7 Best Companies for Employee Culture

What are the best companies for employee culture in the U.S.? Here’s a list of five culture-driven companies by BestCompaniesAZ.

Companies recognized as having the best company culture are often those that invest in their employees and create an environment that is conducive to employee satisfaction and productivity. A good company culture is one that is collaborative, creative, and supportive, where employees feel valued and respected. Many companies prioritize culture, but only a few great companies go above and beyond to create an exceptional experience for their employees.

What Makes a Company Culture Great?

When employees are asked what makes a company culture exceptional, they often cite companies that invest in their professional development, offer flexible working arrangements, and strongly focus on social responsibility. 

We see these characteristics in companies like:

These best companies have been celebrated for the way they manage their staff. They have won awards for being great places to work and have been recognized by their employees as having a supportive and engaging culture.

Organizations that have been voted best for company culture are often those that have the following:

A focus on employee development

Companies that offer opportunities for employees to grow and develop are often those that have the best company culture. By investing in their employees, these companies are able to create a more engaged and productive workforce.

Flexible working arrangements

A key element of great company culture is flexibility. Employees who feel that they have a good work-life balance are more likely to be satisfied with their job and less likely to look for other opportunities.

A strong focus on social responsibility

Companies that are committed to making a difference in the world are often those that have the best company culture. Employees who feel like they are part of something larger than themselves are more likely to be engaged and motivated.

A culture of respect and inclusion

Employees who feel respected and valued by their employer are more likely to be satisfied with their job and less likely to look for other opportunities. Diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) are essential components of a great company culture.

A focus on employee well-being

Companies that invest in their employees’ physical, mental, and even spiritual health are often those that have the best company culture. Employees who feel like their employer cares about their overall happiness are more likely to be satisfied with their job and less likely to look for other opportunities.

The 7 Best Companies for Employee Culture

These seven companies are setting the standard for what it means to have a great company culture.


Axon, the global leader in connected public safety technologies, is a great example of having a positive company culture. Employees at Axon wake up each day knowing that their work is making an impact on the safety of those who protect us. The company hosts six affinity groups including Axon Allies and Veterans at Axon to promote diversity and inclusion. Axon also is committed to empowering employees to be themselves and share their talents for the good of others. 

The company offers a host of benefits that support employees’ well-being including discounted gym memberships across the world, stock compensation awards, a leadership development program, remote work flexibility, parental leave, and more. With robust benefits, Axon empowers their employees to care for their whole selves. This creates a happier and healthier workplace culture. 


Capital One 

This financial services company is a great example of how a large corporation can create a culture that puts employees first. By adopting a growth mindset, the firm encourages everyone to participate in a culture of feedback and collaboration, which is what helps it stay focused on goals for the business, its associates, its customers, and the community as a whole. 

Capital One is no stranger to the awards circuit for various reasons related to culture and employee happiness, racking up recognition from the likes of Fortune, Time, LinkedIn, Bloomberg, Forbes, and Glassdoor.


Desert Financial Credit Union 

Desert Financial Credit Union is one of the best companies for employee culture because it delivers the best work perks. The company’s work perks are organized into five categories: Wealth, Growth, Health, Life, and Fun. This supports employees in all areas of their lives and promotes a healthy work environment. 

This credit union has a plethora of perks that employees enjoy such as paid training, an annual employee conference, free monthly chair massages, up to four weeks of elder care leave, pet discounts, paid holidays, and more. The company also spreads kindness through their Kindness Revolution project. Since 2018, Desert Financial has been performing Random Acts of Kindness as part of its commitment to sharing success with its community. These are just a few reasons why Desert Financial is an amazing place to work.


Habitat for Humanity

This non-profit organization is dedicated to helping people build better lives for themselves and their families. They offer a variety of programs and services that help employees grow and develop, both professionally and personally. They also have a strong focus on social responsibility, with a commitment to helping those in need. 

Habitat for Humanity has won numerous awards for being a great place to work, including being a Better Business Bureau-accredited charity, a Top Companies to Work For in 2022 recipient, and one of Arizona’s Most Admired Companies in 2022


Ideas Collide 

This company is a creative marketing agency that helps brands tell their stories and has repeatedly received Best Place to Work awards from various bodies, including the Phoenix Business Journal and the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce. 

When the pandemic struck, Ideas Collide went above and beyond to support its employees, offering a variety of mental health resources and flexible working arrangements. It also offers a generous paid time off policy and has been recognized for its commitment to social responsibility.



KUBRA is a fast-growing company that delivers customer communications solutions to some of the largest utility, insurance and government entities across North America. It sets an example for other companies by investing heavily in employee development and offering competitive benefits & plenty of time off. KUBRA also offers a diverse workforce, hybrid work schedule and has a strong focus on social responsibility. 

It has won numerous accolades for its award-winning culture, including the Best Places to Work award from Great Place to Work and Best Company with the Happiest Employees & Best Compensation from Comparably.



This data management company goes above and beyond to create a supportive environment for employees, with a focus on work-life balance, professional development, and social responsibility. 

Workiva gives its employees the flexibility to achieve a genuine work-life balance, so they have time to give back to their communities. The company offers paid time off for volunteering, hands-on community service projects, and office-based fundraisers, to improve the community. Along with its focus on social impact, Workiva fosters a work environment that encourages fairness, teamwork, and respect among all employees every day. 


Company culture is vital to the success of any business, and these eight companies know how to do company culture right. 

If you’re looking for a job with a company that cares about its employees, browse our list of the best companies for employee culture. You can find job openings at some of the best employers at BestCompaniesAZ.com.

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