How to Create a Healthy Remote Work Culture

How do you create a remote work culture that encourages your employees to be at their best? Read this guide to building a successful hybrid work environment.
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As more and more companies embrace remote or hybrid work environments, developing and maintaining a healthy work culture is increasingly important. This article discusses some tips on how to create a healthy remote work culture in your organization.

What is Work Culture and Why Does It Matter in a Remote Setting?

Work culture refers to the values, norms, and beliefs that guide an organization and its employees. Favorable work culture is one that promotes positive employee attitudes and behaviors and supports a productive and engaged workforce.

Some of the key elements of a healthy remote work culture include:

Open communication

Communication is key in any workplace, but it is especially important in a remote setting. Employees should feel comfortable talking with their managers and colleagues, and there should be clear channels of communication established.


Remote work requires a certain degree of flexibility from both employers and employees. Employers should provide employees with the freedom to work hours that fit their schedules and lifestyles, and employees should be willing to make adjustments when needed.


Trust is another important element of healthy remote work culture. Employers should trust their employees to work independently and responsibly, and employees should trust that their managers will support them.


Respect is essential in any workplace, but it is especially important in a remote setting. Employees should feel respected by their managers and colleagues and should be treated fairly.

Culture fit is essential for any organization that has remote or hybrid employees. Communication, trust, respect, and flexibility are key elements of healthy remote work culture. By promoting these values in your organization, you can create a productive and engaged workforce.

How to Create a Healthy Work Culture for Remote Employees

Here are some ways company owners and managers can create positive work environments for their remote staff:

Define your company values and remote work policies.

Company values should be clearly defined and communicated to all employees. You can do this by creating a remote work policy that outlines your company values and expectations for remote employees. To make sure that your employees are aware of your company values and remote work policy, you can include these in your employee onboarding process.

Communicate regularly with your remote employees.

Open communication is essential in a remote work setting. You can make sure this happens by scheduling regular check-ins with your remote employees. You can also encourage communication by using a remote work management tool, like Slack or Zoom.

Offer flexible work hours and locations.

Flexibility is key in a remote work setting. Employees should be given the freedom to work hours that fit their schedules and lifestyles.

Provide employees with the resources they need to be successful.

Remote employees should have access to the same resources as their on-site counterparts. This includes things like training materials, company hardware, software, and technical support.

Trust your remote employees to work independently.

As mentioned earlier, one of the key elements of healthy remote work culture is trust. Because you don’t see your staff working, it can be easy to fall into the trap of micromanaging them. However, it’s important to trust that they are working independently and responsibly.

Respect your remote employees’ time and schedules.

Respect is essential in any workplace, but it is especially important in a remote setting. Company owners and managers should respect their remote employees’ time and schedules because they are likely balancing work with other commitments.

Companies With Healthy Remote Working Environments

There are many companies that have successfully created hybrid work environments for their employees. Here are a few examples:


Workiva is a software company that offers a remote work option for its employees. Staff who work from home receive a remote work stipend to help cover the costs of setting up their home office. The company also offers a flexible work schedule, as well as opportunities for professional development and social interaction, like remote happy hours and social events.


GoDaddy is a web hosting and domain name registrar that offers a remote or hybrid work option for some of its employees. Some of the benefits it offers remote staff includes flexible work hours, a remote work stipend, and access to its employee assistance program. The company also organizes remote work retreats, where employees from different locations can meet their colleagues and socialize.


Axon is a technology company that has embraced a flexible and hybrid work environment. The company strives to support the needs of all employees, where they are and in every work environment, to bring about their best work self. This can look different for every employee and within different divisions across Axon. For example, an team member working in manufacturing may have very different needs from those working from home. While Axon provides allowances for remote office setup, it prides itself in building unique opportunities for employee connection, social interaction and professional development.

Freedom Financial

Freedom Financial Network is a leading digital personal finance company offering both remote and hybrid opportunities throughout Arizona, California, and Texas. FFN has a passion for changing the financial future of everyday people. They’re committed to providing team members with everything they need to do meaningful work every day by caring for the whole person with benefits, career pathing, professional development, and space for everyone to belong. This is why FFN has been named a #1 best place to work multiple times and has landed in the top 20 almost every year they have been in business.

Rocket Media

Rocket Media is headquartered in Arizona but hires talent from across the United States. This top-tier digital marketing agency supports remote workers and offers flexible hours. They understand that the happiest, healthiest workers are those who determine their own schedules. Their open workspace and Friday grill-outs also encourage co-worker bonding and community-building.

Voya Financial

Voya Financial helps Americans retire better through a holistic and cutting-edge financial freedom process. The company also supports freedom for its employees as most hires have the option to work remotely. Voya also supports a Virtual Employee Resource Group, which is open to all employees as a support group and is a great resource for remote hires.

Achieve a Health Remote Work Culture

Healthy remote work culture is possible with the right policies and procedures in place. By implementing the tips above, you can create a remote work culture that helps your employees succeed in their roles happily and productively.

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