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6 Stellar Companies Headquartered in Phoenix

Companies choose to set up corporate headquarters in Phoenix, AZ for many reasons. Find out which ones they are and why in this guide by BestCompaniesAZ.
companies headquartered in phoenix

Companies flock to the Valley of the Sun because of one reason: it’s a great place to do business. Phoenix offers new and established firms with outstanding opportunities and benefits, minus the saturated environment unlike its bigger metropolitan counterparts.

Companies headquartered in Phoenix are either starting, growing, expanding, hiring, or making history every day. Some are national while others are local businesses dedicated to serving Phoenix, Arizona residents.

Why Companies Set Up Their Corporate Headquarters in Phoenix, AZ

Opportunities are robust for companies headquartered in Phoenix, most of which decided that this is the place to be for the following reasons:

Sunlight and Warm Climate

The warm weather and sunny days make for an excellent work environment every day. Hence, companies like Desert Financial Credit Union (DFCU) choose to set up shop here. DFCU’s company culture department says working outside during lunchtime brightens everyone’s moods, so they enjoy the “desert” weather at least once a week by going out on a picnic or grabbing lunch outdoors.

Quality of Life

Convenience is one thing companies love about Phoenix. Phoenix conveniently has several shopping areas, companies of all sorts, parks, restaurants, the airport, and more. Arizona has also been voted as one of the best places to live and retire.

Low Cost of Doing Business

The cost of doing business compared to other cities is lower in Phoenix, which gives companies the opportunity to grow more efficiently. With low overhead, companies can focus on what’s important, like growing their operations instead of wasting money on unnecessary things that don’t matter to their bottom lines. It’s no wonder that Arizona has been consistently voted one of the best states for new businesses to start.

Access to an International Airport

Through the Sky Harbor International Airport, companies can reach other businesses from all over the country very easily. If firms do business overseas, there are plenty of direct flights available for those who set up their corporate headquarters here.

Stellar Companies Headquartered in Phoenix

Whether you’re planning your next career move or looking for a lucrative location to set up, these six businesses with Phoenix, AZ head offices are proof that Phoenix is a great place to establish your company’s headquarters.

Desert Financial Credit Union

Desert Financial Credit Union is the largest credit union in Arizona with branch locations throughout Arizona, including Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Glendale, Prescott and Payson. With more than $8 billion in assets and serving more than 400,000 members with an excellent reputation of putting the needs of their members and employees first, Desert Financial has become one of the best companies to work for.

Sonora Quest Laboratories

Another company with corporate headquarters in Phoenix is Sonora Quest Laboratories. They have a variety of laboratory services, including prescription clinicals and specialty testing for circadian rhythm sleep disorders. Job seekers looking for an impressive place to work that offers great pay and benefits will find ample opportunities for growth at Sonora Quest.


Just a short trip from the heart of Phoenix sits GoDaddy. This company headquartered near Phoenix is the world’s largest web services platform. From marketing tools to website hosting, GoDaddy is enabling entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams. GoDaddy has welcomed over 9,000 innovators across the globe to join their team with a home base in Tempe, AZ.


This global leader in connected public safety technologies can be found just a short trip from downtown Phoenix, in the booming Scottsdale area. At Axon, protecting life is a top priority. With their safety technology, they’ve saved well over 233,000 individuals since their start. Axon is dedicated to pushing innovative boundaries and protecting those who risk their lives for us each day.

Spear Education

Spear Education is committed to providing exceptional dental continuing education to the greater Phoenix area and beyond. At Spear Education, every member is an essential part of the team. If you align with their core values — service-oriented, trustworthy, responsible, innovative, vested, and empowering — then this is the place for you.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona

Blue Cross ® Blue Shield ® of Arizona (BCBSAZ) is committed to helping Arizonans get healthier faster and stay healthier longer. With a mission to inspire health and make it easy, BCBSAZ offers health insurance and related services to more than 1.9 million customers. BCBSAZ, a non-profit company, is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. The company and its subsidiaries employ more than 2,500 people in its Phoenix, Flagstaff, and Tucson offices.

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