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Goodmans Interior Structures Company Profile

1400 E Indian School Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85014
155 Employees


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Goodmans Interior structures has been an innovator for the past 60 years, making a difference in the community and the lives of employees. From inventive but humble beginnings three generations ago, to today’s innovative Living Office that balances purpose against profits, Goodmans continues to provide an example through an inspiring mission, vision and values.

Goodmans Interior Structures

At Goodmans, we will change our community.

Every single job at Goodmans contributes to this important outcome. Goodmans encourages employees to discover for themselves how their daily tasks are changing the community.

Goodmans Values

People. There is nothing more important than the welfare of our people. Adam Goodman’s most important responsibility is to create an environment where talented people are inspired to contribute, grow and thrive.

Connectedness. Goodmans is not isolated, but connected to the community and the planet, helping to fulfill the corporate vision to change the community.

Improvement. Goodmans will continually seek improvement. Every day brings opportunities to enhance student learning, accelerate patient healing, make customers more competitive or reduce the cost of government.

Imagination. Goodmans never stops thinking. Having a purpose isn’t enough, it’s about pushing that vision to the absurdist extreme, forgetting constraints, conventional wisdom and tradition.

An elevated experience.

Creating a Living Office is an elevated experience of work for people, and helps organizations achieve strategic goals. Goodmans takes this experience well beyond attractive office spaces. Says CEO Adam Goodman, “Organizations need to balance purpose against profits, and the needs of the individual against the needs of the group. When all of these factors are in harmony, you can achieve prosperity.” Goodmans’ unique approach to developing and supporting culture through design instantly communicates a feeling unique to each organization. Goodmans’ own offices demonstrate a value of transparency. “When you walk in to our new office, you will instantly feel that transparency, even before you have had a chance to cognitively process what we are trying to accomplish,” explains Adam Goodman.

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In it with both feet.

Want to work at Goodmans? Ask yourself how committed you are to changing the community. Have you built a record of volunteerism, nonprofit work or benefiting others through your work? Tangible, solid examples will help get a foot in the door. Take a look at career opportunities at Goodmans.

The “Aha!” Epiphany

At Goodmans you’ll hear phrases like “aha! Epiphany”. That’s because Adam Goodman has been guided by a creative thought process that allows him to bring disruptive new ideas into the workplace culturally, on the community level, and with clients. Just as Adam Goodman took a deep dive into the purpose, character and mode of work of his own company, Goodmans guides clients and employees to do the same. “The next ‘big thing’ doesn’t necessarily make sense for every company. Every year there are a bunch of new fads, but they’re not always right for everyone,” says Adam Goodman.

Goodmans has earned the honor of being named one of the 100 Best Arizona Companies in 2012; 50 Most Engaged Workplaces in the United States; a Great Rated 2014 company, a ten-time Best Place to Work. The combination of happy team members, numerous awards, word of mouth, energetic culture and focus on employee wellness is how they do it.