The Best Workplaces For Working Parents


If you want to have a career and a family, you shouldn’t have to split your priorities. Here are some of the best companies for working moms and dads.

If you have a family, you may have two full-time jobs: parenting and your career. You shouldn’t have to split your priorities between the two. That’s why, when it comes to finding the best companies for working parents in Arizona, you need to look for employers that support your career and family life with a healthy work-life balance.

Work at one of the best workplaces for working parents, many of which are also included in the 2023 Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For® and Great Place to Work’s Best Workplaces for Parents™ 2022 lists. There might be some pretty sweet benefits that you can take advantage of.

Many companies acknowledge the difficulties of being a parent, but only a handful provide extensive support and benefits to help parents balance work and family life. Some options include onsite daycare services and extended, paid leave for maternity or paternity. Others offer adoption assistance and telecommuting options.

The following companies are amongst the best workplaces for working parents — many voted on national best lists and also featured on BestCompaniesAZ’s 100 Best Companies in Arizona list and Top Companies to Work For in Arizona list.

These companies have implemented generous programs to support working parents. Keep reading to learn what some select companies are doing.

Best Workplaces for Working Mothers and Fathers

There are many companies in Arizona with programs that support moms and dads. We’ve highlighted some of them below:


Axon is committed to supporting working parents and offers a two-part parental leave policy. It consists of a 100% paid supplemental pregnancy and parental leave policy (for up to 20 weeks total) for eligible employees. This includes 10 weeks of paid parental leave for both mothers and fathers welcoming a new child, and where eligible, an additional 10 weeks of paid maternity leave for mothers. 

The company takes mental health very seriously as well, so all employees, as well as two loved ones (ages 18 years and older), have 24/7 access to on-demand behavioral health coaching, video therapy and more via the Ginger wellness app. Sustaining one’s health and wellness is a priority for Axon, which includes family time.


KUBRA understands just how important family is for working parents and shows that through the company’s benefits for employees. This company offers three weeks of paid vacation plus holidays to ensure families are able to spend quality time together. KUBRA goes even further by offering child and dependent care reimbursement for its US employees of up to $1,000 per month.

 With a hybrid business model, KUBRA is an excellent choice for working parents looking to balance work and family. The company also is committed to providing continued education opportunities for career development and advancement to support employees. Working parents are important to the success of KUBRA and are shown every day just how appreciated they are.

Northern Trust

Northern Trust understands the importance of providing support for working parents in the US, and offers a range of benefits to help them balance work and family life. This includes adoption leave, 10 weeks of maternity leave, and parental leave. These benefits enable parents and primary caregivers to take time off to care for their children and bond with their families without worrying about their job security.

Additionally, the company has a Working Families Business Resource Council that focuses on finding new ways to support work-life balance. 

Northern Trust also offers a range of flexible work arrangements, including remote work, part-time schedules, and job sharing, to allow parents to customize their work schedules according to their family needs. Since Northern Trust is a Global Pension and Trust Custodian and a Private Bank, employee schedules revolve around Wall Street and the Equities Markets. This schedule is often conducive to family life since most workdays end mid-afternoon. Such unique arrangements reflect Northern Trust’s commitment to creating a workplace that supports the well-being of all employees and their families.


Vanguard fosters a family-friendly workplace environment that supports working parents. The company understands the challenges that parents face in balancing work and family responsibilities and offers a range of benefits to help them manage their time and stress levels.

One of the key benefits that Vanguard provides is the Academic Assistance Plan, which helps employees cover the cost of education for themselves or their children. The Dependent Scholarship Program is another great benefit, which helps to alleviate the financial burden of college tuition for employees’ dependents.

In addition to these, Vanguard also offers parental leave, paid family care leave, personal leave, court duty leave, and bereavement leave. These benefits allow parents to take time off to care for their family without worrying about job security or financial hardship. The company also provides short-term disability, long-term disability, adoption/surrogacy benefits, dependent daycare, and life insurance benefits to help employees plan for the future and protect their families.


Workiva, an innovative software as a service company, is committed to the wellbeing of working parents. By offering flexible hours and geographic mobility, employees are empowered to work when and where they work best. 

Paid time off policies including 12 weeks of 100% paid parental leave, 4 weeks of paid time off for new hires, and volunteer time off provide additional flexibility. All employees also benefit from support for emotional and mental well-being through a partnership with Modern Health, which provides Workiva employees and their dependents access to 1:1 coaching and therapy, group sessions, digital programs, and guided meditations.

Find The Best Companies for Working Parents Through BestCompaniesAZ

Whether you’re looking for a company that provides daycare at work or flexible schedules to help balance your work and family responsibilities, there are many great options in Arizona.

Companies like Axon, Desert Financial Credit Union, KUBRA, Northern Trust, Vanguard, and Workiva all offer a range of benefits and programs to support working parents and their career aspirations.

Whether you’re looking for paid maternity or paternity leave, backup childcare services, or eldercare resources, these companies have you covered.

Browse the full list of the best companies for working moms and dads in Arizona to learn more about the different benefits for employees with kids.


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