The Best Companies with the Best Work-Life Balance

companies with the best work life balance

Last updated on April 2020.

At one point or another, we have all experienced work-related stress caused by excessive workloads, lack of social support, and little time devoted outside of the office. Healthy amounts of stress can motivate us to surpass set standards and achieve ambitious goals. However, excessive chronic stress can impose serious health complications.

To find a happy medium, employees have sought out the ominous work-life balance. To achieve optimal work-life balance, The American Psychological Association has suggested, among many things, to establish boundaries, learn how to relax, and to talk to a supervisor.

In like manner, more and more employees are gravitating toward workplaces that encourage personal wellness, flexibility, and overall happiness. According to EY’s Global Generation Research, one-third of Millenials have taken on more personal responsibilities in the past five years. Additionally, nearly half of Millennial workers report an increase in their work hours. In turn, these workers are seeking workplaces that will support their work and home life with worker-friendly initiatives.

Employers have taken an active role by administering work-life balance initiatives. These strong programs are emerging as organizations continuously work to appeal to the growing millennial workforce and create a sustainable workforce. BestCompaniesAZ has recognized the companies with the best work-life balance that have implemented health and wellness initiatives and built fun cultures that promote flexibility. Take a moment to read about the top 20 best companies for work-life balance:

Best Companies For Work-Life Balance

American Express

American Express knows that great service starts with the people who deliver it. When employees’ work lives meet their personal needs, they are more engaged, committed, creative, and effective in driving results.

American Express truly embraces finding the work-life fit that’s right for each employee. That ranges from caring for employees’ physical and mental health to offering flexibility outside the office. There are onsite fitness classes as well as counseling and wellness centers/nurses on location. AmEx is, of course, considerate of finances, too; its perks are complete with commuting reimbursement, deals, and discounts exclusive to American Express employees, tuition reimbursement, health saving/flexible spending accounts, programs for employees nearing retirement and paid parental leave.

As one of the Arizona companies with the best work-life balance, American Express also offers flexible work arrangements/hours in some roles. That means employees can work in a way that suits them, without ever compromising quality.


Earning a spot on the “Most Admired Companies 2019,” GoDaddy is a true champion of work-life balance. GoDaddy is an Internet domain registrar and web hosting company that is transforming the global economy—one entrepreneur at a time. GoDaddy achieves this by ruthlessly prioritizing excellence to create second to none technology, and supporting the work-life balance of its valued employees.

At GoDaddy, employees are the best of the best who are given the best training and are set loose in the world to create radical change. Employees are further empowered by GoDaddy’s culture of creativity.

To maintain this momentum, GoDaddy supports employee wellness, giving generous time away benefits to rest and recharge, providing healthy living programs, and supplying medical, dental, vision, and disability benefits—among other benefits. Additionally, GoDaddy provides professional development and tuition support, subsidized meals, and a 401K program with employer match. With a plethora of healthcare, professional development, and financial help options, GoDaddy is a tremendous work-life balance.

Spear Education

Spear Education recognizes the momentous value that each team member adds to the workplace. To give back, show its appreciation, and support continued wellness, Spear Education goes to great lengths to provide employees, affectionately known as Spearians, to achieve their highest potential.

Spear Education strives to this goal by fostering a professional, enriching, and challenging workplace. In addition, Spearians are provided comprehensive benefits that are incomparable. Spear Education aids the physical health of employees with medical, dental, and vision insurance, as well as financial wellness with 401K options with employee match and company paid holidays.

Because of its unique workplace and tireless dedication to employee wellness, Spear Education is recognized for its exceptional work-life balance.


For decades, U-Haul has worked tirelessly never to forget that quality self-move, self-storage, and related services and products are to improve human lives. This dedication to superior customer service and products is also reflected in its robust employee wellness initiatives.

U-Haul enables team members to be the healthiest versions of themselves with wellness benefits, events, and resources to help employees achieve their happiest and healthiest life.

U-Haul’s unwavering commitment to employee work-life balance does not go unnoticed.

“Flexibility is one of my favorite things about working here. I was able to take a year off to go to school and keep my job. Through the years I have had some great bosses; the stability is great. I’m not going anywhere!”

– Accounts Payable Reviewer, Team Member Since 2009

With employee affirmations like this, it’s easy to see why U-Haul is recognized as one of the best companies with the best work-life balance.


Voya Financial is a retirement, investment, and insurance company that strives to be America’s retirement company. To do this, Voya invests in its talented workforce that is driving profound innovation in the retirement sector.

Voya believes that the success of the company is heavily dependent on its people. Accordingly, Voya promotes mentorship, continued learning, leadership development and team collaboration. In addition, strives to make every employee feel valued with a comprehensive compensation and benefits package.

With an optimistic attitude and a continuous improvement culture, Voya checks all of the boxes as a company that is recognized as one of the “World’s Most Admired Companies,” awarded by Fortune, and one of the best companies with the best work-life balance.

So, what do you want from your employer? BestCompaniesAZ has a wide variety of resources to help you navigate the job search and find the right company to fit your needs and lifestyle. Find millennial-friendly companies, philanthropic organizations with socially conscious initiatives, and eco-friendly watch dogs only on BestCompaniesAZ. Check it out!

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