Why We're Admired

Arizona’s Most Admired Companies is an awards program designed to recognize the contributions and impact all Arizona employers bring to our great state. Now in its 9th year, Arizona’s Most Admired Companies program has quickly gained credibility as the most prestigious awards program in the state.

Leadership Excellence

Leaders have a mission critical job – coaching their teams to be at their best every day. As USAA grows and competition increases, the expectations of our workforce are evolving. The USAA Standard is a set of behaviors for all employees to model. Everyone at USAA is accountable to lead and uphold the USAA Standard.

USAA is a community and we all support, lead and inspire each other, regardless of title. All employees are asked to keep our membership and mission first. USAA expects that all employees live our core values of Service, Loyalty, Honesty and Integrity, but we have an even higher expectation for our leaders to model these. These values are a common bond with our members, coworkers and community.

USAA employees strive to build authentic relationships founded by trust. USAA keeps its commitments and promised actions and always ensures that our words and actions are consistent across all situations, communicating with honesty and empathy. We create conditions for others to succeed, through a supportive team environment where new ideas and initiatives are encouraged without scrutiny and applauded decision making to those that are closest to the work. USAA strives for diverse teams, creating the right forum for different viewpoints and ideas, allowing us to innovate and build for the future.

Everyone should have the opportunity to learn, develop professionally and achieve more. USAA offers many programs to teach leadership fundamentals and job skills training. Annually, leaders typically complete 55 hours of leadership training per year. USAA always strives to provide relevant ways to be an effective leader that leads with certainty.

Social Responsibility

USAA employees are dedicated to serving our members as well as our communities, giving back in ways that provide essential services for families in need, help school children succeed, and serve military and veterans groups. USAA and the USAA Foundation, Inc., are honored to help the communities where USAA members and employees live and work. Through strategic giving, volunteerism, education programs and community relationships, we seek to positively impact the lives and communities of those we serve.

By our work with qualified and carefully-selected local, regional and national nonprofit organizations, we seek to improve the quality of life for those in the community. The USAA Educational Foundation offers the military and local community the opportunity to be better informed and prepared to make the best financial choices through every stage of life. The foundation’s extensive library of free educational materials provides credible and useful information that speaks to a variety of subjects and provides the community with educational information that’s objective, relevant and usable. USAA employees and leadership are dedicated to serving their communities by supporting many local nonprofit organizations. Employees receive two days of paid time per year to use for volunteer causes of their choosing.

These types of events include working with veterans, local schools, seniors, homeless and families in need. This year Phoenix employees raised money for Junior Achievement through a local Bowl-a-thon. USAA Serves is a company platform where employees can find and track volunteer hours and create volunteer opportunities for fellow employees. In 2017 Phoenix employees volunteered for over 29,000 hours and in 2018 have already volunteered for over 8,000 hours.

USAA is committed to conducting business as a responsible steward of our natural resources. We care for the environment because it is the right thing to do. Through simple, responsible behavior shifts, we will work together to expand USAA’s environmental stewardship. The USAA Phoenix Campus is LEED New Construction certified & LEED Platinum Existing Building certified by the U.S. Green Building Council, EnergyStar rated by the EPA, and has won multiple international awards for building excellence and sustainability. A distinctive solar energy system enhances building aesthetics and compliments our commitment to environmental stewardship.

Customer Opinion

USAA was founded in 1922 when 25 Army officers decided to insure each other’s vehicles based purely on trust. More than 90 years later, USAA continues to share a lifelong bond based on trust and values from our military roots with its 11 million members. USAA’s member-service reputation is driven by its highly efficient direct-service business model, supported by outstanding employees and a superior technology infrastructure.

Not surprisingly, 92 percent of USAA members intend to stay members for life, according to 2015 Member Communications Trend Survey. And from year to year, 98 percent of USAA members stay with USAA, according to member data from 2008-2016.

While internal surveys and data are important, USAA also consistently ranks high in independent consumer research conducted by leading companies, and has been awarded numerous awards. In addition, in 2017 USAA was ranked as the Most Reputable Bank Among Customer, according to 2017 Annual Bank Reputation Survey.

More than 50 military-focused organizations have named USAA as their exclusive provider of choice, spanning the suite of USAA’s financial services. These include organizations such as The American Legion, RecruitMilitary, National Military Family Association, Veterans of Foreign Wars and many others.

Every day, USAA prides itself with making decisions and serving members based on the values and trust from its humble beginning supported by its commitment to innovation and being a leader in the industry. The world’s best employees’ serving the world’s most honorable customers is a mission that remains the strength of USAA as we continue to grow our relationships, trust and loyalty with members.


USAA is an industry leader in innovation process and partnering with our employees to develop ideas that directly impact and create value for the company. At USAA, we believe every employee is an innovator and can participate in collaborating on ideas. USAA Labs is a program for employees to create, share and vote on ideas that directly impact our business results and help us to serve our members. Any employee can submit an idea through the Labs program. These ideas are then available for employees to vote and comment on and allow leadership, business and process owners to “champion” the idea. The idea is then taken though a series of stages to evaluate, design, development and potentially implement the idea. Employees also receive “reward points” to be used towards gifts and other items for their participation in the different parts of the innovation process.

Another avenue of the USAA Labs Program is creating business “Challenges” where senior leaders can post questions, and present member, business and/or strategic challenges to be solved by employees. This allows leadership to solicit ideas directly from the employee community to address specific experiences or challenges. These Challenges are offered in all lines of business and give employees the opportunity to apply their creativity and knowledge of their job roles to create solutions to specific items.

USAA has a 97% participation rate in the USAA Labs program company-wide. Last year over 10,000 ideas were submitted with over 300 ideas being adopted. This year to date (through June 30th) over 300 ideas are currently under review with Phoenix employees contributing directly to 55 of these. The uniqueness of this program is the opportunity for leadership and employees to connect on these projects and develop ideas and products the directly impact our membership and company. This further illustrates USAA’s commitment to employee development and providing world class service to our membership.