125 winners and spotlight award recipients announced for the 2018 azcentral.com’s ‘Top Companies to Work for in Arizona’ program

This year’s 6th annual azcentral.com Top Companies to Work for in Arizona award recipients were recognized at a ceremony recently held at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Resort, led by sponsors of the annual program — Republic Media, parent company to The Arizona Republic and azcentral.com; presenting sponsor Arizona Commerce Authority; consulting partner BestCompaniesAZ; and research partner Best Companies Group.

According to Heather Kivatinos, recruitment sales manager at Republic Media, there was a record-breaking number of participants who took the survey. “Each year the program gets more competitive with more qualified companies with excellent employee engagement,” she continued. This year the scores were notably high, so 125 honorees were recognized for their accomplishments in creating outstanding workplace cultures for their employees, an increase from 100 in previous years.

“This year the decision was made to expand the list to 125 as a result of very high favorable employee survey scores averaging 90% favorable score for overall survey results and an impressive 92% favorable measuring employee engagement. This level of performance for Arizona companies is about three times the national average when compared to Gallup’s recent reporting of US engagement at about 33% favorable”, says Denise Gredler, Founder & CEO for BestCompaniesAZ, program consulting partner. “These winners should be very proud of their engaged workforces for this presents a powerful opportunity to attract and retain the very best talent.”

The 125 companies that made the list were selected based on an extensive evaluation of employer practices and high marks in satisfaction from employees surveyed at each participating company.  

The full list of the 125 Top Companies is published on azcentral.com and BestCompaniesAZ.com. To read the 2018 Top Companies stories, click here.

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10 Best Software Engineer Interview Questions From Best Tech Companies

You’ve found the perfect software engineer candidate that can read code in their sleep, but do their capabilities extend beyond the computer screen and into the company culture? These software engineer interview questions will challenge your candidate beyond programming and distinguish the good, from the best.

Values, Goals, and Mission

Where do you see yourself in five years? Asking this question first gives the interviewer an immediate idea if the candidates vision and goals align with the company and how the candidate might progress through the company. The perfect candidate will jump at this opportunity to flex.

Why are you working in this industry? It may come as a no-brainer, but an applicant’s interest in their job can greatly increase their performance. Choose an applicant whose interests are invested in their field of work.

Why are you interested in the company? Maybe the candidate has had their eye on the company since their freshman year of college, or maybe the allure is a big salary and generous benefits. The perfect candidate will put their knowledge to the test and show the interviewer what they know about the company, and why their values and goals fit in with the company culture.


Can you tell me about your experience at your last company? This GoDaddy interview question gives valuable insight into how the candidate would perform in the company. If the candidate can only list negative experiences, it may goad the question of whether the candidate or the company was the problem.

What is an accomplishment you are proud of? This software engineering interview question gives the candidate the opportunity to highlight noteworthy projects and achievements. Here, the candidate can stand out from the pack and tell the interviewer how their experience may be valuable to the company.

What is a difficult situation you had to overcome? Well-rounded candidates should not only be able to perform under ideal conditions, but also in times of high stress. Assess the applicant’s problem-solving abilities and how they perform under stress with this software engineer interview question.

What valuable skills do you bring to the company? Does the candidate have valuable skills that complement the skills of the rest of the team? The candidate should have skills that increase the value of the company.

Leadership and Team Management

What is your definition of a leader? Most great candidates will be able to answer questions about algorithms and binary trees; however, the perfect candidate will be able to answer this software engineering interview question.

What was a disagreement you had on a team project, and how did you solve it? Inevitably, the candidate will work with one or multiple team members. Here, the interviewer can assess how the candidate fits into the team; as well as the candidate’s conflict and resolution skills.

What prior experience do you have leading a team? It’s not enough to be a team player. Sometimes the position requires a candidate to take charge and lead the team. The candidate should show the capability to delegate tasks, collaborate with others and communicate effectively.

The perfect software engineer candidate adds value to the workplace environment and culture. Ask these software engineering interview questions to determine if your candidate is workplace material.

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Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona Achieves Ranking on azcentral.com’s 2018 List of Top Companies to Work for in Arizona

Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona Achieves Ranking on azcentral.com’s 2018 List of Top Companies to Work for in Arizona

Phoenix, AZ – June 07, 2018 – Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona (Habitat) announced today that it has won a spot on the azcentral.com 2018 Top Companies to Work for in Arizona, recognized by Republic Media and BestCompaniesAZ. This year, 125 companies made the list and will be honored in a special supplement inside the June 10, 2018 Arizona Republic, as well as online at topcompanies.azcentral.com and www.BestCompaniesAZ.com.

Jason Barlow, President & CEO of Habitat, stated, “We are thrilled to be recognized for the second time as one of Arizona’s top companies to work for and truly appreciate the honor. Habitat has been consistently ranked among the Top 10 Habitat affiliates in the nation for productivity. Our amazing staff is committed to helping local families obtain affordable housing and to strengthening communities throughout the area. Their dedication, commitment and enthusiastic evaluation of the organization helped us achieve this ranking.”

Winners for this year’s “Top Companies” list were chosen by the independent research firm Best Companies Group, based on an extensive evaluation of employer practices where employees were surveyed at each participating company.

“BestCompaniesAZ is proud to see Habitat achieve its ‘Top Companies to Work for in Arizona’ ranking. It has a long-standing tradition of upholding high standards in workplace excellence and is very deserving of this honor,” said Denise Gredler, founder & CEO, BestCompaniesAZ, consulting partner for the ‘Top Companies’ program.

Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona is one of nearly 1,300 Habitat organizations in the U.S. and has worked in Maricopa County for more than 30 years, helping families achieve the strength, stability and self-reliance they need to build a better future for themselves through decent and affordable housing. Last year 345 families partnered with Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona to build or improve places they can call home.

About Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona

Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona is a local affiliate of Habitat of Humanity International, the renowned humanitarian organization based in Atlanta. Each affiliate operates as a separate 501c3 nonprofit and is responsible for leading its own fundraising and operations management, while adhering to the Habitat for Humanity mission of serving communities within its area. Established in 1985, Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona partners with local families in need of decent, affordable housing to build strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter. Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona also promotes volunteer programs with corporations, groups and individuals. Their services include new home construction, re-constructions, renovations, repairs (even emergency repairs) and most recently, entire neighborhood revitalization projects. Consistently ranked among the Top 10 of 1,300 affiliates nationally, Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona has built more than 1,100 homes in the metro Phoenix area. To learn more, please visit habitatcaz.org, or find us on Twitter @habitatcaz.


Media Contact:

Dusty Parsons

Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona




10 Top Core Values for Technology Companies

Core values are an essential piece of culture within any company. In the tech industry, the top core values for technology companies set the stage for day-to-day activities and company culture. Core values are the driving force behind the behaviors and actions of a company.

Core values are more than a set of inspirational ideas. Rather, they are the founding principles of a company that support the company culture and create shared expectations amongst employees.

Establishing and adhering to a set of core values is a rewarding challenge. The companies on Fortune’s 40 Best Workplaces in Technology list are leaders in corporate culture and have taken this challenge in stride. As a result, the core values that these tech companies follow make them some of the best places to work.

Whether you are searching for your next career or looking to update your company’s core values, this list of the 10 top core values for technology companies will lead you in the right direction.

1. GoDaddy- Diversity

Diversity is arguably one of the most important top core values for technology companies. Companies like GoDaddy hold diversity as their highest priority. Diversity expands beyond an employee’s ethnic background. A diverse culture creates communities that celebrate differences. For this reason, leading technology companies like GoDaddy encourage their employees to celebrate their unique qualities.

2. Workday- Meaningful Interactions

At the large tech company Workday, executives work hard to create meaningful interactions with each employees. The core value of creating meaningful interactions boosts employee engagement. As an employee, working under a leader that proactively interacts with their team means a more open flow of ideas and a smooth conflict resolution process. More so, meaningful interactions make people excited to go to work.

3. SAP- Impact

Whether it’s within the company itself or the surrounding community, making an impact is a core value that many tech companies hold. Employees are engaged when they feel like their work is making an impact. Thus, companies like SAP build their company culture around finding meaning and making an impact through their work.

4. Markitors-  Personal Development

Professional growth cannot happen without personal development. Development is one of the top core values for technology companies. Many companies offer development programs for employees to pursue personal growth.

For example, Scottsdale-based tech company, Markitors, hosts monthly seminar speakers. More so, employees at Markitors are encouraged to work towards personal and professional goals. The core value of personal development inspires employees to grow.

5. Vixxo- Commitment to Clients

When a company represents a variety of businesses, commitment to each client is essential to success. Vixxo is a technology-based asset management company that works with high profile clients. Commitment to clients is one of Vixxo’s core values because it establishes trust and encourages employees to go above and beyond no matter what.

6. Zillow- Integrity

Trust amongst employees and customers is essential to a company’s success. Therefore, it is not surprising to find that successful tech companies like Zillow emphasize the value, “integrity.” The tech industry is saturated with confidential information. Great technology companies must do business with integrity to gain their customers respect and trust.

7. Adobe- Pursue Excellence

At Adobe, employees are driven by the value of creating exceptional experiences for employees and customers alike. So, it is not surprising that Adobe is a leader in customer satisfaction and innovation. The value of pursuing excellence sets the bar high and encourages employees to strive for excellence in all they do.

8. Carvana- Teamwork

Companies that assign teams to tasks are successful because teamwork encourages communication and the flow of ideas. Employees at the rapidly-growing tech company, Carvana, work in teams because working with others allows each employee to bring their best to work. In fact, studies have proven that innovation is heightened in team settings.

9. Infusionsoft- Always Learn

The field of technology is ever-changing. Companies must be aware of the changes and growth that occur in their field. A top core value for technology companies is the value of continuous learning. For example, Infusionsoft is founded on the drive to always learn. Without updated data, experimentation and innovation, tech companies can easily fall behind.

10. CampusLogic- Courage

What may seem like an outlier on this list of top core values for technology companies, courage is a hidden treasure. CampusLogic is an Arizona-based company that attributes their success to this core value. Courage inspires employees to think big, champion innovation, and live courageously.

The field of technology is about building creative, new applications that change the way the world uses technology. A task this big needs support from a company that values courageous pursuits.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to implement these top core values for technology companies at your own company, reach out to BestCompaniesAZ.We specialize in employer branding and consulting and would love to help you become a values-oriented, award-winning employer.


15 Best Nonprofit Interview Questions From Arizona’s Best Nonprofits

Hiring the perfect candidate to join your team can be a daunting task. As in any industry, it can be tough to determine how an applicant will fit in with your company’s culture. At nonprofit organizations, the mission is everything you stand for. Thus, it is important that an applicant’s values are in line with the values of your organization.

As a non-profit job candidate, one should be able to answer personal and professional questions. If you’re looking to add someone new to your nonprofit’s team, these questions are for you. Here’s a look at the 15 best nonprofit interview questions from Arizona’s best nonprofits.

Values, Goals, and Mission:

1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Asking a candidate about their future plans gives insight to their vision for the future and their ties to the organization. Does the candidate see this position as a job or a career?

2. What key values do you implement in your personal life?

At Habitat for Humanity, interview questions like this allow the candidate to share about their values. It is important to know if a candidate’s values align with the organization.

3. How can you help the organization achieve its goals?

Every organization has a set of goals that they strive to achieve. So, ask the candidate about how their skills and experience can help achieve these goals.

4. Why do you want to work for a nonprofit organization?

This Make-A-Wish interview question is one of the best nonprofit interview questions to ask a candidate. Nonprofit organizations are value-based and mission-driven. Often, employees work at nonprofit organizations because they love what the organization stands for. Listen to the job candidates answer to this question and ask yourself, does this candidate’s “why” line up with our “why”?

5. Describe your passion for our mission.

Nonprofit organizations are driven by their mission. Thus, applicants should be passionate about the nonprofit’s values and mission. Ultimately, passionate employees are engaged employees.


6. Tell us about your background. How does it relate to this position?

Experience in a specific field sets a candidate ahead of those without experience. Thus, this is one of the best nonprofit interview questions. For example, Make-A-Wish candidates are asked to share about their background to provide examples of experience to the organization.

7. What are some accomplishments you have achieved that you can apply to this position?

Ask the candidate about their past successes to learn about the challenges they have overcome. Does the applicant have experience in implementing successful programs? This nonprofit interview question is asked by companies such as the Better Business Bureau because it provides insight on the candidate’s past experiences.

8. What skills or abilities could you contribute to this position?

Experienced, prepared candidates should be able to answer this question with ease. Candidates that are confident with their skillset are confident employees.

9. What do you know about nonprofit organizations? Can you give an example of a nonprofit that you believe is thriving?

Employees must be educated on their nonprofit and its activities. The answer to this question gives insight on the candidate’s knowledge of nonprofits.

10. Give an example of a professional failure you have experienced. How did you learn from it?

Everyone fails at some point or another. A well-rounded candidate can answer this question with dignity and provide an example where they learned from a mistake. For this reason, Goodwill executives describe this questions as one of the best nonprofit interview questions.

Leadership and Management:

11. Why do you want to lead this organization?

When hiring for a leadership position, ask the candidate why they want to lead. For example, does their response seem self-preserving or service-based? Nonprofit employers should look for servant leaders that are committed to empowering others.

12. How would you encourage a discouraged team?

Challenges are inevitable. At some point your team will feel discouraged by the obstacles they face. The response to this question shows the candidate’s conflict resolution and critical thinking skills.

13. Offer your assessment of our organization.

This is a question that requires critical thinking. The answer will give insight into the candidate’s knowledge of your nonprofit. Are there praises or changes they recommend? How does the candidate address program flaws and successes?

14. Give an example of a time when you lead or managed a team.

At nonprofits like Habitat for Humanity, employees work in tight-knit teams. Leaders must have experience in managing a diverse group of people and assets.

15. Is there anything you would like us to know about you?

This is one of the best nonprofit interview questions to end the interview. Open the conversation up to allow the candidate to share about anything they feel to be important. Who knows, you could learn pertinent information that you would have missed otherwise!

Altogether, you are sure to find the perfect candidate when you use these 15 best nonprofit interview questions from Arizona’s best nonprofits!

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10 Tech Company Employee Benefits & Perks From Best Companies

The business world is becoming more independent from technology every day. Nowadays, Employees have opportunities that were not available to them before the technology boom. To meet demand, companies are hiring the best of the best to lead the way in the world of IT and technology.

Tech company employee benefits make a career in technology exciting and rewarding.

If you’re interested in a career at one of Arizona’s best tech companies, consider these tech company employee benefits as a guide to the perfect workplace.

1. Health and Wellness



Tech company employees spend a large amount of time on the computer. To encourage an active workforce, health and wellness benefits are offered by many tech companies. Companies like GoDaddy offer a healthy living program and fitness classes, and host health fairs. In addition, employees can workout in state-of-the-art gyms and work with personal trainers free of charge.

2. Professional Development

Employers want their employees to feel excited and passionate about what they are doing. Engaged employees means a smaller turnover rate. To encourage personal and professional growth, companies such as Markitors offer lunch-and-learn workshops with professionals from a variety of fields. Monthly speakers offer insight on topics like retirement, work-life balance, and managing benefits.

3. Financial Opportunities

Beyond vision, dental, or health insurance, tech companies like Vixxo spoil their employees with financial opportunities. Financial perks such as 401(k) matching, paid time off, stock options, and personalized retirement plans make tech companies a great place to work.

4. Location Perks

The field of technology can be utilized by any business in the world. Thus, many tech companies offer the opportunity to choose your location. Technology is a mobile career that can go where you go. Employees looking to choose their location or work from home should look at tech companies that offer flexible location perks.

5. Innovation Implementation

The ability to apply your creativity is one of the most important tech company employee benefits. In fact, companies that implement employee innovations to their practices are more successful than those who do not work towards innovation. An Arizona-based company that empowers employees to think big and achieve their dreams is Infusionsoft. Ultimately, financial benefits and promotions are awarded to those who are driven to grow. A tech company that is excited about employee ideas is a great place to build your career.

6. Vacation Benefits

We don’t have to convince you that vacation days are a benefit. Vacation days are a welcomed break from stress. At companies like GoDaddy and Markitors, employees are encouraged to take time away from work to recharge. Whether it’s a trip to Paris or a staycation at home, vacation perks make the top of our list of the best tech company employee benefits.

7. Time Away From Work

Coupled with vacation benefits, time away from work is an appealing perk. Everyone needs a break from work to enjoy life outside of their careers. Many tech companies such as Infusionsoft and GoDaddy encourage employees to take a day here and there for themselves. If the opportunity to recharge your batteries is important to you, consider a career at a tech company that offers this perk.

8. Discounted Products and Services

Who doesn’t want discounted or free products? The ability to receive products at a discount or for free is a perk that speaks for itself.

9. Skill Development

The field of technology is always changing, so employees must be up-to-date with new software and practices. Thus, many tech employers offer updated trainings and technology courses. At GoDaddy, employees will be reimbursed for technology-based courses. More so, employees can attend trainings to learn about industry changes.

10. Industry Demand

Finally, the demand for industry professionals is constant. A benefit of a career in technology is the fact that your experience can be utilized anywhere in the world.

If you would like to begin a career at one of Arizona’s best tech companies, visit us here to learn about open positions!


USAA seeks to hire more IT experts to help deliver top-tier digital services

Click here to view the story originally featured and provided by azcentral.com

USAA was recently featured on azcentral.com where they reported that the company is actively seeking top talent to fill the many IT jobs available at the USAA office in Phoenix. Read on for the full article written by azcentral.com, or click here to view on azcentral.com.

A San Antonio-based financial services company may not be the first place that a Phoenix-based expert in information technology would consider looking for a job. Maybe, however, it should be.

USAA is a financial services company unlike any other due to its unique client base–members of the U.S. military, veterans, and their families. The company’s Phoenix location is actively seeking both IT employees for their technology and digital teams and member contact employees as they continue to grow.

Mike Pansini, the Vice President of IT for USAA’s Phoenix Campus, describes the ideal employee for these roles “We are looking for IT team members that want to tackle tough business and member problems through the innovative use of IT.  We are looking for curious, deep-thinkers that are humble and have a real passion for technology and want to apply their knowledge to our noble mission of serving those who’ve served.”

The company’s mission–to provide quality financial services that meet the needs of its special membership–brings meaning and passion to the employees that help make it happen. Today, that mission continues to expand as USAA seeks to be the provider of choice for military families, and has been expanding for over 95 years.

Founded by a group of just 25 army officers seeking auto insurance in 1922, the company now employs more than 32,000 people around the world to serve customers. From its headquarters in San Antonio, to its second-largest office in Phoenix, to international locations in London and Frankfurt, USAA offers insurance, investments, and banking service to its growing member base of more than 12 million.

While there are a number of reasons that current and former military members choose USAA for their insurance and financial needs, perhaps the most common reason is that USAA and its employees understand the particular challenges associated with the lifestyle.

“In my time in the Air Force and working with veterans from all branches as a civilian, I’ve found that the military instills an unapparelled sense of self-sacrifice, discipline and mission focus. We share their commitment to accomplishing our mission of serving them and their families.”  Explains Patrick Fitzhugh, a Manager in USAA’s Member Solutions Department and a U.S. Air Force Veteran.

Military members, for example, are often on the move. Whether on temporary assignment or a permanent change of station, that means that the concept of a “neighborhood bank” is nearly impossible for service members. That’s why there are no physical bank branches of USAA, but rather a robust system of online and phone services supported by employees all over the country.

To make sure that the system stands up to customers’ needs, cutting edge online services are critical. That’s one of the reasons why the company recruits IT experts who can help maintain USAA’s superior online services. From opening new accounts to virtually depositing checks to making investments, seamless service on the company’s website and app help ensure that members can get the services they need, wherever they are.

“USAA’s mission is to facilitate the financial security of our members, and IT is one of the main enablers of fulfilling that mission.  We have been serving a highly mobile and geographically distributed military community for nearly 100 years. Through this time, we’ve continuously innovated and adapted to deliver this world-class service. Innovation is in our DNA with a portfolio of over 600 patents. Looking back in time, USAA has been a pioneer in technology use cases such as document imaging; 800 services; video telephony; mobile/remote deposits; and mobile biometric authentication.”  Mike Pansini adds.

Member contact services are equally critical. Once again, USAA members want to get assistance and solve problems quickly and remotely, and they want to work with somebody who understands their challenges.

In order to ensure that all employees really do understand the nuances of those challenges, USAA provides an orientation that helps them to relate to the company and its members.

All new employees are immersed in USAA’s culture from the first day of training, participating in an orientation that introduces them to the mission and membership.

While USAA expects a lot from its employees, it also offers a lot in return. Competitive pay, flexible hours, free financial advice, annual and holiday bonuses, and an employee education program to pursue further degrees and certifications are just some of the benefits that employees enjoy.

The company also works hard to encourage team building and to ensure that employees enjoy working together. Group exercise classes, monthly on-site food truck events, and recreation areas all encourage the people working at USAA to play well together so that they can work well together.

Additionally, employees also enjoy being part of a diverse team in an inclusive and welcoming environment, where company leadership recognizes the strength that comes with a variety of perspectives and beliefs.

Diversity and Inclusion are essential components of the business strategy.  That strategy includes USAA’s diversity and inclusion credo: “Many Faces. One Mission.”  At USAA, diversity and inclusion means creating an environment where everyone has the experience of being welcomed, valued, respected and heard.

Overall, USAA makes incredible efforts to ensure that employees have the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally, resulting in a world-class employee experience.

Ashley Cavello is a Director in Member Solutions and Lead for Phoenix’s Elevate Team, which is a Diversity Business Group for Women “At USAA we are encouraged to have a voice. A voice that is valued for individuality, creativity, and diversity. Throughout my 15 years at USAA I have been able to thrive in an environment where I could work full time, raise a family, obtain a Bachelor’s Degree, an MBA, and be part of some amazing business groups. Every day is an opportunity to self-develop and network with top talent where we collaborate together and strive to move the business forward.”

The passion of its employees, focus on its mission together with the company’s strong values, are a major reason that USAA was selected this year as one of the Top Companies to Work for in Arizona.

To learn more about this Top Companies winner, visit USAA.com

BestCompaniesUSA Institute Will Help You Gain HR Edge

Click here to view the story originally featured and provided by AZ Big Media

Recruiting top talent that you want and deserve is tough. Employer awards can give your company a competitive edge, but do you know how to leverage these awards in a strategy that’s successful and aligns with your company’s goals?

The BestCompaniesUSA Institute has rounded up the best of the best when it comes to corporate awards, employer branding and company culture for its inaugural, half-day workshop that you don’t want to miss.

The BestCompaniesUSA Institute’s in-person workshops will be held once per quarter, in metro Phoenix, through 2018. HRCI and SHRM credit is offered. The cost to attend each workshop is $250.

Trophies and plaques aren’t the point. It’s not what’s hanging on the walls, it’s what’s walking in the halls that counts. But, don’t underestimate the value of winning corporate awards. It’s good for your company’s brand, its bottom line, and its work culture. To win awards, a company has to get great scores on anonymous employee surveys, which means the work has to be done to create an authentically great workplace culture. Employees and job seekers are proud to work for companies that are recognized as “best places.” Existing and potential clients like to do business with companies that are formally recognized as great places to work. Highly engaged employees impact client satisfaction, turnover, and revenue.

Join the BestCompaniesUSA Institute for a half-day, in-person workshop on May 18th, 2018 at the Biltmore Charles Schwab facility. Register for the workshop now.

• Approved for 4 hours of HRCI credit.
• Content will be distributed via lecture, individual and group activities, handouts, and online polling.
• Receive a BestCompaniesUSA white paper about building trust with your employees.
• Attendees with include human resources professionals from entry level to CHRO and marketing professionals.

7:00 AM – 7:30 AM Check-In and Networking
7:30 AM – 9:30 AM Session #1 – Winning awards – the step-by-step process.
9:30 AM – 10:00 AM Break
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM Session #2 – Using awards to recruit top talent.
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM Session #3 – Using awards to retain employees.
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM Networking and Closing

Click here to register for the workshop.

Winning the War on Talent: Recruitment- Webinar Review

In April’s webinar, Winning the War on Talent: Recruitment, recruitment professionals discussed a variety of topics. Speakers Denise Gredler, Lindsay M. Smith, and Michael S. Seaver gave insight on topics such as trends impacting recruitment, data from azcentral.com’s Top Companies to Work for in Arizona award, Arizona’s Most Admired Companies award, innovative client approaches and key lessons learned through 15+ years of serving our community.

Results from live polling uncovered that finding qualified applicants was a challenge for the webinar attendees. We learned that attendees were relying heavily on job boards such as Simply Hired, LinkedIn, and Indeed to find talent.

Michael Seaver, a leadership consulting professional, kicked off  the webinar by discussing workforce demographics and their influence on talent acquisition. He reviewed the different generations that exist in the workplace- addressing their similarities and differences. Seaver shared studies about the influence of a diverse workforce on company culture, financial performance, communication, innovation, employee retention, and the recruitment process.

Live polling results showed that many webinar attendees do not have a defined employer brand or talent CRM. However, attendees did have informational career pages and job descriptions and were sourcing proactively.

Lindsay M. Smith, Vice President of Brand Evangelism for BestCompaniesAZ, followed Seaver’s discussion with a discourse on the shortcomings of traditional interviewing processes. She shared about the value of untraditional interviewing approaches such as events, in-job auditions, casual interviews, and virtual reality. Lindsay reviewed big data and how human resources teams can use it. She also shared the best practices for the creation and use of a talent CRM. Smith concluded her discussion with a review of the importance of transparency when sharing about your organizational culture, employee stories, and when reaching out to candidates.  

To conclude the webinar, Seaver and BestCompaniesAZ CEO Denise Gredler talked about BestCompaniesAZ’s involvement with the Top Companies to Work for in Arizona award. Gredler gave insight on recruitment trends and what it takes for a company to make the list. Seaver and Denise discussed a variety of Arizona’s Most Admired Companies award winners. They dove deep into what those companies are doing to retain engaged employees and recruit talent.

What Have We Learned About Recruitment?

The greatest lessons that BestCompaniesUSA has learned while consulting on recruitment topics and building employer brands include:

  • Commitment to a process is more important than outcomes
  • Expanding your employee referral program draws in a greater number of quality hires
  • Never underestimate the value of creative branding
  • Invest in your recruiter’s skill development
  • Utilize your talent CRM to build community and share culture

If you’re like our webinar attendees, you desire more creative and defined recruitment efforts, but fail to implement successful recruitment activities. You might also need more insight on recruiting in new places. Listening to it on our podcast may be just the thing you need to kick-start your recruitment process!

To register for upcoming webinars, visit us here.

USAA LGBT Diversity Business Group Married Two Worlds For Me

This story is written and provided by Amanda Oliver, Manager Member Solutions, BIS at USAA.

I started working for USAA in 2004. The Iraq war was in full force, and many of the members I spoke with were either deployed or just returning. “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” was still enacted, and of course, same sex marriage was not legal yet. I was very close with my Uncle Sunny growing up, and he was with his partner my entire life. It was somewhat of a shock to me as I got older and encountered what homophobia looked like since it was something that was a non-issue in my household. My uncle suffered kidney failure when I was 10 years old, and while I didn’t quite understand why, I was very aware that whether his partner would be allowed in his room or not really depended on which doctors and nurses were on duty. My uncle passed away in 2010. I was in my early 30’s by then and saw the aftermath of someone trying to muddle through the financial impact of your significant other passing, while having very little legal recourse. My little sister came out the following year and I knew right then that I wanted to show her that there were people that supported her, would stand up for her, and hopefully give her opportunities that my uncle did not have.

When USAA decided to start up the LGBTQIA diversity business group, called BOLD, I felt like I was finally able to connect two important pieces of life together. I was excited and wanted to be involved as much as I could be, my initial desire being to satisfy this personal drive to support local LGBT causes and our LGBT workforce. It was clear from the day BOLD started that our employees not only wanted USAA to have an LGBT resource group, they expected it. In the first year, the Phoenix office had about 200 members, which was something to be proud of. In 2017, the Phoenix chapter walked in the Phoenix Pride parade for the first time. 200 employees and their families showed up to walk with us, and just typing that out makes me tear up. I’ve had people come up to me at events and tell me they came to work at USAA when they saw we had an LGBT business group. I’ve had employees hug me to thank BOLD for making them feel like they can be themselves at work. I cannot express the feeling I have knowing that this wonderful company I work for is here to serve the military community. USAA has stood up and said, we support you, we stand behind you, and you can be yourself here. As an ally to the community, that’s all I’ve wanted to do, and USAA has given me the opportunity to extend that sphere so much further. I’ve since been able to be involved with our additional diversity business groups, and I’ve realized the depth of how important diversity and inclusion is in the workforce. This year, not only did we walk in the Pride parade, but we also participated in the Phoenix Pride Run. The runners were so excited to see USAA there handing out water for them as they ran by! We will continue to support internal events to educate and support our employees on LGBT issues, and we will continue to show up for LGBT community events forwarding the future. BOLD now has over 800 members in Phoenix, and I cannot wait to see where 2018 and beyond takes us.