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best company offices

Originally Published May 2017. Updated October 2019.

When it comes to your career, workspaces are important — as they can either be draining or motivating for employees. Furthermore, some of the best company offices listed below are also some of the 100 Best Arizona Companies. They’re more than their physical cool workplaces. They additionally encompass great people, important work and a thriving culture.

Take a look at what makes these some of the best company offices with cool workspaces to work in.

Best Company Offices to Inspire Your Best


usaa common area in phoenix
USAA Phoenix Common Area

Headquartered in Texas, USAA has a Phoenix campus that’s innovatively designed. Its palette of natural Arizona sandstone and copper panels contrast with clear glass, creating a unique building that blends with the surrounding Sonoran desert. The building offers a wellness hub with a fitness center, health clinic, physical and massage therapy and nursing mothers’ rooms, relax and energize zones, cafeteria and an onsite Child Development Center. Comprised of six low-rise, interconnected office buildings totaling 644,756 square feet, the structures are organized along an east-west spine to maximize natural sunlight. As one of the best company offices, USAA is enhanced with desert vegetation and native plant materials to maintain a natural desert landscape.

In 2011, USAA also installed a solar power system on the top level of their parking garage. That alone delivers approximately 9% of the Phoenix site’s total electrical needs. (That’s enough energy to power 75 homes.) The system also reduces the site’s core carbon footprint by about 11 percent. It also provides shaded parking for 250 vehicles.


best company offices

The GoDaddy Tempe office has plenty of desirable workplace amenities at every turn. That includes go-karts, an indoor slide and a basketball court. GoDaddy touts the notion of “living passionately” — “A healthy life fueled by fun and passion for a better world shows in our work. To truly take care of our more than 17 million customers, we begin by taking care of each other and ourselves. Finding meaning and personal fulfillment enables us to be at the top of our game. Our health and time away from the office are as important to us as rocking it at work.”

Hyatt Regency Phoenix

hyatt regency phoenix workplace

Needless to say, a top hotel in Phoenix makes for a pretty plush cool workspace. The Hyatt Regency Phoenix offers excellent restaurants, luxurious rooms and unparalleled service. They also have an engaging workplace in which some employees have stayed for more than 40 years!  In a prime location, Hyatt Regency Phoenix is a sophisticated southwest urban hotel at the epicenter of Phoenix’s attractions and activities.

Keap (Formally Infusionsoft)

best company offices

One of the best company offices in Arizona is the Keap office in Chandler. It even features a miniature football field in the center of the office. It also has a cereal bar, a chalkboard “Dream Wall” (for employees and guests to scribble out their aspirations), a gym, inspirational quotes decorating the walls, and an overall open office environment.

Goodmans Interior Structures

best company offices

Cool companies always pay attention to their physical space. Goodmans Interior Structures is in the business of designing awesome workplaces. While industrial-inspired, open-plan interior designs are currently trendy, the latest design fads don’t always make sense for every company. The best company offices have designs not only shaped by culture — they also influence its character powerfully. Adam Goodman, CEO of Goodmans Interior Structures, advocates for a “Living Office” as a more natural and desirable workplace that fosters greater connection, creativity, and productivity. Says Goodman, “Organizations need to balance purpose with profits, and the needs of the individual with the needs of the group. When all of these factors are in harmony, you can achieve prosperity.”


best company offices

Yelp, located in Scottsdale, offers one of the best company offices to welcome employees each morning. For instance, a gong rings each time someone makes a sale, and company conference rooms are named after bands: Bon Jovi, Poison, Whitesnake and Duran Duran.

Around the office, TVs show a live feed of Yelp reviews coming in from all over the United States, Canada, France, Britain and Ireland. Yelp also has table tennis and a Foosball table in the break area. In addition to these cushy amenities, the office break room has wine and a Kegerator stocked with brews.

Make-A-Wish Arizona

make a wish workspace
Non-Profit | Scottsdale | 28 employees

The Wish House, located in Phoenix, is where true magic happens with Make-A-Wish Arizona. Since 1980, they’ve granted wishes for children battling life-threatening illnesses — and their office speaks volumes of their incredible work. Photos of children they’ve helped also line the walls of the Wish House.

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