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Employee resource groups, also known as ERGs or affinity groups, are groups of employees who come together based on a shared characteristic or interest. They are often focused on promoting diversity and inclusion within a company. Having them can provide valuable insight into the employee experience and can help build a more inclusive workplace.

This article will discuss the value of ERGs and highlight some of the best companies with commendable programs.


The Importance of Employee Resource Groups

Employee resource groups are valuable for a number of reasons. First, they provide a space for people to connect with others who share various backgrounds or experiences. This can help to create a sense of community and support within the workplace, which can improve employee satisfaction and retention.

Second, they can help to promote diversity and inclusion. By providing a space for employees from underrepresented groups to share their experiences, these groups can help to raise awareness and understanding of the unique challenges and perspectives of these employees.

Third, they provide valuable insight into the employee experience. By collecting feedback from members of these groups, companies can better understand what their employees need to be successful. This can help shape company policies and procedures to create a more supportive work environment for all.

Finally, they can help to foster better communication and collaboration across the organization. By creating a safe space for employees from different backgrounds and experiences to interact, organizations can create an atmosphere of understanding and respect. Helping employees reach their full potential and gain the most out of their daily work.

By setting up an ERG, organizations can benefit from improved engagement, retention, productivity, and innovation.


Best Companies With ERGs

There are many companies that have implemented successful employee resource groups. Here are some notable examples:


Axon’s six global Affinity Groups are central to ensuring employees have a dialogue about JEDI — Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. Axon offers several ERGs, including Axon Allies (for LGBTQAI+ employees), Mosaic (for Black employees), APIA (for Asian and Pacific Islander employees), HOLA (for Hispanic Origin and Latin American employees) as well as groups for women and veterans. These ERGs create spaces for innovation and Joining Forces within the organization. Axon believes in the responsibility to create a more just and inclusive workplace and the world through its products, technology, and people. By offering ERGs for identifying members and allies, Axon is building diverse teams that reflect the communities they serve and ensuring all employees have equitable access to opportunities and success. 

Check out Axon’s current open positions and more about its amazing culture.



Business Employee Resource Groups (BERGs) are employee-led groups that work to create a more positive and inclusive work environment at Workiva as well as grow our business. By actively contributing to workplace diversity initiatives, BERGs play an essential role in making the organization an enriching place to work and grow. 

 BERGs create a supportive community for employees from diverse backgrounds, help amplify marginalized voices, and provide insights into business activities. These efforts help support Workiva’s growth and success, leading to the company being awarded Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2022.

Check out Workiva’s current open positions and more about its amazing culture.


Voya Financial

DEI is important to Voya because it is the richness of backgrounds, ideas, and perspectives that helps create an environment where innovation flourishes and our clients are better served.

Our differences make us stronger. Celebrating our differences is the foundation of a great place to work. Choosing to include is the next step in the creation of an environment where each person feels comfortable bringing their whole self to work and be authentic. Inclusion is diversity in action.

Check out Voya Financial’s current open positions and learn more about its amazing culture.


Desert Financial Credit Union

Desert Financial Credit Union values the well-being and development of its employees and recognizes the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. This is why Desert Financial has established three Employee Resource Groups (ERGs): the Mental Wellness Advocates ERG, the Professional Development ERG, and the Multicultural ERG. These ERGs provide a platform for employees to connect with others who share similar interests and experiences, and to advocate for their respective causes.

The Mental Wellness Advocates ERG promotes mental health awareness and provides resources and support for employees to maintain their well-being. The Professional Development ERG offers opportunities for employees to enhance their skills and advance their careers, while the Multicultural ERG celebrates and embraces the diversity of the company’s workforce and creates an inclusive environment for all employees. These ERGs play a crucial role in creating a positive workplace culture and in attracting and retaining top talent. By promoting employee engagement and development, these ERGs help the credit union to achieve its goals and continue to grow and succeed.

Check out Desert Financial Credit Union’s current open positions and more about its amazing culture.


The Overall Value of Employee Resource Groups

Are employee resource groups good for business? The short answer is yes. The best companies that support ERGs are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment, which can ultimately lead to increased innovation, productivity, and success. Work culture is an area that organizations and employees are paying greater attention to and demanding more investment. ERGs are one critical component to developing and maintaining a positive culture for every single employee.

By providing a platform for employees to connect, exchange ideas, and become positive change-makers in their organizations, ERGs can help to drive meaningful progress and make a real impact.

Check out BestCompaniesAZ’s Diversity Talks Podcast for more insights, and look here for more excellent and inclusive companies currently hiring. 

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