Companies with the Best Benefits for Pet Parents

Learn about the best companies for people with pets in this guide from BestCompaniesAZ. It shares 4 top companies in Arizona for pet parents.
best companies for pet parents

Today, “pet parent” isn’t merely a title; it’s a profound way of life, a commitment that transcends the conventional notion of pet ownership. The bond we share with our pets, whether it’s the boundless enthusiasm of a dog’s wagging tail, the gentle purring of a happy cat, or the unique charm of more exotic companions, is a source of immeasurable joy and companionship.

As devoted pet parents, we embrace this responsibility with open hearts, knowing that with great love comes great responsibility. Our mission is clear: we want nothing but the absolute best for our cherished four-legged friends.

Yet, this commitment continues beyond the cozy confines of our homes. It extends beyond the front door and into the workplace, revealing a growing recognition of the role our pets play in the grand scheme of our lives. Our employers, too, have come to appreciate the profound connection between pets and their human companions and have integrated it into company culture.

In this evolving landscape, companies have begun to consider the well-being of our pets not as an afterthought but as an integral part of our lives. They recognize the therapeutic benefits, the emotional support, and the joy that pets bring to our daily routines. They understand that a pet-friendly policy is not just a perk but a reflection of their commitment to their employees’ holistic well-being.

Welcome to the world of pet-friendly companies, where the love and care for our four-legged family members are not merely acknowledged but celebrated. In this blog, we spotlight five of the best companies for pet parents. These companies understand that pets are not just animals we care for; they are beloved family members who enrich our lives in countless ways.

4 Best Companies for People with Pets

These top companies in Arizona understand the value their employees place on their furry friends and offer benefits to support their needs. BestCompaniesAZ applauds these companies for their dedication to the well-being of both employees and their pets. 

1. WillScot Mobile Mini

 WillScot Mobile Mini, a leading provider of innovative, flexible workspaces and portable storage solutions, understands the importance of pets in their owners’ lives. That’s why they provide several pet perks for their over 5,500 team members. From discounts on pet insurance to providing generous amounts of paid time off, (including holidays), WillScot Mobile Mini works to ensure each employee can take care of and spend quality time with their family members. Find open positions at WillScot Mobile Mini.

Find open positions at WillScot Mobile Mini.

2. Workiva

Workiva is a cloud-based software company that provides risk and reporting solutions to people across the globe. The company is dedicated to giving employees the resources and flexibility to achieve a genuine work-life balance. This includes up to five weeks of paid annual vacation! That’s lots of time employees can choose to spend with their furry friends.

Not to mention, Workiva has a “bring your pet to work” policy in several of its offices. Pet insurance is also a benefit available to employees to support paying for veterinary care.

View opportunities at Workiva. 

3. Desert Financial Credit Union

Desert Financial Credit Union loves its pets. Employees at this company can save on products and services with its member discount club. Pet parents can stock up on necessities for their pets while saving money on their favorite brands. Covered employees are eligible for 12 paid holidays plus two floating holidays annually. Desert Financial Credit Union believes holidays are meant to be spent with the ones we love, and that includes our four-legged family members. 

See Desert Financial Credit Union’s job opportunities.

4. Rocket Companies

Rocket Companies is made up of businesses that provide simple, fast, and trusted digital solutions for complex transactions. Beyond generous paid time off, Rocket Companies provides an optional benefit for team members with four-legged friends: pet insurance. The pet insurance coverage is provided by Nationwide and gives owners up to 70% cash back on vet bills caused by pet injuries, illnesses, hereditary conditions, surgeries, and more. Pet parents won’t have to worry about vet bills piling up with Rocket Companies’ quality pet insurance plans. 

Find your next role at Rocket Companies. 

Pet-friendly work policies and perks are gaining traction and reshaping the corporate culture in 2024. This transformative trend reflects an evolving understanding of the vital connection between employee well-being, job satisfaction, and the presence of pets in the workplace.

Today, more companies than ever before are recognizing the profound impact pets have on the lives of their employees. These forward-thinking organizations understand that pets are not just animals; they are cherished family members and sources of comfort, companionship, and stress relief. As a result, they are embracing pet-friendly policies and perks as a means of fostering a positive, supportive, and inclusive work environment.

Find the Best Companies for Pet Parents with BCAZ

Finding the right company for your needs and that supports your role as a pet parent doesn’t need to be a struggle. With BestCompaniesAZ, you can find the best employers in Arizona who appreciate the value pets bring to employees.  

BestCompaniesAZ partners with the best employers in the state to provide you with top job opportunities and career advice. Looking for a new employer? See companies in Arizona currently hiring!

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