees 1,000 or more – Protiviti

Spotlight winners honored this year were:

  • Diversity Initiatives – USAA
  • Women’s Initiatives – Charles Schwab
  • Spirit Award – Fairmont Scottsdale Princess

The full list of the 100 Top Companies is published on and

Registration is open now for the upcoming 2018 Top Companies to Work for in Arizona competition. Register now to receive important notifications and to get started early in preparing your company for next year.

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How To Become A Financial Advisor: Top Tips

Wondering how to become a financial advisor? Want to land an excellent job with one of the best companies to work for? Keep reading to find out some smart career steps you can take. Financial advisors provide advice relating to investment strategies, mutual funds, bonds, and stocks, and their knowledge is more necessary than ever as Baby Boomers approach retirement.

Becoming a financial advisor takes work, but it can prove extremely rewarding. You have several different options for starting out as a financial advisor. However, all of them involve time, effort, passion for the work as well as a commitment to the industry as a long-term career.

How To Become A Financial Advisor: Top Tips

Evaluate whether you’re cut out for it.

If you’re a numbers person and you enjoy the ins and outs of the finance field, this could be a great avenue for you to pursue career-wise. Many stages of a successful finance career, however, require long hours and an intense workload. Weigh the pros and cons against your own strengths and interests to decide whether this is the right path for you.

Get a bachelor’s degree.

The vast majority of financial advisors have college degrees. So, if you want a professional certification such as a CFP/CFA, having a four-year degree is required for licensing. Your major doesn’t necessarily matter as much as demonstrating your drive to stick with a program as well as meet deadlines. However, degrees in finance, accounting, economics, mathematics and computer science can look especially positive on a resume — so keep that in mind if you’re wondering how to become a financial advisor.

Get your foot in the door with internships and networking.

Seek out an internship that can help you learn the ropes within the business. Or, find an entry-level position at a bank or brokerage. Throughout this work experience, it’s crucial that you gather as much knowledge as you can about what the role entails as well as the various career paths financial advisors can follow.

One rewarding pathway to becoming a financial advisor is via an internship at Charles Schwab. Want to both broaden your experience and enjoy working for a truly stellar employer? Schwab is recognized as one of the 100 Best Arizona Companies and they offer opportunities for both experienced financial professionals as well as those new to the industry — making it an attractive workplace for interns.

Internships also offer opportunities for financial advisors to obtain real-world experience — and, above all, network with others in the field. You’ll gain instruction and insight from mentors working in finance. You’ll also potentially foster connections that will herald job opportunities and positive recommendations down the road.

Get trained and ultimately licensed.

Various certifications are available for aspiring financial advisors, typically after they have accumulated three years of work experience. Certification usually requires specialized training or coursework, an exam, and then continuing education. The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) recommends at least one of the following certifications:

  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
  • Personal Financial Specialist (PFS)
  • Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC)
  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

Some specialty areas require licensing. For example, financial advisors who wish to sell insurance must be licensed in their state as an accredited adviser in insurance. Advisors who focus on investments, on the other hand, must register with their state or with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a Registered Investment Advisor.

Find a great job!

If you’re wondering how to become a financial advisor, then you just might find your brightest future at one of the 100 Best Arizona Companies — including Charles Schwab, which is currently hiring for their Financial Service Professional positions.

Charles Schwab stays true to their culture of service, teamwork and seeing challenges “through clients’ eyes.”

At Schwab, it’s not all just about stocks and bonds — it’s about improving people’s lives. To be able to change people’s lives for the better is a powerful purpose that Schwab has embraced throughout the years. It has made them both influential and progressive.

Here’s what the Charles Schwab financial service professional role entails:

  • Complete a mix of instructor led classroom training and on-the-job learning (OJL)
  • Learn about the unique position Schwab has in the industry
  • Perform in a fast paced, inbound service center environment representing Schwab in every interaction
  • Practice active listening and open ended dialogue, to gain a thorough understanding of clients financial needs
  • Engage clients in discussions involving market conditions, trends and providing investment education
  • Care enough to ask the difficult questions knowing that just one question, the right question, can change a client’s future
  • Resolve client issues by leveraging technology and business experts within Schwab to identify efficient and effective methods to meet client goals
  • Recommend solutions to clients which align to their goals and also promote Schwab growth
  • Execute trades

Check out other financial routes you can take for your career at Vanguard, American Express, Discover Financial Services, Edward Jones, MassMutual Arizona and J.P. Morgan Chase by browsing the BestCompaniesAZ jobs portal.

Providing Purpose & Inspiration: The Best Companies for Millennials

What exactly makes an employer one of the best companies for millennials to land their career?

While everyone wants to work in a great company, millennials have their own take on the concept. Our BestCompaniesAZ team noticed these common patterns in the companies millennials covet most.

  • Millennials want to work for a purpose that inspires them. A paycheck is not enough, nor is creating value for shareholders. Changing the world for the better is not too much to ask for this group, and they want their employers to help them make it happen.
  • Millennials want their companies to make a difference in their communities. Social responsibility is not optional or incidental; it helps drive career decisions.
  • Millennials want learning and development to be baked into their careers. Training is no longer icing, it’s part of the main course.

BestCompaniesAZ identified the following 100 Best Arizona Companies that have special millennial appeal: Camden Property Trust, Direct Energy, Ryan, GoDaddy, Hyatt Regency Phoenix, Infusionsoft, Progrexion, Quicken Loans, USAA and Workiva. Get to know four of them below.

Best Companies For Millennials

Camden Property Trust

best companies for millennialsOne Phoenix-area employee states, “This is not my company. This is my family.” By hiring friendly, service-oriented people who take pride in their work, Camden has created an environment that seems more like a group of friends than a corporation.

The perks are amazing. A $20 per night vacation rental program, a 20% rent discount for those living in Camden communities, and a 100% 401(k) match all appeal to millennials.

The educational opportunities at Camden make the company exceptionally millennial-friendly. An educational assistance program provides $4500 per year in tuition. In addition, Camden partners with Dale Carnegie to offer in-depth management training for all managerial employees and those looking to progress into a management position. These courses include the skills so critical to leadership success, such as building trust, credibility and respect within a team, enhancing communication and coaching employees.


best companies for millennialsWith a commitment to trust and transparency, employees work together so that all have a voice. GoDaddy’s Auguste Goldman stated, “we know when our workforce has ownership, we collectively shape our culture and create uncommon outcomes for both our employees and our customers.”  

GoDaddy’s Exceptional Teams program is a great example of how voices are heard and amplified. In the Exceptional Teams workshop, a group of internal employees facilitates a discussion with teams on “what can we do together that we couldn’t achieve on our own?” This workshop combines expert advice, tools, techniques and team commitments to improve collaboration and relationships.

A dedication to diversity and inclusion, cool workspaces, and strong community involvement round out the appeal GoDaddy has for millennials. The epic annual party? Delicious icing!


best companies for millennialsThe combination of a respectful supervisor and top-notch training opportunities is a strong formula for career growth. A whopping 96% of Progrexion’s millennial employees feel respected by their supervisors, and a large percentage are also extremely happy with the training and development opportunities they receive. So, with a diverse mix of people enjoying these advantages, Progrexion is attracting many millennials.

Progrexion’s mission involves improving customers’ lives through credit repair, a purpose employees find relatable as well as inspiring. In addition to good management, training, and a higher purpose, Progrexion offers many opportunities for employees to be involved and enhance the community, such as their work with St. Mary’s Food Bank.


best companies for millennialsWith a majority of its workforce falling into the millennial age range, Workiva creates an extra level of care for employees by encouraging them to freely share ideas and opinions. This leads to innovation, greater job satisfaction and also higher employee retention. Workiva, a leading provider of solutions for enterprise productivity, created Wdesk. It’s a collaborative work management platform that brings the consumer experience to the workplace. Employees always have access to the latest technology to do their jobs well, from wherever they work best.

“At Workiva, we offer Millennials the same technology features at work that they use at home: speed, access, and sharing,” said Matt Rizai, Workiva Chairman and CEO. 

Workiva has also established a results-driven culture that empowers employees to take ownership of their work by using the Human Asset Management philosophy to guide employee management rather than traditional HR.  This approach ensures that action and programs are not driven from the top, but rather from employees. The Human Asset Management approach encourages employees to voice their opinions and suggestions. Company initiatives and policy changes come directly from the employees. These initiatives created a Diversity and Inclusion committee, parental leave, and numerous company-wide sustainability initiatives. Every millennial and entrepreneurial-minded employee can appreciate this true luxury.

So, what do you want from your employer? If you’re unfulfilled in your current career, take a look at what some of the Best Companies in Arizona offer!

Do You Have To Stay At A Job For A Year?

The “honeymoon phase” can happen in a job, too. Burnout can occur within a year, but many in the workforce would say the right job should keep you there longer. However, people can improve their skills by either diversifying their professional experience — some might deem it “job hopping” — or by learning the ins and outs of one company over the years. do you have to stay at a job for a year

When an interviewer asks why you didn’t stay for long at a company, it’s important to have a valid reason — and one that positions you as a productive, driven member of the workforce.

So, do you have to stay at a job for a year? Let’s consider some different perspectives.

Do You Have To Stay At A Job For A Year?

Generational Perspectives:

Many millennials believe you should never stay at a job more than four years due to rapid technological and career advancements, evolving skill sets, and overall perception. Internships and full-time jobs are sometimes seen as a professional experience to help you get to the next step. Meanwhile, many Baby Boomers and Gen Xers firmly believe in company loyalty and working your way up to the top over a span of many years.

For this reason, many see millennials quitting their jobs as younger generations simply expecting too much too soon and constantly wanting the rewards that other generations worked so hard to attain over the years. However, many millennials swear by working “smarter, not harder” and wish to live their lives satisfied every step of the way. That might entail switching jobs when it’s not rewarding anymore.

Hiring Manager’s Perspectives:

When asking yourself, “Do I have to stay at this job a year?” there is the uncertainty of what hiring managers will think when they see your resume. If they see you’ve held six jobs lasting under 12 months each — does this make you a “job hopper”? Or, what if you have one job on your resume that lasted 10+ years? Does this make you a “job hog”? Perhaps it all depends.

The data tells all. Depending on age and occupation, the total average number of years that wage and salary workers stay with their current employer is currently 4.6 years, according to an Economic News Release from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. For workers aged 25 to 34, the average is 3.2 years. For workers aged 65+, the average is 10.3 years. Workers in management stayed on average 5.5 years while workers in service occupation stayed for only 3.2 years.

Staying at a company for less than a year can make an impression to hiring managers that you don’t plan to grow in your position. Hiring managers may believe you are constantly looking for a better position somewhere else and are not passionate about the position you are interviewing for.

Alternatively, staying too long at one job can also hinder your employment prospects. Remaining at one company for more than 14 years and having no other experience can give the impression that you aren’t interested in growing your career and that you lack diverse professional experience. It can also lead employers to think that you might not have the flexibility for success in a fresh role.

So, When Is It OK To Leave?

Many people stick with a job and a company simply because it pays the bills. The mere thought of having to go through more interviews and research other job positions can be stressful. Others see searching for a different role to be almost second-nature — and after some thorough networking, a few resume edits and drafting some cover letters, they already have an interview set up.

So, do you have to stay at a job for a year? As a general rule of thumb, it’s important to formulate a logical reason why you’d leave before your year mark. Future interviewers will surely ask you this. Unless you can articulate a clearly defined purpose for seeking a fresh role, perhaps you should consider pausing the job search until your 12 months are up.

Think of why you are staying, and why you are leaving. Weigh the pros and cons — how would either staying or leaving make you better at what you do? How will it advance you in your career growth? Whether it’s staying at a company for one year or 10+, if you focus on the drive to be more well-rounded and find an enjoyable career, you’re heading in the right direction.

So, do you have other thoughts on the question, “Do you have to stay at a job for a year?” Let us know — and be sure to follow BestCompaniesAZ on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram!

5 Telltale Signs You Are At The Wrong Job

Dreading the morning commute each day — and not because of the traffic on the road? It may be time to polish your resume and jumpstart the job search. Take a look at some classic signs you are at the wrong job.

5 Telltale Signs You Are At The Wrong Job

You complain more than you deliver glowing accounts about your workday to friends and family.

If you find yourself recounting more negative stories than positive about work, it may be one of the top signs you are at the wrong job. Whether you increasingly dislike the office, your coworkers, the pay or the work itself, it may behoove you to start looking for something else. When you’re in the right role, your conversations tend to shift toward each day’s highlights, funny things that happened, professional lessons learned, and so forth.

You feel bored every day at work, and you conclude that your skills aren’t being put to good use.

If the feeling of boredom begins to set in, and you start to wonder if there’s something more fulfilling you could be doing with your work life, start applying for a new job. The opposite of apathy at work could entail extreme stress — which is also one of the telltale signs you are at the wrong job. If you begin to feel like you’re wasting your time and you utterly dread the work, start searching for other avenues to put your talents to better use.

The job takes a toll on your sleep patterns and even your physical health.

You might feel more of an urge to have a drink or two after work. Or, perhaps you don’t sleep well from the stress of the work itself or of knowing you need to look for a new role. You might even display signs of anxiety or depression. Is your job taking a mental and physical toll? If so, it’s time for a fresh start to your career.

Your working environment is toxic.

Does your boss criticize everything you do? Micromanage you? Do your coworkers suck the life out of you? Culture is a huge contributor to either job satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Whether your coworkers are gossipy, passive-aggressive, or personalities simply clash in the office, it’s never healthy to stay in that kind of situation. Facing the stress of it all isn’t worth it — and your career will thank you later for finding a new position!

The outcomes you are working toward feel meaningless or even negative to you.

You might have at first appreciated and advocated for the company and what it stands for. But these days, it’s a tough slog to get through projects. On top of boredom, you might feel the end goal is meaningless, and that you’re just a cog in the machine. Do you feel truly valued at work, and do you place value on the actual work you do each day? One of the surest signs you are at the wrong job is if you can wholeheartedly relate to Dolly Parton’s “9 To 5” lyrics:

Workin’ 9 to 5,

What a way to make a livin’

Barely gettin’ by

It’s all takin’ and no givin’

They just use your mind

And they never give you credit

It’s enough to drive you crazy if you let it

Don’t let your job drive you crazy — find a better one! If you’re still on the fence about addressing these signs you are at the wrong job, try making a list of pros and cons about your current role. What do you enjoy? What do you hate? Do the good things outweigh and outnumber the bad?

Has this post made you realize it’s time for a career change? A great place to start your search is with companies who have received awards for being a great place to work – their employees feel valued, love the work they do and the place they work! So, check out these Best Employers in Arizona. You may just find the career of your dreams!

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signs you are at the wrong job

Introducing The Best of Future: Companies To Watch In The Years Ahead

Arizona is in the midst of an exciting business transformation. With a strong workforce and cost-effective infrastructure, Arizona is attracting droves of new companies, from tech to manufacturing, from startups to established brands. As the relatively new names emerge into the Arizona business scene, they both compete and support each other in attracting great talent. These companies to watch know the value of an authentic employer brand as well as a genuinely positive culture. We’re also eager to see how these companies shape how we view great workplaces in the future.  

Here are our picks for the Best of the Future, companies we want to watch in the years ahead – because we’re confident that as they grow, they’ll have a strong impact on the state of Arizona.

Five companies are featured in this article. We’ll all see more from the rest of them over the coming months and years.

Best Of Future: Companies To Watch

Direct Energy

companies to watchWhile many of our “Future” winners include startups or small, fast-growth companies, Direct Energy encompasses one of North America’s largest energy and energy-related service providers. Four common elements of a great company are evident there: strong culture, diversity, a wellness focus, and community involvement.

An open office environment encourages collaboration. There are no individual offices, not even for the President. It’s no surprise that communication is highly valued, and information is shared across a variety of channels. That includes a best-in-class intranet and an employee-only app, Powerchat.

Endurance International Group

companies to watchWith a simple mission to bring together technology, people, products and data to empower small business, Endurance International Group survived the dotcom bust to grow to more than 4,000 employees worldwide, including a rapidly growing location in Tempe.

The company recognizes how crucial employees’ career success is for company success. Employees remain empowered to help shape the company, resulting in upper mobility. Career paths take shape as new hiring favors internal promotions. Employees appreciate the high energy and culture of empowerment that epitomizes the Endurance Tempe office; the generous benefits and perks provide the added cherry on top.


Galvanize bills itself as the learning community for technology. But the company is every bit as disruptive as the industry it serves. A 21st-century school for engineers, entrepreneurs and data scientists, Galvanize provides a fresh approach for those building a tech career. The energy, intellect and ambition of Galvanize students, members and alumni are at the heart of a learning community that promotes belonging, and that also celebrates courage and growth.

Those who choose to work in this courageous new concept will help countless students and entrepreneurs network, learn, and level-up. One of the company values? Be a pineapple. That is, “valuing the power of hospitality by standing tall, being sweet on the outside, and wearing a crown over just getting your job done.”

Remarkable Health

A passion for removing obstacles in order to make the world a better place powers this fast-growing technology company. Furthermore, Remarkable Health remains committed to making administrative work easier for behavioral health professionals to better focus on helping others. CEO Peter Flick also believes in the value of a strong culture, so employees become the best versions of themselves.

As a result, an open and transparent environment has allowed the company to grow without silos, encouraging employees to go beyond current expertise. Careers develop fast at Remarkable, which is a refreshingly female-friendly tech organization. Women prove well-represented across the company, including in leadership.

Spear Education

companies to watchThe Spear team is driven by their collective desire to provide the finest continuing education experience and product offerings that directly address the clinical and business challenges that many dentists face today. 

Spear Education believes that every member of the team is essential to success – for both the client and the company. They want people passionate about customer success, and who align with their core values of being: service-oriented, trustworthy, responsible, innovative, vested, and empowering. They’ve got a unique workplace. Professional, enriching, and challenging, with great leadership and great people, Spear team members work hard and love to have fun. Spear actively participates in company-wide quarterly initiatives including community outreach, wellness and team member appreciation events. 

The future of the Arizona job market is bright with great organizations like these. From companies disrupting the mattress industry, to a creative digital marketing agency, from a biotech company who works to humanely control animal pest populations, to a transportation logistics company, the Best of Future companies to watch are a diverse group and so we congratulate all of them: DoubleDutch, GlobalTranz, Longboard Asset Management, Markitors, NextNet Partners, Pinnacle Transplant Technologies, QuickSpark Financial, Revature, SenesTech and Tuft & Needle

Be in the know with the 100 Best Arizona Companies through our bi-monthly eNews featuring insights into what makes these companies so great. Sign up today!

So, what other companies to watch in the future would you add to the list? Let us know!

6 Free Career Aptitude Tests To Propel Your Work Life

Curious as to how to improve your chances of landing your dream career? Want to really know what fulfills you in the way of work? Here are 6 free career aptitude tests to boost your job search!

6 Free Career Aptitude Tests To Propel Your Work Life’s Career Values Assessment helps you learn your needs and motivations in the workplace, as well as reveal what is truly important to you in a career. The test asks you to rank different characteristics of work that each represent six particular work values. You’ll receive a score for each of the six work values, which will showcase values most important to you. The test is 20 questions long, and takes approximately 12 minutes to complete. Additionally, you will have 739 occupations rank-ordered according to how you scored. This way, you’ll be able to see if your current occupation is well-suited for your values.

My Next Move

Although My Next Move is primarily a tool for veterans finding careers post-military, their O*NET Interest Profiler can be utilized by anyone regardless of what stage their career is in. The O*NET Interest Profiler is comprised of 60 questions about work activities. You rank each scenario on a scale from Strongly Dislike to Strongly Like. Then, at the end, you receive information about your interests and what kinds of careers you may want to pursue. If you’re a veteran seeking a rewarding career, check out careers at USAA, or any of the Veteran Committed Employers in Arizona. They offer extensive support as well as benefits for military employees and their families.


123test has a free career test to help you find out which careers as well as occupations prove best suited for your personality. The test takes about five to ten minutes to complete. You’ll receive sets of four work scenarios through visual aids. Then, you choose which ones appeal to you and which ones do not. At the end of the test, 123test will provide you with a list of occupations that suit your personality.

PI Behavioral Assessment

You can request a free demo through the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment. It claims to be backed by science created to meet the standards of the American Psychological Association (APA), Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychologists (SIOP), and the International Test Commission (ITC). The PI Behavioral Assessment has been researched in over 500 studies, and the score is related to valid workplace results, such as employee turnover, sales, etc.


16Personalities offers a personality test based off of the Myers-Briggs assessment and Jungian theory. Like the Myers-Briggs test, 16Personalities will divide you into four-letter acronyms, that determine whether you have introversion or extroversion, intuition or sensing, thinking or feeling, and judging or perceiving. Additionally, 16Personalities — one of the top free career aptitude tests — divides you into one of four roles: analysts, diplomats, sentinels, and explorers. In their assessment, 16Personalities infers your workplace habits, and what careers might prove suited to your personality type.

Sokanu Career Test

The Sokanu Career Test also helps determine a career perfect for you. The assessment takes approximately 20 minutes to complete, and its results match you against over 100 traits and offers suggestions of over 800 professions. Sokanu collects data from multiple sources, and builds a psychometric model based off of how you answer their test. To see how you fit with a possible career, Sokanu has 4 Dimensions of Fit: interests, personality, workplace, and history & goals. It combines the career model with who you are to find a common career match. That’s what makes it one of the best free career aptitude tests out there.

Using some (or all) of these six free career aptitude tests, you can then propel your work life forward and find a fulfilling, “perfect” career match for your personality and lifestyle.

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8 Creative Out Of Office Email Examples

Out of office emails inspire more dread than people often like to admit. But did you know there’s a way to offset the monotonous beige of it all? Here are 8 creative out of office email examples to spice up your work life!

Out Of Office Email Examples To Set Up Now

1. Photo of Your Destination

What better way to show where you are than with a fun photo? Add a quick snapshot of wherever you are in the world (if you happen to be lucky enough to be on vacation). People respond to photographs, and after all — a picture is worth a thousand words!

2. Company Product Promotion

Why not utilize an out of office email as an opportunity for free company promotion? At the end of your email, tag a quick plug about your company product or service!



This is an automated email. Unfortunately, I will be out of the office until next Wednesday.

In the meantime, why not check out our service *insert service here*? That way you won’t miss me when I’m gone!

3. Market “Cool” Aspect of Company

Is there a cool and unique company reason to explain your absence in the office? Is your company volunteering together, or on a fun retreat? This is one of the best out of office email examples and it could prove a fantastic opportunity to showcase your company culture!



I won’t be in the office this week, because I’m on a company retreat in the wilderness!   Our company promotes inclusion and rest to avoid burnout!

4. Emphasize Emotional Story

Is there a touching aspect, or potentially heart-tugging reason to explain your absence? Are you going to be absent because of a family event, like a wedding or funeral? Emphasize the humanity behind your story–everyone loves being reminded we’re all human.

5. Insert Cute Animals

Everyone loves cute animals! Insert a GIF or a quick meme of a kitten or puppy to keep things interesting!

6. Compliment Your Co-Worker

Is someone at the helm while you’re away? When redirecting others to email your coworker, seize the opportunity to gloat about how great and valuable an employee they are!



I won’t be in the office this week, so in the meantime, please email my co-worker *insert coworker’s name here* at Co-worker is a wonderful employee and strong addition to our team. He/she is sure to be capable of handling whatever you need!

7. View It As Networking Potential

Similar to the ideas above, you can also use this to promote an upcoming conference or other networking event. Here is a skeleton example of what you could say.



I won’t be in the office this week, because I will be attending *insert conference name here*, courtesy of my company.

8. Nerd Out!

Have a quirky fun fact in your arsenal? Why not add a fun fact or piece of nerdy information for your creative out of office email?



I won’t be in the office this week, but you know what will be? Climate change. According to scientists at NASA, there is a greater than 95% probability the Earth is warming due to human activity.

Using one of these 8 creative out of office email examples, you can avoid the mundane, while also promoting your company’s service/product, employees, and culture. You can also network, and utilize out of office emails to build relationships.

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Best Company Offices To Work In

When it comes to your career, workspaces are important — as they can either be draining or motivating for employees. Furthermore, some of the best company offices listed below are also some of the 100 Best Arizona Companies for 2017. They’re more than their physical workplaces; they encompass great people, important work and a thriving culture.

Take a look at what makes these some of the best company offices to work in.

Best Company Offices


best company offices

Headquartered in Texas, USAA has a Phoenix campus that’s innovatively designed. Its palette of natural Arizona sandstone and copper panels contrast with clear glass, creating a unique building that blends with the surrounding Sonoran desert. The building offers a wellness hub with a fitness center, health clinic, physical and massage therapy and nursing mothers’ rooms, relax and energize zones, cafeteria and an onsite Child Development Center. Comprised of six low-rise, interconnected office buildings totaling 644,756 square feet, the structures are organized along an east-west spine to maximize natural sunlight. As one of the best company offices, USAA is enhanced with desert vegetation and native plant materials to maintain a natural desert landscape.

In 2011, USAA also installed a solar power system on the top level of their parking garage. That alone delivers approximately 9% of the Phoenix site’s total electrical needs. (That’s enough energy to power 75 homes.) The system also reduces the site’s core carbon footprint by about 11 percent. It also provides shaded parking for 250 vehicles.


best company officesThe GoDaddy Tempe office has plenty of desirable workplace amenities at every turn. That includes go-karts, an indoor slide and a basketball court. GoDaddy touts the notion of “living passionately” — “A healthy life fueled by fun and passion for a better world shows in our work. To truly take care of our more than 17 million customers, we begin by taking care of each other and ourselves. Finding meaning and personal fulfillment enables us to be at the top of our game. Our health and time away from the office are as important to us as rocking it at work.”

Hyatt Regency Phoenix

best company officesNeedless to say, a top hotel in Phoenix makes for a pretty plush workspace. The Hyatt Regency Phoenix offers excellent restaurants, luxurious rooms and unparalleled service. They also have an engaging workplace in which some employees have stayed for more than 40 years!  In a prime location, Hyatt Regency Phoenix is a sophisticated southwest urban hotel at the epicenter of Phoenix’s attractions and activities.


best company officesOne of the best company offices in Arizona is the Infusionsoft office in Chandler. It even features a miniature football field in the center of the office. It also has a cereal bar, a chalkboard “Dream Wall” (for employees and guests to scribble out their aspirations), a gym, inspirational quotes decorating the walls, and an overall open office environment.


Goodmans Interior Structures

best company officesCool companies always pay attention to their physical space. Goodmans Interior Structures is in the business of designing awesome workplaces. While industrial-inspired, open-plan interior designs are currently trendy, the latest design fads don’t always make sense for every company. The best company offices have designs not only shaped by culture — they also influence its character powerfully. Adam Goodman, CEO of Goodmans Interior Structures, advocates for a “Living Office” as a more natural and desirable workplace that fosters greater connection, creativity, and productivity. Says Goodman, “Organizations need to balance purpose with profits, and the needs of the individual with the needs of the group. When all of these factors are in harmony, you can achieve prosperity.”


best company officesYelp, located in Scottsdale, offers one of the best company offices to welcome employees each morning. For instance, a gong rings each time someone makes a sale, and company conference rooms are named after bands: Bon Jovi, Poison, Whitesnake and Duran Duran.

Around the office, TVs show a live feed of Yelp reviews coming in from all over the United States, Canada, France, Britain and Ireland. Yelp also has table tennis and a Foosball table in the break area. In addition to these cushy amenities, the office break room has wine and a Kegerator stocked with brews.

Make-A-Wish Arizona

best company officesThe Wish House, located in Phoenix, is where true magic happens with Make-A-Wish Arizona. Since 1980, they’ve granted wishes for children battling life-threatening illnesses — and their office speaks volumes of their incredible work. Photos of children they’ve helped also line the walls of the Wish House.


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