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At Equity Methods, we believe in the power of equity-based compensation to advance a company’s strategy. We tailor reports and the processes that produce them to your specific award type, compliance objectives, reporting requirements, and systems. Since 1998, we have assisted 29 Fortune 100 companies and over 400 clients with their most pressing equity compensation valuation and reporting challenges. From pre-grant Monte Carlo modeling for relative TSR awards to end-to-end financial reporting, we’re dedicated to bringing insight, control, and expanded capability to financial reporting.

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We understand growth

Here at Equity Methods, we consider culture as something that fosters growth, period. Growth can come through both professional advancement and internal relationships. Why relationships? Because people who succeed in professional services tend to be well connected inside the firm. They can grow their skills faster by knowing who to ask for help, what ideas are worth borrowing, and where interesting projects are happening. It’s also just nice to have friends who can brighten up a tough day. Read more →

Excellence happens when great people work together.

Producing excellent work requires outstanding people to pull in the same direction and, when necessary, pass the baton. Nobody knows everything, so we work collaboratively to ensure the best outcomes for our clients. Our incentive structure rewards sharing knowledge and helping colleagues assume new responsibilities.

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