Mentorship in the Workplace: How to Achieve it With Remote Work

Unlock success with mentorship in the workplace: boosting skills, building connections, and driving career advancements in a remote environment.
mentorship in the workplace

The old-fashioned nine-to-five office grind is taking a backseat. Everywhere you look, remote work is taking over, and it’s not just a fleeting trend. A Pew Research Center survey showed that 34% of U.S. workers who are already working remotely prefer to work from their homes or coffee shops all the time. And they mean it — over half would think about quitting if they were forced back into the office every day. The cherry on top? These remote workers are getting just as much, if not more, done from their home desks.

The majority of adults who work from home, even partially, express a high level of trust from their manager or supervisor in completing their tasks. Among those who work from home exclusively, an even greater percentage (79%) feel a significant level of trust from their manager, compared to 64% of hybrid workers. This underscores the importance of establishing trust in remote work arrangements for optimal productivity and job satisfaction.

But here’s the tricky part: how do managers keep the mentorship magic alive when their teams are scattered everywhere?

We’ve known for ages that having a great mentor can be a game-changer for employee retention. When companies make mentorship a big deal, they tend to keep their rising stars around longer and help them climb the ladder faster. So, in a world where team lunches and water cooler chats are rare, how can we keep those important mentor-mentee bonds strong?

Why Is Mentorship Important in the Workplace?

Mentorship in the workplace isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a fundamental pillar of employee growth and organizational success. When employees have access to experienced employee mentors, they gain invaluable insights, guidance, and support that can be instrumental in navigating the intricate dynamics of a professional landscape.

Mentors provide a wealth of experience, offering advice on career choices, problem-solving, and skill development. Mentoring programs can expedite an employee’s learning curve, boost their confidence, and enhance their decision-making skills. When mentorship thrives, companies witness higher levels of job satisfaction, higher retention rates, and an overall increase in employee engagement and productivity.

In a remote work environment, the significance of mentorship becomes even more pronounced.

With the absence of physical presence and face-to-face interactions, employees can often feel isolated and disconnected from the organizational culture.

A mentor acts as a bridge, providing a sense of belonging and anchoring remote employees to the company’s mission and values. Through regular virtual check-ins, shared career goals, and open communication channels, mentors help remote employees navigate challenges, stay motivated, and remain aligned with company objectives.

Best Practices for Mentorship in a Remote Work Environment

Nurturing and sustaining a mentoring relationships from a distance requires deliberate efforts. Here are some best practices for effective mentorship in a remote work environment:

  • Establish Regular Check-ins: Schedule consistent virtual meetings to discuss progress, address concerns, and provide feedback. This ensures both parties remain connected and aligned on objectives.
  • Utilize Multiple Communication Tools: Beyond traditional video calls, leverage messaging apps, email, and collaborative platforms to stay connected. Diversifying communication methods can help keep the relationship dynamic and responsive.
  • Set Clear Expectations: Outline the goals, responsibilities, and expectations for both the mentor and mentee from the outset. Having clarity reduces misunderstandings and ensures productive engagements.
  • Provide Structured Feedback: In the absence of face-to-face interactions, detailed and structured feedback becomes crucial. Offering actionable insights helps the mentee understand areas of improvement and growth for career development.
  • Foster a Safe Environment: Encourage open communication by creating a judgment-free zone. This ensures the mentee feels comfortable sharing challenges, doubts, and aspirations.
  • Engage in Shared Learning: Consider participating in online courses, webinars, or workshops together. This not only enhances skills but also provides a common ground for discussions and bonding.
  • Celebrate Milestones: Recognizing achievements, big or small, is vital in a remote setup. Celebrations, even if virtual, boost morale and strengthen the mentor-mentee bond.
  • Stay Updated on Each Other’s Progress: Share updates about individual projects or tasks. This ensures that the mentor has a holistic view of the mentee’s work environment and can provide relevant guidance.
  • Promote Work-Life Balance: In remote settings, it’s easy for work to spill into personal time. Mentors should emphasize the importance of balancing work with rest and recreation to ensure holistic well-being.

Mentorship Challenges in a Remote Setting

The lack of physical presence and the nuances of virtual communication can complicate the once straightforward mentor-mentee relationship. Companies might observe the following blockers:

  • Lack of Face-to-Face Interaction: Physical meetings often foster deeper connections and facilitate non-verbal cues. In a remote setting, the absence of these interactions can lead to miscommunications or feelings of detachment.
  • Difficulty in Building Trust: Establishing trust might take longer without in-person interactions. It’s challenging to replicate the rapport built through spontaneous conversations or shared experiences in an office.
  • Overcoming Technological Barriers: Both parties must be proficient with digital communication tools. Any tech-related issues can disrupt the flow of discussions and hamper relationship-building.
  • Time Zone Differences: Coordinating schedules across different time zones can be a hurdle, leading to limited availability and potential delays in communication.
  • Potential for Feelings of Isolation: Remote work can sometimes lead to feelings of loneliness or detachment. Without regular check-ins, a mentee might feel they’re navigating challenges alone.
  • Less Organic Learning Opportunities: In an office, casual conversations and overheard discussions can be valuable learning moments. Remote settings lack these spontaneous opportunities, making formal mentoring programs even more crucial.
  • Difficulty in Assessing Progress: Without daily in-person interactions, it may be challenging for mentors to gauge a mentee’s growth or to identify areas that need attention.
  • Balancing Formality and Casual Interaction: Striking the right balance between structured meetings and casual catch-ups can be tricky, potentially leading to an overly formal or distant relationship.
  • Over-dependence on Written Communication: Relying heavily on texts or emails can result in misinterpretations. The nuances and emotions in verbal communication are often lost in written form.

Recognizing these challenges is the first step toward addressing them. Employers should provide training and resources to help mentors adapt to the remote landscape. Additionally, companies can learn from successful organizations that have successfully implemented mentorship programs in a remote work model.

Best Companies With Admirable Mentorship Programs for Remote Workers

Several companies are demonstrating how effective mentorship can be maintained and even thrive in a remote environment. Here are a few leading the way with their innovative and supportive mentorship programs:

Willscot Mobile Mini

WillScot Mobile Mini prioritizes continuous learning and growth, ensuring every employee is trained on compliance and equipped for success. In July 2021, WillScot Mobile Mini launched their internal Learning Hub, offering over 6,000 courses on personal and professional development. They also provide a foundational Leadership Development Program, (LDP), helping employees to hone their leadership skills and acumen. This program has empowered over 500 leaders since 2015 and was revamped in October 2021, further emphasizing their commitment to excellence during unprecedented times. With 170 leaders already benefiting from this program, Willscot Mobile Mini’s mentorship vision remains robust and inclusive, even in remote settings.


Voya Financial

At Voya Financial, we believe that our employees are our greatest asset, and we understand that continuous learning and career development are essential for personal fulfillment, a meaningful employee experience and long-term success.  With the implementation of CareerHub, Voya employees have the ability partner   with mentors that align with their development needs, interests and professional goals.  CareerHub also provides Voya employees with the tools and resources to explore internal career opportunities, short term projects, networking and training.



Workiva’s employee-led mentorship program, rooted in a culture of collaboration and innovation, ensures that all employees, including those working remotely, have the opportunity to take advantage of this valuable learning and development tool. By maintaining an open door policy, where all employees are supported in their ability to reach out to any other employees (including leadership!) to initiate a relationship, a mentor can be found in a peer, a leader, or even someone who is earlier in their career. The company’s collaborative, virtual work environment means it’s easy to connect with others across the company and establish a mentoring relationship.  


Rocket Companies

Rocket Companies is deeply committed to fostering the growth of its employees through its “for more than profit” approach. Every new hire embarks on The Roadmap, a three-day immersive orientation that dives deep into the company’s unique culture and philosophy. Beyond this introduction, the emphasis moves to The Journey, a dedicated learning and development initiative. This service encompasses mentorship programs and instructor-led training, ensuring professional advancement within the company. Even for remote staff, Rocket Companies ensures seamless integration and continuous growth opportunities.


Find Fulfillment in a Company That Supports Growth While Remote

Overall, mentorship in the workplace remains a crucial element for employee growth and development, even in a remote work model. Despite the challenges presented by distance and technology, many organizations are finding innovative ways to foster successful mentoring programs and facilitate learning.

BestCompaniesAZ partners like WillScot Mobile Mini, Voya Financial, Workiva, and Rocket Companies are leading the charge, demonstrating that mentorship can indeed flourish in a remote environment. These organizations highlight the importance of creating structured mentorship opportunities, embracing technology, and fostering strong communication. The future of work might be remote, but the necessity for mentorship remains as important as ever.

Looking for a fulfilling career in a company that values mentorship and employee growth? Explore opportunities with our BestCompaniesAZ partners.


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