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Innovation has become a popular buzz-word in the digital era. As technology has become a workplace standard, our definition of innovation has evolved. Each day, new technological breakthroughs change the way that we tackle challenges.

Industry leaders who have harnessed this digital revolution are fast-becoming some of the most progressive companies in the world. Technology has become an integral part of work as we know it, from cutting-edge software to machine learning.

So, if you’re looking for a way to take your career to the next level, there’s no better place than these innovative companies.

Progressive Companies With Innovative Workplaces in 2020


Axon is passionate about making the world a safer place. As a global leader in creating public safety technology, Axon continues to push the boundaries of innovation.

The tech company was initially founded 25 years ago to revolutionize law enforcement technology. In today’s increasingly data-driven world, the need for Axon’s progressive technology solutions has expanded to other industries.

With each new industry comes a unique set of needs. By understanding this, employees at Axon examine their existing solutions to see how they might adapt to new challenges. Thus, Axon Enterprise was born to create more progressive solutions for industries outside of public safety.

As one of the most progressive companies in the industry, Axon has been recognized for its ingenuity in developing new technology. In 2019, Axon was named one of Arizona’s Most Admired Companies to recognize their one-of-a-kind company culture.


As technology continues to change how we work, ADP works to provide employers with cutting-edge payroll and HCM solutions. One way that ADP has taken advantage of new technological opportunities is through workforce analytics.

Businesses have found that collecting data about their workforce is easier. Nevertheless, knowing how to use this data to identify trends in their office can seem challenging.

This is where ADP’s workforce analytics solution, ADP Cloud, comes in. According to Jack Berkowitz, senior vice president of product development at ADP, ADP Cloud addresses this challenge head-on.

The work analytics platform embeds insights directly into the workflow, empowering leaders to make informed and impactful choices. Employers can now use ADP’s intelligent data analysis tools to gauge employee sentiment or analyze remote work trends.

Thanks to the unique design that ADP implemented in this program, the company was awarded the AI Breakthrough Award for Data Science in 2020.

Banner Health

One significant way that technology has impacted the medical industry is accessibility. Progressive companies like Banner Health have made it their mission to help patients get the care they need through telehealth.

While telehealth isn’t new, Banner Health has innovated this service to provide more to their patients. Patients can easily schedule an appointment with their doctor while spending less time in a physical waiting room.

Plus, the applications for telehealth and telemedicine have started expanding. Now, patients can benefit from appointments regarding physical therapy, cancer care and Alzheimer’s while staying comfortable in their homes.


CarMax disrupted the automotive industry by embracing innovation, using cutting-edge technology, and offering customers a flexible and stress-free car-buying experience. According to Shamim Mohammed, CarMax’s chief information and technology officer, “Through rapid innovations, our teams are driving what’s possible for customers and Associates. CarMax is harnessing technology to deliver what we believe is the best omni-channel customer experience in the used car industry. We are empowering customers to buy a car on their terms, personalized to their unique needs. It’s incredible to see all we’ve accomplished through the winning combination of technology, innovation, talent and culture – and I can’t wait to see what’s ahead for CarMax and the technology industry.


Building meaningful B2B connections in today’s digital world is a challenge that Integrate tackles head-on. As the world’s only omnichannel B2B marketing platform, Integrate is pushing forward the next chapter of B2B marketing.

With Integrate’s innovative technology, companies can unify their demand marketing channels into a single SaaS platform. Global innovators like Microsoft, Adobe, and Salesforce choose Integrate’s software to deliver a revolutionary approach to marketing that brings people, processes, data, and technology together to drive revenue at scale. Marketing teams save hundreds of hours per month, generate three times more high-quality sales leads, and impact four times as many opportunities with Integrate.

Integrate was recently recognized as one of the most progressive companies in B2B demand orchestration by MarTech Breakthrough. The organization awarded Integrate with the 2020 MarTech Breakthrough Award for its centralized and customizable Demand Cloud platform.

In addition to being a marketing technology innovator, Integrate takes a progressive approach to building employee culture. That’s why the company has received the “Great Places to Work” certification two years in a row. During this challenging pandemic year, Integrate has implemented several employees programs to support well-being, development, and community connection. From weekly Zoom Town Halls that bring the whole company together, to utilizing news technologies that enable constructive conversations and feedback, to virtual employee resource groups, the company harnesses the power of digital to bolster both its culture and its technology.


As the leading provider of customer experience management solutions across North America, KUBRA embraces the responsibility of ensuring the industry continues to evolve and adapt to changing customer behaviors and technological advances. A Customer Experience pioneer, KUBRA seeks out unmet problems and challenges itself to solve them in new and unique ways. With a focus on transformation, collaboration, and dedication, KUBRA is able to equip its clients with the tools they need to provide their customers with exceptional experiences and cutting-edge communication solutions.

KUBRA’s relentless drive to build innovative products has recently resulted in the development of KUBRA IQ™ natural language processing and KUBRA PRE-PAY™ Load and Go payment solutions. It has also taken active measures to support billers and their customers during the COVID-19 crisis by rolling out alternative payment options, support for customers who prefer to pay in cash, and enhanced awareness of customer communication tools.

Lucid Motors

Lucid Motors is one of the country’s leading luxury automotive companies with a passion for creating sustainable mobility. Inspired by the spirit of California, Lucid Motors designs its cars for a world where life is the most important journey.

As an automotive company, sustainability and intuitive design go hand in hand. Lucid Motors’ team believes that customers shouldn’t have to choose between doing the right thing and doing what feels great. With Lucid Motors, Customers can enjoy sublime comfort and high performing designs without sacrificing sustainability.

This theme of sustainability has inspired the company in other aspects, such as the innovative Lucid Air. In Lucid Air, employees are tasked with creating the most efficient electric vehicle for the modern consumer.

By and large, Lucid Motors is one of the most progressive companies for its dedication to changing industry standards with high-quality products.

Silicon Valley Bank

Every new innovative business needs its start, and Silicon Valley Bank is ready to help. For over 35 years, SVB has supported entrepreneurs and founders through their financial services.

SVB has spearheaded the industry with financial support for businesses and with their signature research. This research provides clients with insights into data-driven changes happening in their industries.

Another way that SVB helps its customers stay ahead of the competition is through flexible online banking services. These tools allow companies to build business at their own pace without worrying about financial security.

Switch Think Solutions

SwitchThink Solutions is an IT & Keystones Services CUSO from Desert Financial Credit Union. The SwitchThink team are credit union professionals with a dedication to expanding and optimizing the cloud platform, KeyStone.

These solutions allow customers to maximize the results they get from using the KeyStone platform with best practices. With SwitchThink, customers can take advantage of KeyStone by creating virtual production environments, optimizing cybersecurity practices and more.


TuSimple is known as one of the most progressive autonomous technology companies thanks to the launch of the TuSimple Autonomous Freight Network (AFN). Through the world’s first AFN, TuSimple is bringing autonomous freight transportation to market safely and reliably to meet the growing demands of our e-commerce-based economy.

By developing an autonomous system specifically designed for heavy-duty trucks, TuSimple is helping make the trucking industry safer and more efficient. TuSimple’s self-driving trucks can see up to 1,000 meters away, which translates to being able to see 30 seconds ahead when traveling at highway speeds, The system is also capable of nearly continuous operation, day and night, rain, or shine.

TuSimple is also developing an autonomous fleet operations system called TuSimple Connect which monitors the status of a fleet to ensure every truck is where it needs to be when a customer needs it to be there.

There are a number of powerful sensors integrated into the TuSimple design including Lidar, Radar, and HD cameras which together provide a 360-degree view around the vehicle while also providing the necessary redundancies to allow the truck to safely travel on both highways and surface streets.


Workiva’s innovative workplace culture centers focus on providing the best results to customers. The Workiva team strives to aid their customers in streamlining their processes.

To champion this goal, Workiva has created connected reporting and compliance solutions. Now, customers can gather and enrich the data they collect in their organization.

This data-driven solution allows companies to make informed analyses when creating outbound reports. Workiva also uses technology to help customers develop reusable frameworks for each reporting cycle to improve overall efficiency.

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