Well-Paying IT Jobs for Women in Tech, Moms Included

it jobs for women

Although women represent the majority of the college-educated labor force, according to Pew Research Center, they are underrepresented in more male-dominated industries, including IT.

With the expansion of the IT industry, women in tech are a nod to the emerging industry of remote working and initiatives to include more diverse voices and experiences. IT jobs for women are now more abundant than ever. And yes, with remote work and changing amenities in the workplace, moms should not shy away from the opportunity to capitalize on the growing IT industry.

With so many jobs to choose from with varying sets of requirements, we’re here to help you explore the best IT jobs for women.

5 Coding-Based Jobs

Code-based jobs, jobs that require the use of code or computer programming knowledge, are great for women looking for the possibility to work remotely or for stay-at-home tech jobs. Many coding positions require a bachelor’s degree in computer and information technology (CSI) or related fields but check with employer requirements before passing up a potential opportunity.

Software Developer

In this role, you’ll spend your days designing and developing software based on user data to enhance and improve the usability and efficiency of programs and systems. Women who enjoy investigative research and solving complex problems should look into open positions with some of the best companies to work for, like GoDaddy.

Median Salary: $110,140/year

Cloud Network Architect

As a cloud network architect, you’ll lead development, support cloud systems, and drive system design for your organization. This position often requires knowledge in Linux and Windows and a willingness to onboard as a long-term team member.

Median Salary: $126,391/year

Data Analyst

If you’ve got a knack for interpreting data, you may want to look into this role. Your days will involve analyzing data to support business decisions within an organization. Data analysts, in many ways, are storytellers, taking data to piece together a bigger picture. Check out companies like ADP who utilize data analysis to make impactful connections with current and future clients.

Median Salary: $68,000/year

Web Designer

Also known in the industry as a front end engineer, web designers create, design, and code webpages/interfaces for prospective clients. Women who pride themselves on finding creative solutions to complex and technical problems are a perfect fit for careers in web design.

Median Salary: $78,000/year

Blockchain Engineer

Utilize the power of blockchain technology to drive solutions and create the next generation of decentralized applications, with a strong focus on security and visibility. Explore a variety of industries as you use this advanced technology to provide assistance.

Median Salary: $175,000/year

4 Non-Coding Jobs

IT jobs don’t always require coding experience. Here are some of the best IT jobs for women who want to work in Tech without needing to learn and apply coding skills.

Project Manager

Manage IT projects while working as a liaison between staff and various technical problems to provide solutions and oversee completion. Strong communication and organizational skills are preferred for applicants pursuing this path.

Median Salary: $116,000/year

Sales Representative

Sales representatives build and maintain a network of clientele to offer products for respective companies while having a firm grasp on sales trends and products offered. Consider employment with companies like Farmers Insurance and Liberty Mutual who advocate for strong connection through community-centered work.

Median Salary: $60,000/year

Digital Marketer

The role of a digital marketer is to optimize a company’s online presence which can include coordinating website design and functionality, content strategy and social media, and website development and management. Dive into the Google SEO best practices and help your clients grow their businesses.

Median Salary: $64,000/year

UX Researcher

Professionals interested in user experience (UX) can develop research strategies to gather data to understand and improve UX of an existing product. UX is an emerging market responding to the new demands of a technology-centered society. If you are interested in the practical impact of research, this is the career for you.

Median Salary: $90,321/year

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