Applying to Multiple Jobs at the Same Company? Read This.

applying to multiple jobs at the same company

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You are deep in the job search, and you have found a company that checks all the boxes. The only issue? They have a variety of job positions open, and a few are calling your name.

You think to yourself, “The more applications I send, the more likely I am to be hired, right?”

When asking if it is good or bad to apply to multiple jobs at the same company, there is no one right answer. There are, however, a few factors to consider. In this article, you will learn how to decide if you should apply to multiple jobs at the same company, the potential risks of this choice, and alternative options to consider.

Should I Apply to Multiple Jobs at the Same Company?

When you’re searching for a new job, it may be tempting to send out as many applications as possible. Recruiting experts recommend limiting the number of applications you submit to one company. However, there are some instances in which it makes sense to apply to multiple positions. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before submitting multiple applications:

Do I Actually Want These Jobs?

Many job searchers are unclear about exactly what they want to do. If this is you, that is okay! Know that you are not alone and that finding what you want to do for work can be a lifelong journey. Spend some time thinking about what interests you, what lights you up, and what skills you want to develop. Then, take a hard look at the jobs you are considering; will they move you forward in a direction that is meaningful to you? If not, consider narrowing down your list to only those that are a great fit.

Am I Qualified for These Positions?

After you have identified which roles you want to apply for, consider if you have the skills to succeed. Take a look at the qualifications required for the positions, including education, experience, and skills. Then, make a list of your own skills and experiences and see how they line up.

Remember that you don’t need to meet every qualification listed in order to be a good fit. Consider using the 80% rule by asking yourself: which job postings do I meet 80% of the qualifications for? This should narrow your search down to postings that are suitable for you. This tip is especially important to note for female candidates who have been recorded to apply to jobs only when they meet 100% of the criteria, while men typically apply when they meet about 60%. Ask friends, family, former co-workers, teachers, and current co-workers what they see as your greatest strengths. Use this information to decide which positions would build on your previous accomplishments and natural aptitudes.

The Risks of Applying to Multiple Jobs at the Same Company

As with any decision, it is important to weigh the potential downsides to applying to multiple jobs at the same company. The main concern is that multiple applications may read to a recruiter as though you are thoughtlessly applying to any job you come across. With all the hard work you are putting into this process, you want to demonstrate that you are truly passionate about working for their company.

Luckily, there are two ways to reduce this risk:

First, make sure you tailor your application materials to each position. There is nothing worse for recruiters than reviewing the exact same application twice. Make sure that your cover letter reviews the specific experience that will help you succeed, and give different examples for each position. Show the reader that you are intentional about your interest in both roles.

Next, consider contacting the recruiter or hiring director in HR to let them know you are applying to multiple positions. This allows you to be upfront about your decision and demonstrates your interest in working for the company.

Alternatives to Applying to Multiple Jobs at the Same Company

In the end, you may decide to play it safe and apply to only one job within the same company. This is a perfectly sound decision and will allow you more time and energy to devote to each application.

If you cannot decide between several jobs that are posted, apply to the position that you are most qualified for from your past experiences. If you are qualified for many positions, choose the one that is most exciting to you or that will give you an opportunity to develop new skills. If all else fails, consider reaching out to your past teachers, colleagues, or employers and ask them which job they think would allow you to thrive.

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