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The Best Companies For Diversity & Inclusion

Last updated March 2019.

“Diversity: The art of thinking independently together.” – Malcolm Forbes

Workplaces are increasingly innovating processes to figure out how to promote diversity in the workplace. From winning national awards for their inclusion of women and minorities to providing tailored resource groups, some companies hold diversity particularly near-and-dear to their mission and values.

Many of the 100 Best Arizona Companies have strong diversity and inclusion initiatives! Meet BestCompaniesAZ’s pick for the Best Companies for Diversity and Inclusion:

Let’s get to know them below!

The Best Companies For Diversity & Inclusion

Cox Communications

As one of the best companies for diversity and inclusion, Cox Communications was recognized by DiversityInc on their 2017 list for Cox’s “best practices” in welcoming different skill sets, backgrounds, and perspectives. Pat Esser, president of Cox Communications, serves as the chair of the National Diversity Council, a position he has held for about a decade. In 2016, Cox created a new 90-minute virtual learning experience, “Embracing a Culture of Inclusion,” and incorporated it into their training program geared toward middle manager and people leaders.

Cox also launched two new Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to serve employees: Black and African American and Cox Pride ERGs. These two new groups join their Women’s and Young Professionals ERGs. Furthermore, with more than 18,000 global employees, Cox’s mentoring programs also encompass cross-cultural mentor-mentee partnerships matching employees from different genders, races and ethnicities.

Hyatt Regency Phoenix

For the Hyatt Regency Phoenix, diversity and inclusion seem to be as second-nature as hospitality is to their leadership. Their Diversity Business Resource Groups (DBRGs) provide a variety of resources for colleagues who share a common cultural heritage, race, gender, age or interest. Their groups include: Asian Pacific Islanders, disABILITIES, HyPride, Black, Latinos, Veterans as well as Women. Hyatt also has a Supplier Diversity Program, enabling their appreciation for inclusion to come full-circle.

The Hyatt site states that:

“Hyatt builds and sustains a culture where everyone is embraced and valued for who they are so they can be their best. This enables Hyatt to provide authentic hospitality that cares for and also engages every guest and every colleague. We believe the more globally inclusive we are, in terms of culture, race, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, abilities, perspectives and styles of thinking, the stronger, more culturally invested and valued Hyatt will be globally as we continue to care for people to be their best.”

Hyatt Regency Phoenix also received a 100% score on the 2017 Corporate Equality Index, earning them an award for the Best Places To Work For LGBT Equality. In 2015, they were also recognized as one of the Best Workplaces For Women.


From advancing the careers of women at Medtronic to integrating diversity & inclusion processes into its HR scope and business development efforts, the company continually demonstrates their commitment to propelling healthcare forward in a conscious way.

Medtronic also works to incorporate valuable employee feedback. Their focus is on enabling their people to do great work by embracing their authentic selves. “At Medtronic, diversity, inclusion, and engagement aren’t just buzzwords — they’re instruments of innovation… It’s a fact — when people from different cultures, genders, walks of life, and points of view come together, the quality of work improves exponentially and companies succeed and grow.” Their practices earned them a DiversityInc Top 50 Companies For Diversity award.

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Synchrony Financial

A common theme with these Best Companies For Diversity and Inclusion? Employee Resource Groups. At Synchrony Financial, their Diversity Networks include an African American Network, Asian Professional Engagement Network, Hispanic Network, LGBT Partnership Network, People With Disabilities Network, Veterans Network and Women’s Network. Synchrony Financial believes that “inclusive thinking is the difference between a good idea and the best idea. Different perspectives allow us to see a problem from all angles and come up with the best solution. Diversity of thought, point of view and experiences drive creativity, innovation and make us stronger.”

The company, which is the largest provider of private-label credit cards in the United States, earned a place on Fortune’s 2016 50 Best Workplaces For Diversity as well as scored 100% on both the 2017 LGBT Corporate Equality Index and the Disability Equality Index.


USAA recognizes the strength that comes with a variety of perspectives and beliefs, and an environment that encourages respect and trust. Their focus on hiring veterans and military spouses is one of their many initiatives that they are known for.

Their website, in partial, states that diversity and inclusion is a necessary behavior to foster a creative and successful workplace. The finance company credits its diversity policy for its ability to attract and retain diverse talent is due to its community. Their overall goal is to create a more diverse workplace, that drives business goals, and fosters employee wellbeing


GoDaddy powers the world’s largest cloud platform, dedicated to small independent ventures. Since opening their office in Arizona, they have become one of our premier employers.

From Gina Nicoletti, a recruiter with GoDaddy, “To be a successful company today, a company should believe their soul is their people. Their people should represent their customers, who come from all backgrounds – different ethnicities, religions, genders, disabilities or selected preferences. A company does it right when it draws strengths from everyone’s differences, which leads to innovation, productivity and growth. Through this a company is seen as one which equality and fairness is truly a core value!”

Her colleague, Karesha Barnes, had similar sentiments, saying that a diverse workplace is vital and should reflect the company’s customer profile. After all, a diverse workplace cultivates perspectives and ideas that are more representative of customers.


Deloitte, an amazing example of a big company doing amazing things. Deloitte is one of the ‘Big Four’ accounting and consulting firms, and they strive for diversity and inclusion across their organization. They believe that their many different points of view, and cultural experiences are what make them a strong organization. Deloitte makes a concentrated effort across offices to be supportive of local initiatives and organizations, and was recently named one of Fortune Magazine’s Top 100 Places for women to work.

Employees have nothing but positive things to say about Deloitte. Highlights include a focus on the whole person, not just work skills and contributions, as well as a wide range of programs for employees. Their is a wide range of support given by the company as well, in the form of policies and benefits. To Deloitte, their employees are not just employees they are people.


CarMax is one of the leading and most trusted, used car dealers in the U.S. With over 200 locations across the country, they have effectively disrupted the way the auto industry does business. Their purpose is to drive integrity in the automotive industry by being honest and transparent in every interaction. CarMax believes that all of this is not possible without a diverse workforce, focused on inclusive policies. They recognize the value that diversity contributes and the competitive advantage they have to gain with a broad range of talents, perspectives, and ideas.

Quicken Loans

Quicken Loans is one of the leading mortgage providers in the game. They believe that simplicity makes things better for everyone, and they do mean everyone. Voted one of the Ten Best Places for African-American employees to work by Essence magazine, they are committed to their diversity and inclusion policies.

In part, the company believes that is a “more than a for-profit.” An example of this attitude is The Quicken Loan Community Fund. The philanthropic strategy largely focuses on making investments in housing stability, entrepreneurship, education, and more. In addition, its For-More-Than-Profit model, the fund brings together for-profit and non-profit investments to invest in social, racial, and financial equity.

Four Seasons

The Four Seasons is one of the most well known luxury hotel brands in the world. Being synonymous with luxury does not often mean diversity and inclusion are core parts of your brand. With the Four Seasons, that cannot be farther from the truth.

Their representatives have the following to say about their policies, “Our guests and employees come from every part of the world. Our languages, religious beliefs, cultures and traditions are varied and may not be familiar to each of us. Our goal is that each person will feel respected and welcomed, and will sense our wish to understand and value each other’s differences.”

The Four Seasons accomplishes this by providing stellar benefits, hiring locally when possible, and by putting inclusive initiatives first in their company.


SAP is the market leader in enterprise application software. Providing everything from CRM to HR and people engagement software. SAP states that diversity and inclusion enables then to build a business beyond bias, which has ultimately made them a better company.

As a global organization, SAP believes that empowering its employees from more than 150 nationalities is what allows its company to perform at its best. The greatest engagement and creativity come from an environment that encourages people to express who they are and their ideas.


Starbucks, a major figure in Arizona, and a great partner with one of our universities. As the preeminent coffee chain in the country, Starbucks has always strived to welcome everyone into their stores. Whether to buy a cup of coffee, or seek employment, they want their stores to be a great place for all people.

Starbucks states that: “At the heart of our business, we seek to inspire and nurture the human spirit – understanding that each person brings a distinct life experience to the table. Embracing diversity only enhances our work culture, it also drives our business success.”


The Mayo Clinic, one of the top hospital networks in the country. As an organization, they are on the front line of medical advancements and care. In order to provide the best care possible, Mayo Clinic believes that diversity and inclusion plays an integral role in providing that care. They have been committed to D&I for years, being recognized as a DiversityInc. Top Hospital and Health System since 2011.

Mayo Clinic asserts that its commitment to diversity is at the foundation of its values. To provide excellent and culturally relevant care for a wide variety of backgrounds, the organization must first create an inclusive work environment where differences are valued.

Congratulations to these amazing organizations blazing trails to create workplaces that are diverse and inclusive, where all employees can thrive!