How to Prepare For & Succeed at 5 Phoenix Networking Events

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If you’re in the market for a new job, here’s something to consider: When it comes to securing a new position, who you know is often just as important as your skills and experience — perhaps more so.

If you weren’t already aware, more than 70% of job openings out there aren’t advertised on job sites, and 40% of new hires happen due to referrals. In fact, according to Forbes, a whopping 85% of job vacancies are actually filled by networking. What this means for you is that if your Phoenix networking game isn’t strong, it’s time to build it up, and fast.

If you’re looking for networking events Phoenix has no shortage you can attend, both online and in-person. Joining in-person networking groups in Phoenix tends to have better results than those who join online events, but go with whatever you’re more comfortable with or whichever your schedule permits. The truth is that simply participating in any kind of networking event can have benefits, so attendance can reap you and your career big dividends down the road.

Why Participate in Networking Events in Phoenix?

As you saw above, the vast majority of open positions today are filled thanks to connections people already have with others. These facts put those who rely on other means of job hunting at something of a disadvantage. On average, a mere 25% of those who find a new job do so from online job postings, while agencies and recruiters only help about 14% of job seekers.

Therefore, it’s worth checking out as many of the networking events Phoenix has to offer since the stats speak for themselves. Someone you think of as a casual connection from networking groups in Phoenix could end up being the key to your next new job, whether they offer it to you themselves or introduce you to the person who’ll hire you.

Phoenix Area Networking Events and Groups to Explore

The number of networking groups in Phoenix, and various other career fairs and events in the Valley, are almost too many to count. It is nevertheless useful to get a taste of what’s out there to see if any of these events and Phoenix networking groups are right for you, so have a look!

Networking Made Fun – Monthly Business Mixer

Held on the third Friday of every month, Networking Made Fun’s Business Mixer is a chance to connect with others like you. Meet business owners, salespeople, marketing experts, and others to talk shop or the future over food and beer, wine, or soda. This is a great chance to make new connections, keep up with established contacts, and find out about new opportunities in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

Sip Social Business Club Weekly Coffee

Every Wednesday morning, the members of this networking group get together at a cafe in Mesa with like-minded people to build and grow relationships with each other. They welcome new members, enjoying the chance to both introduce new people to others and be introduced to them. By attending one of the more caffeine-fueled networking events in the Phoenix area, professionals and entrepreneurs may see both themselves and their careers energized.

Network After Work

Network After Work is a community of thousands of professionals, entrepreneurs, executives, and thought leaders sharing the common goal of developing strong relationships to help grow each other’s businesses and careers. Frequent in-person and virtual events focus on everything from mastering your LinkedIn profile page to building your business and expanding opportunities, providing members with numerous opportunities to make new connections!

Coffee for Vets

Veterans transitioning out of the military into civilian life sometimes struggle when looking for work or services. Coffee for Vets connects transitioning veterans with vets who’ve already successfully transitioned out of the military every few months. The coffee and bagels are free, and the advice veterans receive could help them figure out where their next career might take them.

Alliance of Technology and Women – Southwest

As a networking group in the Valley specifically dedicated to advancing the causes and addressing the concerns of women in tech, their annual summit can connect you with others in the same industry in a big way. If you can’t attend the ATW-Southwest annual summit, virtual and in-person happy hours and book clubs throughout the year can all serve as invaluable networking events for those passionate about improving the position of women in tech.

How to Prepare for Networking Events in Phoenix

Before joining any networking groups in Phoenix or attending any events, you need to prepare yourself. This will result in an experience that is much more rewarding!

Update Social Media. Since you can assume that at least some of those you meet will check your profiles sooner rather than later. If your profile is filled with posts others might think are controversial, you might want to “clean” your profile to make it more professionally presentable.

See Who’ll Be There. If you RSVP’d for an event on social media, check the Facebook invite list and write down the names of people you want to connect with. Going in with such a list will save you time during the event itself and help you get a lot more out of it.

Order Business Cards. Networking events are a prime opportunity to meet a lot of people. Bringing business cards with you to hand out to other attendees is an easy way to get your contact info into the hands of all those you meet, and vice versa! Be sure to bring an envelope with you to keep any cards you receive!

Bring Resumes. If attending an in-person networking event in Phoenix or a job fair, update and print out several copies of your resume. Handing out business cards is one way to introduce yourself, but bringing resumes to hand over shows you are serious about your job search.

Prepare an Outfit. Choose the clothes you’ll wear for the event beforehand, whether the event is online or in-person. The right outfit can make all the difference in the impression you give other attendees.

Set Goals. Decide what your goals are for Phoenix networking events: Is it to get a new job? Change fields? Start your own business? All of the above? Many people attend networking events without clear goals, and end up feeling they don’t get much out of them. If they had set firm, clear goals before their Phoenix networking events, they’d be better able to measure how useful such networking events are — or what they can do differently the next time around.

Make Phoenix Networking Events Work for Your Career

The sheer number of events and networking groups in Phoenix can provide you with plenty of new connections that could very well open up new opportunities for your career. Outside of networking events in Phoenix, though, you also have plenty of other resources to make use of. BestCompaniesAZ stands ready to help you during your search for a new job or career. Having built connections with some of the top companies and best places to work in Arizona, we can connect you with the right people.

BestCompaniesAZ is well-positioned to assist you with anything you need in your quest to secure a new position. Prior to attending your next networking event or job fair, get in touch with BestCompaniesAZ first to learn about the latest opportunities in the Phoenix area.

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