Your Guide to Work From Home Technology Jobs in Phoenix

work from home technology jobs

Work-from-home technology jobs are becoming more and more common in today’s post-pandemic professional world. These roles offer flexibility and freedom from the office, two coveted qualities for many job seekers.

Many companies in Phoenix offer work from home technology jobs. Arizona had more than 204,000 technology jobs In Q1 of 2021, up 3.6% over the past year. The state is also home to more than 10,000 tech companies, including GoDaddy, Desert Financial, Robinhood, and KUBRA. Read on to learn more about work-from-home technology jobs and remote jobs in Phoenix.

Work-From-Home Technology Jobs

From IT Coordinators to Data Engineers, there are so many different types of work-from-home technology jobs to consider.

IT Coordinator

IT Coordinators act as a bridge between end consumers and internal technical teams. They help to maintain an organization’s networks and technological equipment. IT Coordinators also help to troubleshoot employee’s equipment to ensure everyone has what they need to do their jobs. Professionals in this role can make an average of $53,187 per year.

Information Security Analyst

Information security analysts manage, plan and execute security protocols to protect an organization’s technology infrastructure. They can be employed at a number of different types of companies, including consulting firms and computer companies. Information security analysts made an average of $103,590 in 2020, and the field is projected to grow 31% between 2019 and 2029.

Web Application Developer

Web application developers use programming languages, such as C++, Javascript, and Linux, to write, update, or fix the code in web applications. The applications these tech professionals create live on remote servers and are internet accessible, so working from home is no problem for them.

IT Support

IT Support professionals work on the front line of organizations, helping employees and customers address any technical concerns. They’re responsible for helping employees reset passwords, troubleshooting hardware and software, and providing after-sales support to customers.

Site Reliability Engineer

Site reliability engineers are software engineers that design and build software to help increase the reliability of their organization’s systems. This role is part information technology and part software development.

Programmer Analyst

Programmer analysts are technology professionals that create and implement computer programs. The role sits at the intersection of computer programming and systems analysts. Programmer analysts use a variety of skills to see their projects through, from design to final testing to deployment.

Data Engineer

Quality data is often the backbone of a business’s operations. Data engineers build and manage data infrastructures to support their employer’s systems. These data infrastructures often support machine learning efforts and help company’s make business decisions. Working on data modeling, data acquisition, and data transformation are central responsibilities in this role.

Work-From-Home Tech Job Benefits

Technology jobs from home come with a wide array of unique benefits you won’t want to miss out on. Here are some of the top perks that come with work-from-home technology jobs.

Schedule Flexibility

Working from home allows employees to manage their day in the way that works best for them. It can allow for a more flexible schedule to accommodate day-to-day tasks such as picking up kids from school or running to a dentist appointment at lunch. This kind of flexibility can help employees establish a healthy work-life balance for themselves and their families.

Skill Development

While employees that work technology jobs from home can still collaborate and connect with colleagues, their situation encourages them to first try to figure things out on their own. After all, they can’t just lean over to tap their neighbor on the shoulder to ask their question. This can help employees develop new skills, strengthening their ability to act and make decisions independently.

Efficient Meetings

Often, working from the office can foster a meeting-heavy culture. Working from home, however, often comes with more efficient meetings. Employees working technology jobs from home can attend quick check-in meetings using telecommunications software such as Zoom. Spending less time in meetings allows for more time to engage in deep work.

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