High Paying Jobs in Arizona Without a Degree

high paying jobs in arizona without a degree
Can you find a great job in Arizona without a degree? While a college degree can open many doors, there are numerous reasons why you may not have one.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the highest education completed by individuals 25 and over is high school. For some individuals, college is not an available option after graduating from high school. Or perhaps your learning style doesn’t align with the structure of a college program.

Many jobs can require a college degree. The most common requirement is a bachelor’s degree. However, this is not the case for every career.

You might be surprised to learn you can find numerous high paying jobs in Arizona without a degree! Whether you’re considering a career change or finding your first career, Arizona holds many opportunities for job seekers without degrees.

Keep reading to learn more about who’s hiring for the best job opportunities in Arizona without a degree.

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High Paying Jobs in Arizona Without a Degree

The following positions’ median salary is based on the 2019 data provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Customer Service Representative

An area to consider when looking for high paying jobs in Arizona without a degree is customer service. Customer service roles are integral to any company that sells a product or service.

Typically, a customer service representative will answer the questions and complaints of customers. Additional duties of this role can include processing customer orders.

Overall, customer service roles are flexible when it comes to career growth. One potential career path you can follow involves a transition into sales. Both roles require strong communication skills, making it easy to transfer one role’s skills to another.

Education Level: high school diploma or equivalent
Median Salary: $34,710
Who’s hiring for customer service representatives?

Banking Consultant

Various consultant opportunities are available to job seekers without degrees. One example is the role of a banking advisor or consultant.

Similar to other customer-centric roles, a banking consultant should have strong communication skills. This is necessary when explaining banking policies to coworkers and customers alike.

Another unique aspect to the role of a banking consultant is training. Typically, a banking consultant will gain knowledge about their duties through on-site training. Other potential requirements necessary for this role include licensing. A banking consultant must be licensed in the state they intend to work in.

Overall, a banking consultant’s role involves interacting with customers, providing advice on a customer’s financial accounts and other consultative services.

Education Level: high school diploma or equivalent
Median Salary: $40,540
Who’s hiring for banking advisors?

Sales Representative

Similar to customer service roles, jobs in sales offer flexible career growth opportunities to job seekers without degrees.

The main duty of a sales representative is to aid customers in finding the right product or service. Some sales roles can specialize in a particular product or service area. For example, some organizations may offer unique insurance sale agents roles that involve selling several types of policies.

Like any role that interacts with customers, a sales representative must have good communication skills. Other skills that are beneficial in a sales role can depend on what you are selling. When selling a financial service, for instance, an employer might require math-related skills.

Education Level: high school diploma or equivalent
Median Salary: $50,940
Who’s hiring for insurance sales agents?

Pharmacy Technician

Interesting high paying jobs in Arizona without a degree include the role of a pharmacy technician. While the required education level for pharmacy technicians is high school, most states regulate the role. This regulation requires pharmacy technicians to either pass a specific exam or vocational training program.

A pharmacy technician works with pharmacists to aid them in dispensing prescription medications to a pharmacy’s customers. As a result, this role is appropriate for detail-oriented job seekers and possess customer service skills.

Education Level: high school diploma or equivalent
Median Salary: $33,950
Who’s hiring for pharmacy technicians?

Start Your Dream Career in Arizona

By and large, the job market in Arizona is ripe with opportunities for job seekers without degrees. You can discover ways to expand on the skills you possess or discover new areas of interest!

Not only are the job opportunities in Arizona unique, but job seekers can find great careers at some of the best companies in the state. By visiting BestCompaniesAZ, job seekers can learn what positions the top employers in Arizona are hiring for and start their new career path today.

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