New Job? The Complete Moving to Arizona Checklist

So, you landed a stellar job and plan on moving to Arizona? Congratulations! And you’re not alone. In 2018, Maricopa County (home of Metro Phoenix) saw the highest population gains in the United States from new residents. Californians represented the largest group moving into Arizona, in large part driven by lower costs of living, among other benefits of moving from California.

If you haven’t lived in the Grand Canyon State before, you may be in for a surprise. While Arizona typically brings up images of sizzling summers and nonexistent winters, northern Arizona boasts popular ski slopes and high elevations. Apart from the state’s unique climate ranges, there are a number of other things to prepare for before your big relocation to Arizona.

Don’t forget to do these things before moving to Arizona

Here are a few items to keep in mind as you start to pack your bags.

Leave your current job

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Step 1: Leave your current job.

Decide whether it’s time to quit your current job. Then, if you haven’t already, notify your current employer of your upcoming leave. While a two-week notice is common etiquette, there is actually no federal or state law that requires it. Check in with your company’s HR policies and state laws to familiarize yourself with protocol.

Schedule a moving timeline

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Step 2: Schedule a moving timeline.

Moving to Arizona involves tons of moving parts! With a family in tow, there are many more things to keep in mind. Create a realistic timeline to keep yourself on track as you check off tasks to do.

Hire a credible mover

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Step 3: Hire a credible mover.

When moving across state lines, movers must have registration with the Federal government and have a U.S. DOT number. Also be sure to look into previous complaints, reviews, and levels of liability for your belongings.

Create a budget

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Step 4: Create a budget.

Moving can get expensive fast, especially when going long distances. Chances are, you may also have a transition period without a paycheck while getting settled. Create a budget for packing, transportation, cleaning, and other miscellaneous costs.

Register your new address and car

Step 5: Register your new address and car.

In Arizona, the AZ Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) handles several transactions, such as switching your driver’s license and registering your car. As soon as you become an official resident of the state, you’ll have to register your vehicle right away. Remember to have valid car insurance beforehand!

Forward your mail

Step 6: Forward your mail.

Once you have a permanent residence set up in Arizona, you’re ready to forward your mail. The US Postal Service provides a fast and easy way to do this online. Alternatively, you can go straight to your local post office to change your mailing address.

Enroll the kids in school

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Step 7: Enroll the kids in school.

Arizona has a number of different school options including public, charter, and private. Depending on your child’s grade level and academic needs, you can choose from a wide range of school options to accommodate them. Consider school districts when deciding on a part of town to settle down in.

Shop for internet, phone, and cable

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Step 8: Shop for internet, phone, and cable.

Even if you’re too hip for a land-line and cable TV, you’ll still want to change your cell phone number and other telecommunication bundles. Arizona has plenty of affordable plans to choose from and great cell service for those “living on the grid”.

Hold a yard sale to prepare for a new climate

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Step 9: Hold a yard sale to prepare for a new climate.

Planning on living in the desert long-term? If you’re not coming from a similar climate, you may need a wardrobe change. For future Phoenix dwellers, you can kiss that snow shovel, tire chains, and 100 sweaters goodbye.

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Zoom zoom!

Zoom zoom! You’re ready to start your new life in Arizona. If you still haven’t nailed down that dream job, there’s no need to fret. Arizona’s best employers are hiring and looking for great talent calendar-round. Check out these current job openings and amazing companies to kickstart your search!



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