Philanthropic Organizations: 5 Arizona Companies That Give Back

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Increasingly, companies are taking charge to bring lasting, sustainable change to their local communities and beyond. This sense of corporate social responsibility is now almost an expectation for any large corporate to follow.

Almost 80% of U.S. citizens expect businesses to continue improving their corporate social responsibility efforts. 63% are hopeful that businesses will take the lead to drive environmental and social change in the future. – CSR Study

Here are five leading Arizona companies that are driving change in their communities and pursuing initiatives that engage employees outside of the office.

See How These Companies Give Back to Arizona

1. GoDaddy

godaddy volunteer

As one of Arizona’s 2019 Most Admired Companies, GoDaddy shines in Leadership Excellence, Workplace Culture, and especially Corporate and Social Responsibility. This tech corporation gives back to the community through its numerous causes related to education and entrepreneurship. The reason is simple. GoDaddy knows that when local communities thrive, so does business. As a result, philanthropy and giving back is woven into the company’s corporate culture, making them community leaders. They support many non-profit partners through funding and event sponsorships, as well.

Philanthropic initiatives:

  • Monetary contributions to STEM, education, and entrepreneurship
  • Employee volunteerism
  • Empower by GoDaddy – Social impact program for entrepreneurs

Learn more about GoDaddy’s service.

2. State Farm

state farm volunteer

State Farm believes in companies giving back, because “good neighbors always lend a helping hand.” They support social philanthropy through several channels, including auto and home safety programs, disaster preparedness and recovery programs, and through education, economic, and community projects. By building stronger communities, State Farm helps people realize their dreams and stay safe from unexpected situations.

Philanthropic initiatives: 

  • Monetary contributions to STEM, education, and non-profit initiatives
  • Employee volunteerism
  • Community reinvestment

Learn more about State Farm’s service.



Service and giving back at USAA goes far beyond its core purpose of going above and beyond to help the men and women who serve our country. USAA is recognized as one of Arizona’s 2019 Most Admired Companies, largely in part to its strong community commitments in Phoenix and beyond. Employees receive up to two days of time off to volunteer at a non-profit of their choice. All in all, USAA employees clocked over 27,000 hours volunteering in 2018 alone! Additionally, USAA supports disaster preparation programs, education, and families in need.

Philanthropic initiatives:

  • Monetary contributions to STEM, education, and safety and natural disaster response
  • Employee volunteerism

Learn more about USAA’s service.

4. Farmers Insurance

farmers volunteering

Farmers Insurance also stands proudly on the list with many top companies that give back for Arizona’s 2019 Most Admired Companies. Through a strong commitment to corporate citizenship, Farmers creates a meaningful impact in disaster resilience, education and civic engagement. These three pillars of corporate responsibility form the basis of Farmers’ civic engagement in communities where its employees and customers live.

Philanthropic initiatives:

  • Employee volunteerism
  • Supports disaster resilience, education, and civic engagement

Learn more about Farmers’ service.

5. Voya

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Financial Services | Chandler | 200 Employees

Employees continuously vote Voya as a great place to work due to its solid commitment to the local community. Through grants, Voya is able to support STEM for young people and financial literacy to help others make smart financial decisions. Additionally, Voya gives out charitable sponsorships and encourages employee engagement in the local Arizona communities. For example, its annual Employee Giving Campaign raises almost $5 million that employees can then donate to a charitable foundation of their choice.

Philanthropic initiatives:

  • Monetary contributions to STEM, education, and disaster relief
  • Employee volunteerism

Learn more about Voya Financial’s service.

Join One of Arizona’s Top Companies That Give Back

Make a difference at an even higher level by joining one of Arizona’s most philanthropic organizations. The Arizona’s Most Admired Companies award recognizes organizations that have had outstanding workplace culture, leadership, social responsibility and customer opinion.

Explore more of Arizona’s employers with a commitment to community engagement!

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