Dependable Job Search Tips for New Grads

Are you a new college grad ready to jump into the job market? Congratulations! You’ve just taken your first step toward achieving career success. But, with so many job postings and job search tips out there, it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start.

That’s why we’ve compiled some of the best job search tips for new grads in this blog post. From resume writing advice to top companies hiring new graduates, our list will help you get started on your job hunt.

We’ll also discuss which industries are most suitable for recent college grads and highlight specific companies that offer great opportunities for young professionals like yourself. So read on and begin your journey towards landing the right starting role that could determine your career path.

Job Search Tips for Fresh Grads

The job market is competitive for those who have just graduated from college. These job search tips should help you get started on the right foot.

1. Research job postings before applying.

Before you apply, make sure the job posting is actually a good fit for your skills and interests. Read through each job description carefully, and check out the company website and social media pages, if available, to get a better understanding of the job, its requirements, and the company culture.

2. Create an impressive resume.

An effective job search starts with an excellent resume that outlines your education, experience, and skills. Make sure that you list any job-related experiences (even internships or volunteer work) that could help you stand out from other job seekers. It’s understandable to have a pretty thin resume as a new graduate, so also consider including any special projects or activities that you were involved in while in college.

3. Explore job search websites and networking platforms.

Using job search sites like Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and ZipRecruiter can be helpful in finding job postings for new grads. Additionally, consider looking into internship programs or attending job fairs to network with potential employers. Getting to know the people in your industry, especially those working for companies you’re interested in, can help you stand out from other job applicants.

4. Narrow down job options.

Once you’ve conducted research and identified job postings that are a good fit for your skillset, it’s time to narrow down the job search list by selecting only those jobs that you truly want. Look into job titles, job functions, job descriptions, and job locations to help you identify the job options that best match your job search goals.

5. Focus on job growth industries.

Consider focusing your search on job markets that are growing and offer more growth opportunities for new grads. Industries such as IT, healthcare, and digital marketing are good job markets for new college grads because they offer job security and plenty of chances to grow professionally.

Understandably, your first job will not always be your dream job. However, by starting off in a job growth industry, you can gain valuable experience that could be transferable to higher job roles in the future.

Ideal Industries For New Grads

The job market can be a confusing place for recent college grads, so it’s important to know which job sectors are the most suitable for those fresh out of school. The following industries are more likely to provide job opportunities for new graduates:

  • Technology. From coding and programming jobs to data analytics, IT is an ever-growing job market that provides plenty of job opportunities for new grads.
  • Healthcare. With the rise in demand for healthcare services, jobs in this sector have become more plentiful for new grads. From medical billing and IT to nursing and other clinical roles, healthcare is a job market with lots of job prospects for recent college graduates.
  • Digital marketing. Digital marketing is an industry that’s only growing with time. With job roles ranging from social media managers to content writers, digital marketing is a job market that provides plenty of job opportunities for new grads.
  • Sales. Sales job roles often require the same skill set that most college grads have – skills like problem-solving, communication, and customer service. With plenty of job openings available in this job market, sales is an ideal job sector for new graduates.

Remote vs. In-Person

Remote jobs are also available in these job markets and can provide job seekers with the flexibility to work from a range of locations. In the post-pandemic world, working remotely is becoming increasingly common, and job seekers should consider exploring job postings for remote work.

Geographic Requirements

Just because a position is remote doesn’t necessarily mean you can work from anywhere. Some jobs may require that employees stay within the United States or a specific city. 

Many jobs offer geographic-based compensation. For example, an employee in a city with a higher cost of living may receive more comp to offset these extra expenses. This means your employer will need to know where you’re living and if you plan on moving. 

Make sure you clarify expectations and remote work opportunities during the interview process. 

Hybrid Work

Hybrid work is all the rage right now, but it may mean different things to different companies. The exact hybrid schedule may vary across departments, as well. Be prepared to ask a company what their ideal hybrid setup is for your position. 

Changing Work Requirements 

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many companies to start sudden remote work for employee safety. Some companies love this setup and are transitioning to full-time, permanent remote work. Some companies prefer a hybrid work setup and are adjusting employee schedules as such. Meanwhile, some companies prefer full in-person work. The exact work scenario for many companies is changing, and you may enter a company at a time of workplace transition. 

Prepare to go with the flow, and make sure to apply for positions that match your personal workplace preference. 

Top Companies For New Grads

Now that you know which job sectors are ideal for new college grads, it’s time to explore some of the top companies that offer promising opportunities.

Voya Financial

This financial services firm is a great place to start your career in the finance industry. The company provides job opportunities in areas such as asset management, customer service, marketing, IT, and more. New graduates will find job roles that match their skillset. 

Check out jobs for new grads at Voya Financial.

Northern Trust

This Fortune 500 Company specializes in offering expert financial services, including wealth management, asset servicing, and investment solutions. Northern Trust employees can take advantage of diverse company culture and progressive career possibilities. Career options for new grads range from IT to client services to finance specialties and more.

Check out jobs for new grads at Northern Trust


Workiva is a destination for recent college grads who have an interest in sales, web development, and software engineering. The company offers job postings in areas such as product development, scrum master, IT operations, and more. Employees at Workiva benefit from a flexible work environment, growth potential, and job satisfaction.

Browse opportunities for fresh grads at Workiva.


Axon is a mission-driven company with the overarching goal to protect life through its connected suite of devices, training and software for public safety professionals. Job opportunities for new grads include roles in software engineering, IT operations, customer service, marketing and more. Those who work at Axon can expect to find a career with purpose and robust growth potential.

Explore job postings for recent grads at Axon.


This financial giant houses plenty of opportunities for new grads. Their focus on community-building and positive culture results in an innovative, uplifting environment ideal for career development.

Check out their openings in client partnership, finance, creative, and more. 

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