The Stress-Free Guide to Finding a Remote Job in 2022

Wondering how to find a remote job in today’s competitive market? Learn from BestCompaniesAZ the best way to find remote jobs in 2022.
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Remote jobs often offer just as many perks as in-person work with the added benefit of flexibility and the comforts of home. Is it any surprise that more workers in 2022 are asking how to find a remote job that pays a decent wage and offers competitive benefits? Nevertheless, figuring out the best way to find remote jobs is important if you truly seek a comfortable position that will reward your hard work.

Ready to find your next remote gig? Here’s a stress-free guide on how to find a remote job that you’ll love in 2022.

How To Find A Remote Job: Where To Search For Work

Looking to narrow down your job search so that you’ll only see remote positions that allow you to work from home? You’ll need to find the right platform to conduct your search to avoid wasting time.

The best way to find remote jobs is to consider the following platforms, making an account on the ones you find the most compatible with your needs, and using precise search terms and profile details to identify the best remote jobs.


Indeed is one of the largest job-hunting sites on the internet, ensuring you’ll be able to review a vast number of remote work opportunities across the country. Ideal for those interested in the best ways to find remote jobs that are full-time, Indeed lets you upload your resume and narrow down your salary preferences and other details to find the best jobs available across the US.

The company has even put together a specific guide for finding remote work on Indeed that includes targeted keywords you can use to avoid wasting valuable time. The best way to find remote jobs on this platform will require you to use the following keywords:

  • Remote
  • Work at home
  • Work from home
  • Home-based
  • Telecommute
  • Cyber commute


Do you need to know how to find a remote job in Arizona? The experts at BestCompaniesAZ have you covered. We’ve carefully cultivated a select list of the top employers across Arizona, many of whom offer enticing remote jobs so you can work from home.

BestCompaniesAZ also lets you narrow your search down based on which industries you’re interested in; healthcare, insurance, financial services, and non-profits are only some of the sectors that we cover on our website.

Want to know how to find a remote job that caters to veterans or a diverse workforce? BestCompaniesAZ will ensure your search is precise and meets all of your individual needs. We also highlight the top employers across Arizona each year so that you can maximize your earning potential while securing great benefits. It’s the best way to find remote jobs in Arizona.

Ready to get started? BestCompaniesAZ has an extensive list of businesses that are hiring for remote work right now and can teach you how to find a remote job with an easy and free search process.


Upwork is a freelancing platform that serves as the best way to find remote jobs without sacrificing your independence or flexibility. According to Upwork’s own data, 71% of hiring managers intend to make greater use of freelancers in the immediate future. Those looking into how to find a remote freelancing job should sign up for the platform for free and begin searching for these exciting opportunities as they arise.

Unlike many other traditional jobs boards, Upwork allows users to create a profile for themselves that accrues client feedback over time. Coupled with an easy search function that can be narrowed down to find remote work, the platform has become the go-to destination for many freelancers interested in how to find a remote job.

Controlling when, where, and how you work is increasingly important for the modern professional. Those freelancers looking into how to find a remote job should start with Upwork to maximize their potential.

How To Find a Remote Job: Mistakes To Avoid

Discovering the ideal job platform is only the first step in determining the best way to find remote jobs. You must also put together an excellent application package and learn which mistakes to avoid to ensure you get hired.

Some positions may be advertised as remote jobs that let you work from home but end up being hybrid positions. Make sure you establish what you’re looking for early in the interview process, and get offers of remote work in writing before signing a contract. Always read reviews written by previous employers when they’re available online to ensure the position you’re applying for meets your expectations and provides fair compensation.

Be sure to review other remote job hunting tips from the professionals at BestCompaniesAZ to guarantee you’re making use of the best way to find remote jobs in 2022!

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