Health In The Workplace: USAA’s Focus On Wellness

health in the workplace

According to SHRM’s 2017 Employee Benefits Report, 79% of employers experienced an increase in their health care costs from 2016-2017. Additionally, the report found that 91% of employees view health care benefits as important. So, finding ways to reduce costs — while also offering value to employees — is critical for employers to remain competitive in attracting and retaining talent in a tight employment market. Health in the workplace has become a paramount topic

A powerful example of a holistic approach to health in the workplace is USAA. Recognized by Arizona’s Most Admired Companies with a 2017 Spotlight Award for their Healthy Workplace, and also landing on The Valley’s Healthiest Employers 2017 list, USAA raises the bar when it comes to taking care of their employees’ overall health. BestCompaniesAZ recently spoke with Jennifer Griffin, Manager of RO Fitness and Wellness Recreation for USAA’s Phoenix Campus, to learn more about the variety of benefits they offer.

USAA’s Approach To Health In The Workplace

With access to a vast array of health and wellness benefits that extend far beyond health insurance, employees are set up for success at work and in their personal lives. One of their primary goals? To remove barriers for their employees and their loved ones to access physical, mental/emotional and financial health supports and resources. They look at the whole person and strive to offer benefits that not only improve their physical health, but also reduce stress and encourage greater well-being.

Improving Physical Health

USAA’s Phoenix campus features an onsite health services clinic, as well as onsite massage therapist and physical therapist. They also have a fitness center with a covered basketball court, volleyball quad and jogging/walking trails. USAA’s office of Fitness and Wellness coordinates events like a 5K that is open to employees, their families and friends. Located in North Phoenix with quick access to amazing natural resources, they also arrange group hikes in the spring and fall at local recreation areas. And “Zumba in the Dark” with glow sticks, music and your family and friends provides a fun (and healthy) way to spend a Friday night — all located on USAA’s secure campus!

The My Healthy Points program promotes healthy living activities in which participation leads to reduced health insurance premiums. Who doesn’t want to lower their healthcare costs? Participants earn points for healthy eating habits, physical fitness activities and more. And, when employees purchase healthy food at the onsite cafeterias, they get 50% off their bill!

Enhancing Emotional & Financial Health

One of the biggest stressors for people personally is financial uncertainty and strain. This stress also impacts the ability to bring your A-game to work. So as part of the My Healthy Points program, USAA employees receive an hour of free financial counseling. They are also provided resources and tools for setting up their will. Taking advantage of these benefits earns them additional points to reduce their health insurance premiums, with the added benefit of reducing stress and creating peace of mind for their financial future.

Another influence on personal stress? The everyday demands of life outside of work. To promote health in the workplace and outside the office, USAA offers employees an amazing Concierge Service. Whatever your need may be – whether it’s getting your personal grocery shopping done, getting the oil changed on your car, or doing research for your next family reunion – employees can schedule the concierge service to take care of those everyday, or additional, life projects. And, the best part? It only costs them $5 per hour! Wouldn’t you have someone get your oil changed if it cost you just an extra $5 to do it?!

The aforementioned examples are just a few of the ways USAA is providing a high level of benefits that improve the physical, emotional and financial health of their employees and their families. As USAA’s Phoenix campus looks ahead to expanding their workforce by nearly 1,000 IT professionals by the end of 2020, they continue to evaluate ways to meet the health and wellness needs of their employees and the talent they look to attract.

Are you thinking you would enjoy benefits for health in the workplace like these? Then head on over to scan through USAA’s current career opportunities!  

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